Thursday, 13 September 2012

I need your opinion about my blog!

As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently working on improving my blog and bringing my descriptions/how to's/etc. up to date.

The most important thing is to manage to get back the overview, 'cause I think it was lost when I started supporting more than one device.
The blog was not built for that many informations and thats why I need to work on its design.

I made some changes in the html code and layout of my blog. I think the whole page is loading faster now...
Some new labels/categories are here to make it easier to find specific informations.

The "Download" tab was also completly redesigned and merged with the "Tools" section.
The new "Support" tab is still under construction... as well as the "Description" (which has not changed so far).

Since I get so many pageviews lately, I would appreciate your opinion about whats already done and what could be changed next.
Is there anything I am missing here, anything left to improve aside from the already mentioned things?

Btw. here is a link that will be integrated into the "Description/Support" tabs soon:
Frequently asked questions
Maybe it gives you an idea of what I am currently working on...

Tell me what you think, afterall this blog is a source of information for you, not for myself :)

Edit: I experimented with some color elements... not sure if I really like it. What do you think?


  1. Hi yo!

    The download section of your blog is a bit confusing as it is showing all files for the N8. Yes, there is link to but it is easily overseen. Either you put links for all models (N8, 808, ...) on the blog download page or you just refer to, not showing all the N8 links on your download page. I believe this would help a bit.

    Just an idea ...

    1. FINALY!! one of the 2000 people who visited my blog today cared enough to drop a comment :)

      thank you for your suggestion.
      i agree with you, the download section still needs some work.

      i want to keep everything on one page, but i need to find a way to make it easier to understand.
      (maybe i can work with different colors, or something like that)

      btw. the n8 files are translations for earlier versions. they were created by nekeule and are not hosted by myself... thats why they are seperatly... but i guess i could find another place for them.

      i will think about a solution.

  2. Hello ONE, your cfw is just amazing! I really appreciate all the support you´ve given us over the last months, the design of the blog is fresh and well indexed.

    Beyond the complains about the new hoster, I think you are on your right of choosing whichever hoster you want.

    It´d be nice to give the categories menu more relevance.

    Thank you for all your work, greetings from Costa Rica!!

    1. hi christian,
      thats a good idea and i was already working on properly adding tags/categories to my posts.

      the problem is, it is still just a blog and blog posts can not properly be sorted...

      maybe i can rearrange the category selection to make it easier to use...

      thanks for your feedback!

  3. The One, hi mate, i've just downloaded and installed the N8 belle refresh v5.1.0 and all is working pretty damned good but there is a problem which is occuring that you helped me with before, it was something that you missed putting in the firmware or something on a previous version let me explain, it might jog your memory of the problem.

    It's to do with nokia reader and nokia drop, when its installed it wont hook up to the nokia service and keeps saying connection failed error message. I tried uninstalling it and tried putting different versions of ovi notifications support packages, sign in enablers etc... But to know avail. You did sort it on a newer version but i cant find the comments you made when it happened previously.

    Preying you remember and hoping dearly for a minor update. Thanks rockitman.

    1. hi rockitman,
      i remember that problem.
      belle refresh comes with a new qt version and therefore with a new version of onsp.

      it is confirmed by nokia that reader is not compatible anymore.
      some people who updated to refresh via ota, still have the old components installed and its working there...

      on a clean install via phoenix or nokia suite, they are gone.
      i may could bring them back, but i don't think one app is worth the effort.

      i am not sure about nokia drop, did you install the latest version from beta labs or did you install it via store?

  4. @ theone, i found a version of drop in my E drive and it seems to be working, do you think that installing a lower version of Qt or onsp might solve the reader problem like qt 4.7.1 ?

    Thanks for replies.


    1. i don't know if the phone would actually let you install qt4.7, but i strongly recommend not to do that.

      qt4.8 is better integrated into the symbian system and new/updated apps depend on the new components.
      downgrading to qt4.7 could cause many compatibility issues...

      would be great if somebody could confirm the nokia drop issue.
      (also try to get the latest version from beta labs...)
      did you already mess with the integrated ovi notification system?

      about the reader, if you like google reader for rss feeds, you may like the app "gNewsReader".
      it works very well for me...

  5. Agree with previous comment about download section now being clear for new visitors.

    Black background is great for amoled screens so please keep that.

    No ads! What a relief! Makes your pages load fast on mobile devices and keeps focus on the relevant content. Thank you for that :)

    Not keen on, have had quite a few problems getting files.

    Cheers and keep up the great work...please ;)

    1. so if i get this right, its now fine with the colors?

      black is more economic, thats why i used it ;)
      i was thinking about ads, but i decided against it... it would be nice to earn something, but i hate ads on other websites (and probably would hate it on my own site too :)). stays for now. i am very happy with the way i can handle my files.

      thanks for your feedback!

  6. one more thing...

    Is the human-check necessary for every single post? Sites usually do the check once for a user's first post and then allow subsequent posts without captcha.

    Thanks again!

    1. thanks for that suggestion!
      i don't have too much control over comments since the blog is hosted on blogspot.

      i though all i can do is enable comments without registration and disable comment moderation (so comments appear directly wihtout my control). and thats what i did...

      just checked the settings again, and found the word verification check!
      its now disabled ;)

  7. i might have tried the gnews reader as an altetnative when it happened the last time. I like the nokia reader because it updates about every 2mins which is what i need and it has the widget which makes it very easy to see new info without neccissarily opening the app up i use it for tracking share price movements and i need to be on the ball as a big delay in updates could cost me, a lot of other rss readers ive used most only update every 15mins or so

    1. Agreed, I've tried some RSS feed readers, but Nokia Reader is still the best and most convenient. I am shocked to hear that it doesn't work with the new QT, because I would say that Nokia Reader is one of the biggest reasons why I still enjoy using my N8. No Reader, no update for me.

  8. its a shame download from there is any other server that can we download the firmwares? i can't download right now the latest 808 firmware, by the way thanks for your efforts.

    1. a shame would be, if i am not allowed to use the hoster i perfer, to make it easier for me.

      i only have a premium account at and free hosters are a pain in the ass.

      register for a free account and use a download manager. should make things easier for you ;)