Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New file hoster: Mediafire!

After lots of complains about my file hoster choice (uploaded.net), I was considering several alternatives.

None of them are fully satisfying for me, but I guess Mediafire is the best solution for you guys.

I am happy to see, that Mediafire changed a lot since I left it.
The new interface looks very promising and I think the only downside for me (coming from uploaded.net) will be the upload/download speed...

I hope you guys are happy with the comeback of Mediafire.
It will take a while until all my firmwares and tools are uploaded, but when they are, I will let you know ;)

Btw. Mediafire gives me 10GB of storage as a free user.
It may be enough for the start, but I would appreciate your help to increase my free space!

For every user who signs up to Mediafire with this link, I will get another free GB (up to 32GB additional space).
So if you don't have an account already, do me a favour and sign up using my link ;)

Click here and sign up: http://mfi.re/?7j0d0i6

This is the new folder on Mediafire, maybe the file you are looking for is already uploaded:
The One Mobile Blog - Mediafire
(When all files are up, I will link it in the download tab to replace uploaded.net)


  1. You should've earned one additional free GB right now.

  2. that's a good step Daniel :)

    1. thanks,
      but i am really not happy with that... the ui in mediafire is soooo slow :(

      but yes, it is the best solution for the users ;)

  3. mega.co.nz - 50gb, no limitations!
    cheers lota

    1. hi lota,

      looks interesting, but i already started to upload my files to mediafire.

      also with mediafire, i am sure it is working well for free users all around the world. even skydrive seems to have its limitation in some areas...

      so i mediafire it is :)

      thanks for the suggestion anyway!

  4. Thee is 1 one from me.
    David (DR)

  5. I have 50GB on mediafire + additional 32GB i can earn :) :) :)