Monday, 10 September 2012

a lot of informations...

Ok, where do I start?
I have a some informations for you guys, read on to get some completly unsorted news :)

First of all, if you follow my blog you know that I was offline for three weeks.
I got many comments, emails and pm's (on Daily Mobile) and I am still not done answering all of them. I think I can now skip the requests about Belle Refresh CFW's, but there are still others I want to answer.
So if you wrote me a message, don't take it personal if you didn't got your reply yet ;)

You all know, that I switched my personal premium hoster and I am using now.
I know that not all of you are happy about this, but for me it is the easiest way so far (and the speed for uploading and the interface for managing my files is great).

Due to that decision, some things will change on my blog too...
The "Tools" section will drop out of the blog interface and will be available as (link is already under "Downloads").
That way it's easier to handle the files and keep them up to date.

To replace the "Tools" section I thought about a "Thanks" section, where I can list all the generous people who gave me a donation. Also to say thanks to people who helped me with my project, etc.

You probably noticed that with support for multiple devices, it starts to get harder to find information's for your device. I will try to solve this with the labels/categories... it's some (annoying) work to update all the previous posts, so it could take some time.

Many posts are outdated and I will try to bring them up to date. Rewriting descriptions and tutorials will also take some time.

I will steadily try to update all the mentioned points here on my blog, so prepare for some changes ;)

I made some first changes in the html code of my blog, I think it's loading faster and works more fluid than before :)

Categories are mostly updated...
One major change is the download section, now you will find everythin on one page!

What do you think about the changes? I am working on design and layout in the next days, so its your chance for some suggestions!


  1. i knw hw convinient it might be fr u on bt u cn go wit atleast mediafire cuz i just cancelled the download and i cant download again til an hour :(
    plz do something abt it

    1. mediafire is the reason why i decided not to use free hosters anymore!

      uploads take me 30-60minutes and the webinterface is only halfway working...
      i am sick and tired of free hosters. i don't have the patience for them anymore.

      i understand that it may cause problems for some users, but you also have to understand, that you only need to download it once.
      i have to keep track of multiple versions and also keep all the tools up to date...

      i hope you understand my reasons now.

      to get a better connection via, create a free account and use a download manager like jdownloader.
      if you are not patient enough, you can always get a 48h premium access and download with full speed.

  2. I'm begging u for my poor C6-01 RM 601 T_T

    if by any possible means it can be ported, all c6-01 user will worship u as god, hail u a long life.. a long life.. oh, my poor C6-01..

    1. i don't have a C6-01 and also don't know anybody who owns one... without a device where i can test my work, the firmware is going to be a mess!
      (one wrong text file and whole apps could be broken!)

      to create a cfw for a device i don't have, i would need somebody (or better multiple persons) who are testing for me...
      therefore people who do not have a problem flashing their devices multiple time (i am talking about clean flashes, not just "update").

      if you do that for me, i may support the c6 afterall.
      send me an email in case you are interested (address is at the bottom of my blog)

  3. Vaquero del Teclado12 September 2012 at 05:43

    The ONE , have you try the Hoster FILE4SAFE ?
    If you like, I have a premium. I will send you the user and password. Try it a few days and tell me....

    If you like it. keep it.
    I ONLY USE THIS SERVICE for Download movies for ONE specific WEBPAGE.
    Thats it, no more.
    Just dont change the password and username. I download movies 1 time a week. so thats not a problem.

    1. thank you very much for that friendly comment!!

      you are actually the first one, who is offering a nice solution to the hoster question (and not just complaining about

      i really appreciate the offer!
      but i already uploaded all my files to and applied the new links to my blog. everything is set up now. and i am happy with the result...

  4. hey mate what happened to ur Mediafire uploads? is hit in my country.

    pls atleast upload all the widgets & other tools aio in a single zipped archive on mediafire.



    1. just read a few comments above (#2) to get my opinion about mediafire.

      and if i would create aio single zip's, i would lose the flexibility. do you expect me to create new aio packages, everytime i have a new mod to upload?