Saturday, 8 September 2012

The One Reloaded v2.1.1

A small bug fix release for my FP2 CFW.
Only change is the search widget on homescreen is now working.

I also uploaded fixed writing languages for Belle FP2. Now all euro1 writing languages are available via rofs3.


  1. With this your new FP2 CFW v2.1.1 - will it be 10 or 11 keys on each row?

    I'm using a CFW based on 112.020.0311 which has a scandinavian 10 keys keyboard instead of 11 keys on each row.
    (Would be excellent if you could include one with 10 keys since 11 keys/row are too narrow for me to use...)

    1. there are not many FP2 variants out yet... the choices of languages is very limited right now.