Monday, 17 December 2012

Bloggers Diary - looking for a Battery Replacement for 808

Hi guys,

I was looking for a battery replacement for my 808... a better one, since this is the procedure I do with all my phones, because after modding the ******* to smithereens I always have issues with the power consumption...

I found something: Battery issues? Not anymore ;) Read here

I was looking around and found this battery replacement. I thought this is a good story to share with all of you:

The battery replacement from Mugen-Power-Batteries with 3000mAh (Link)3000mAh ... YES that is correct !!! 3000mAh !!!
(Mugen also made a 1500mAh (Link) battery for the standard back cover)

the battery is SO FAT, it needs a new cover for it, so Mugen Power went ahead and made one.
it is a little bit higher than the camera, so when you lay the phone down, then it doesn't scratch you camera casing anymore

The battery cover is available in 3 colors, white, red & black, and if you believe it or not, a black phone with a red or white cover looks really stylish.

SO, some of you are thinking: Whats with the NFC chip? well, Mugen thought of that, too and has made a fully compatible cover with everything needed. A NFC chip with everything it needs to work fine

well, it is kind of expensive with around 100$ or 80€, but when you go on Ebay and look for a replacement for the battery it will be around 20€ and the back cover also 20€, (the mugen 1500mAh = 30€)
so the price is ok I guess

Additional Information

Cell Type Li-ION
Voltage 3.8v
Capacity (mAh) 3000
Battery Door Included
Original Battery Model BV-4D (1400 mAh)
Features NFC

Mugen Battery will last 2.14 times as long!


Longer Battery Life
Mugen Power Extra Strong Extended Replacement battery. Free Shipping Worldwide!
Mugen Power is the worldwide leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices. Mugen Power means Performance and Quality.
Mugen Power batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety) than other brands. The superior performance improves run time, often doubling that provided by the original brand replacement. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device.
All Mugen Power batteries also undergo vigorous QA procedure, resulting in Mugen Power achieving the lowest return rate in the industry. All Mugen Power batteries are CE approved.
Mugen Power batteries are premuim product and designed for experienced users, who understand importance of quality for long battery life and safeity of everyday use.
See what others say about Mugen Power Batteries:
"Go buy one, well worth it!"
"The extra size and weight increases pale into insignificance when you consider the true convenience the battery gives... it represents excellent value for money."
"a much better choice"
"This is the second Mugen Power Battery that I own and I can't think of me having a Pocket PC without a Mugen Power Battery on it. This battery gives me the freedom of mind of not having to think about to recharge the battery everyday after work."

Anyway, I bought one and am awaiting it soon... hopefully

I'll report back here to you and post my results


  1. Updated the battery topic for 808 for more information

  2. i had something like this for my old samsung i8910.
    i bought it because of my 21 weeks basic military training, where comfort and style is not really important.

    i wonder how the additional weight and new form factor affects the look and feel of the phone... looking forward to your full report ;)

    my 1500mAh mugen battery arrived today. package sent from hong kong, was waiting for two and a half weeks... at least they checked "gift" on it, so it was duty free :p

    will charge it over night and see how it goes.

  3. nice warning on the back of the package:
    if the battery is smoking or leaking, keep it away from fire...

    good to know

  4. cooooool, so that means we both have the same manufacturer as phone battery

    i am going to weigh the old batterie and back cover with the phone
    and the same for the new... we'll see the difference

    I am not really a kind of style guy...
    functionality of gadgets, cars and stuff like that always overways style if you ask me
    style is only important to me if it is on me (clothes, hair, etc.)

    I wonder about:
    - the "slip" into the pocket
    - my cover I bought for the phone will probably not fit
    - the new battery cover = plastik feel and flexibility

    1. - and of course: how long it lasts..
      the old battery was used up when I had a 13hour workday, I hope the new one can live up to that
      It should last two days now, maybe even 2,5 days now

    2. my original battery is still working quite well.
      under normal circumstances, i get about 1.5 - 2 days battery life... so no real issue here.

      i was just looking for a spare battery for longer trips or days, i know i am going to use the camera a lot (and its always good to have a replacement).

      lets hope the new cover gives a similar feeling like the original one. that would be my main concern. getting some cheap-ass plastic cover would really suck.

