Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Upcoming posts and Mediafire

Remember this post where I announced the switch to Mediafire?

It's been half a month and as you can see, we are still on
The thing is, after I started uploading my files, I received multiple strikes against my account.

According to the automatically generated emails, I violated the terms and conditions of Mediafire (which could lead to a termination of my account).

So a lot of my files were blocked shortly after uploading.

Thanks to the very friendly Mediafire Support, we were able to resolve this issue.
I can now continue to upload and share my files. Everything currently hosted on will soon be available via Mediafire!

Other than that, I have one more photography post to share with you guys and a short review/tutorial about how to disassemble the Nokia 808 PureView... so remember to check this blog for new content soon ;)

Making it easier to follow us, I added a new followers gadget to the sidebar.
Options to follow us via Twitter, RSS feeds and Email are now easily available.

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