Friday, 23 August 2013

Disqus ready for action!

Disqus is now set up as our new commenting system and all previous comments have been imported.

I already announced that we switched to Disqus in this post...
In short those are the advantages of Disqus over the default Blogger comments:
  • Support for Disqus-, Facebook-, Twitter-, Google+ Accounts (you can also post as Guest without login)
  • No more captcha codes for loged-in users
  • Easier following up on your own comments
  • Easier communication with other users
  • Following comments of a specific post via RSS/Email
  • Improved view (new comments first) and comment ratings are available
  • Hopefully improved spam filter
  • Moderation of Comments is now possible for us
  • Support for attachements (e.g. photo's or screenshots) 
  • Support for hyperlinks
Also important, the comments are still synchronised to Bloggers default commenting system.
That means, the old RSS feed for comments will continue to work!

And if we ever decide to leave Disqus (because it becomes a paid service or shuts down its doors), we will still have all the comments (including all future comments) and can easily switch back to our previous (or another new) solution.

So give it a try and drop a comment, tell me what you think about it!


I made some small but significant changes to our Disqus setup:
  • removed advertisment
  • improved performance
  • fixed compatibility for mobile webbrowsers
Let me know if you notice any issues with Disqus, I am looking forward to some feedback ;)
Btw. thanks to Franz for his comment (made me realize that there were problems in mobile browsers)!


  1. Hi Daniel,
great to see how things improve, just try my first comment using the new procedure with my 808 ;)

Regards from Halifax - Franz

  2. Comment Test Symbian Browser

  3. Hi Franz,

    Thank you for your comment!
    Actually you were still using the old procedure... thanks to your comment, I figured that the Blogger mobile template wasn't ready to support disqus.

    I fixed the compatibility and you should now be able to use disqus on mobile browsers as well.

    Enjoy your stay in Halifax!


  4. at last your now on Disquss, its better than the old comment system. Apologies, I haven't tested your CFW, too many pending device reviews... one im done I will... your site just keeps getting better :)

  5. Hi Rv,

    Thanks for dropping bye :)
    Yes, Disqus feels much more 2013 than blogger comments.

    Truly busy weeks for Windows Phone users (and Blog Authors), with all the new devices, rumours and the recent OS updates.

    I still get pageviews coming from (mostly from your how to flash tutorial)... So if you manage to find some time to write a short Review/Feedback I would really appreciate your opinion ;)

  6. Thanks!
    Yes, I was wondering about the capcha, but the comment was already written, ok, here is the second try.

  7. so what do you think about disqus?
    better, worse, the same?

  8. Hi Daniel, jetzt habe ich es nochmal über disqus probiert und wenn der Beitrag erscheint funktioniert es.
Grüße, Franz

  9. Danke nochmal fürs testen, schön dass es jetzt auch für dich funktioniert!

    Btw. hab vorher deine Mail bekommen, ich schreib dir zurück wenn ich ein paar Minuten Zeit finde :)