Wednesday 5 September 2012

The One X7 v2.1.0

My latest CFW for the Nokia X7 is now ready for download.
It is based on the latest official Belle Refresh, all informations can be found in the changelogs.

Installation instructions:
Due to the fact that the official X7-UDA can not be edited via NokiaCooker, I had to improvise and start from an empty UDA... there is no difference for the phone itself, but you have to do an extra step in the settings of phoenix before you can flash.

Follow the tutorial as usual, only step 6. is different!

6. before you can flash, you have to exchange some files in the list
  -hit "Options" and the file list will open
    -remove the file "RM-707_MC002.17_8GB.mcard.fpsx", you do not need it
    -double click the second red file "RM-707_111.040.1511_U01.01_79u.uda.fpsx"
      -replace it with my UDA "RM-707_THE_ONE_X7_v2.x.uda.fpsx"

Continue with the regular flashing process from here on...


  1. Thank you so much, mate!! Keep up the good working!!

    Hat off to you!! ;)

  2. Sir how is the image quality of fp2? is it still the same?

  3. hey mate can u pls help me for download the file
    how can i download the file from
    its not downloading in the IDM
    pls help ..............

    1. try to create a free uploaded account, it will work better then.
      also try to use a download manager like "jdownloader"

  4. can u make a cfw for x7 based on the fp2 update please
    espacially the lock screen and camera ui

    1. sorry mate,
      1st gen s^3 devices only got belle refresh.

  5. ya i know that
    im trying to say that can u port the lock screen and the camera ui from nokia 808 and port it for the 1st generation....

    1. hey ali,
      sorry mate... porting is a lot of work and needs intensive testing.
      i do not own a 1st gen device anymore, maybe somebody else will port some features.

  6. Hi Daniel,
    I prefer to write in german... please tell me, if you don´t want that

    Zunächst Glückwunsch zu der tollen Arbeit und der schönen CFW! Ich habe "The One X7 v2.1.0" geflasht. Zunächst lief alles gut, aber dann folgendes:
    Ich war in Einstellungen > Sprachbefehle und habe dann die Kamerataste gedrückt. Die Kamera startete zunächst auch, aber nachdem ich die Kamera geschlossen hatte, ist das Telefon eingefroren. Jetzt steht es im Menü Sprachbefehle und reagiert auf nichts mehr. Auch in Phoenix wird das Telefon nicht erkannt.

    Irgend welche Vorschläge? Ich vermute, ich muss zunächst den Akku leer laufen lassen?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Felsen2000

  7. OK, Entwarnung. Als das Handy in den Sleep mode kam, war es wieder benutzbar. Wirklich fantastische CFW! Das einzige, was bis jetzt nicht läuft:
    TM Piano lite

    1. genau diese freezes waren der grund, warum ich eine X7 CFW erstellt habe.
      mein bruder hatte diese probleme ständig auf seinem X7 (original firmware)...

      bei den apps, versuch mal die neusten versionen für die programme zu finden.
      einige apps haben probleme auf belle refresh, nur ein update der entwickler kann da weiterhelfen.

  8. Dear all,
    I´ve tested the firmware x7 v2.1.0 now for weeks. I find a stable and performant os. Great job, the one!
    X7 in addition with this firmware is a great value for money...

    Feel free to contact me regarding all questions to the compatibility of apps and this cfw.
    With kind regards

    1. thanks for your feedback and offering your help ;)

  9. Hey mate!
    Congratulations for your work!

    I have some issues.
    I follow the instructions but, then phoenix show me this "Waiting for communication response" And then pops a window telling me to disconect the phone and plug it again. I do but nothing happens.

    Could you help me please!

    1. Hi Francisco,

      Do you get this message after the flashing process?
      (there is a counter 10%-100%, and that message comes after that?)

      If so, just disconnect your phone and boot up regulary.

      If you can see my version informations when dialing *#0000#, you are fine. That communication response at the end of phoenix is usually only for your pc, to confirm the process went well...

      some pc/drivers/phones seem to have problems reporting that status after flashing and you get those timeouts.

      if the phone boots up with my cfw installed, there is nothing to worry about.

  10. how to update nokia x7-00 anna to belle