Saturday, 29 December 2012

Modders Diary - Got my phone back & Plans for near future

Like the title says... I finally got my phone back from repairs

They swapped the whole phone and I really hope the 3g bug is solved.

I looked at the Ofw for about 5 Min. before I had to flash on the cfw...
I really forgot how crappy ofw is!

Now I tried some translation fixes while I flashed it, and I hope to resolve two more small issues.
Then I would like to figure out two other requests by Users
and I still have to do the N8 v6.1 translations... which are already finished in my head... just need time to do it


  1. i remember this "is that really how i bought it" feeling on ofw, when my phone came back from repair. :p

    i your 808 is now as stable as mine is ;)
    keep us posted about it!

    1. all stable so far. No 3G bug yet . But I did have some problems because I forgot to format my E: before flashing, so I flashed it twice. Weird thing is that now my screen savers work, but they hadn't worked before

    2. read a lot about the 3G-bug now... do you realy have no problem with the swaped device? were did you send your device? to w-support? or did the dealer just swap it? thanks for info!
      regards marwallace

  2. Keep up the good work!
    Looking forward to the v6 of the N8 firmware. If I had worked at Nokia, I would have pushed TheONE CFW as an over the air update to all phones instead of the OFW... :-)