Saturday, 8 September 2012

The One Reloaded v2.1.0

Here is my latest Nokia 808 CFW, based on Belle FP2.
Its my first work with FP2 so I am hoping for a lot of feedback to see if there are any bugs.

Please remember that second gen S^3 devices can not be downgraded!!
If you flash this CFW you can not go back to Belle FP1.

Edit: just to make things clear (I got asked about this):
After you installed my CFW, you are NOT stuck with it! You can install any original firmware/custom firmware, based on Belle FP2 (v113.010.) or higher.
But currently there are not much other Belle FP2 variants available, thats why I gave you a warning.

Please read the changelog carefully and make sure this is what you want ;)

The firmware comes with ~570MB free space on c:\.


  1. I'd just like to comment that you *CAN* downgrade, using the downgradable N8 firmware (Scandanavia) provided on NaviFIRM.
    Even though the firmware is for N8, it works on all Symbian handsets including 808. It won't boot, but you can then upgrade to any firmware.

    1. Do you mean RM-596_011.005_06.01_Scandinavia_79.92?
      And if so, once you load that then you flash it as dead phone with higher firmware?

    2. if thats true, thats a very useful information!
      i did not know that this is possible... did you try it yourself or is it just a rumour? :)

  2. Have you moved completely to Nokia 808 now?

    1. i only own a 808 right now. but as you can see i am doing my best, to get my hands on devices from friends and family, to support other devices like the n8, e7 and x7 too...

  3. any other file sharing sites! please thanks

  4. any other file sharing sites! please