    3. well, of course my battery is still good, too, but since I am internet addicted, and more, and more widgets are flooding my system, I have problems to keep the battery up.

      During a normal week I get up to 24hours, on my long work weekends (13hour days) I get about 16hours.

  5. I got my big Mugen 2 weeks ago and I am still in the "calibrating phase", because the battery nearly doubles time of usage. I travel much and battery was always the limitating factor. 808 has no sealed battery, but much better is no need for change. I like more the feel of the original cover, but with Mugen cover the phone lies flat and stable on the table and the camera housing does not touch the surface. Phone weight is now 200g instead of 170g - no problem for me. It is secure to hold it in every situation, because it is not so flat anymore. Both sizes fit in my microfiber bag, no changes needed. The next months will show liability of battery and cover, but first impression and experience are very good. Expensive? I am glad, that Mugen produces the big battery for a niche product like the 808.

    1. Great review, thanks for the info, but what do you mean by "calibrating phase"

    2. About calibrating: Mugen says you should charge up to 12h and discharge until "low battery" popup appears the first 5 times to get the full capacity. Afterwards you can do how you want. While the big battery lasts around 4 days at moderate usage you need more than 2 weeks for that procedure.

  6. Hi Daniel thanks for the post! does the cover is also made up of polycarbonate?

    1. this was actually posted by freaxs_r_us and he is still waiting for his new battery...

      i got the 1500mAh version which fits under the original cover.

  7. I am using the Mugen battery for 808 for a month now.
    The life is extended to more than double. I am very happy with the battery.
    As regards the cover, be aware that the fit is a bit loose but OK for use. It does not look too bulky. If you have a black phone, there should not be any problem except that the surface finish may look just a bit different from the front. I have a white one which tends to get dirty with use, but I managed to clean it somewhat with soapy water. I read a review from someone on Mugen site that the red color looks a little different than the front, but black should be OK as I said earlier.
    Ajit L.

    1. thanks for the post Ajit.

      how does the new material feel?
      does it give you the same quality feeling as the orignal back cover?
      (maybe also good question for Franz (fhvr40) :))

    2. Original back cover has higher quality and better feeling, no doubt, but Mugen cover is ok for me. Black color matches to black phone and fits good. I ask me, won't the clips break too early. I can tell more after my test under "real conditions" during my indochine trip in January.

    3. The white Mugen cover is very slightly off-white compared to original, and also slightly shiny (like the pearl finish on some cars). I agree with Franz about the original better quality and feel. I want better battery life, so the look and smudge attraction on white is secondary to me. The clips look good enough to last long, as I do not open the cover much anyway.
      @ Franz - cover fits a little loose. Indochina is humid. Hope you won't have problem with moisture ingress. Wishing you a great trip.

    4. @Ajit : Thanks much!
      About matching accuracy: Production output may vary at Mugen, my black cover fits well, not as strong as the original one, but not loose, no visible gap so far.
      @Daniel: How are you with your small Mugen?

    5. to early to judge i guess...
      power consumption seems to be higher in idle, but i got the battery when i started to reinstall my data after the cfw update and all.

      so lets give it another few days, before i can definitly say if its worth its money :)

      funny fact:
      first time my 808 ran out of power, was yesterday with the mugen battery. in the past 6 month i somehow always managed to get home and charge before the phone dies on me :p

  8. here's a review of this humonguous battery

  9. After using the big Mugen on my trip to Indochine I am really happy with this battery, never being afraid of running out of energy anymore. Meanwhile I got a second big Mugen battery, so I will have a spare battery with me on my travels and a spare back cover at home in my drawer.

  10. Just want to report an issue with the big Mugen cover, that is easy to fix though.

    If you are using the hand-strap, it can happen, that the strap drops out of the body. This can kill your phone.
    The construction to hold the strap is perfect with the Nokia back cover, but it fails with the Mugen cover.

    I put a textile tape over the region where the strap is mounted and all is perfect again, but I really recommend to do that!