Wednesday, 12 December 2012

buys, busy...

Just a few words, about what I am up to at this busy time of the year... ;)

Like everyone else (at least everyone who celebrates Christmas), it's currently a busy time for me.
Lot of shopping, thinking abut presents, making arrangements for meeting my family over the holidays, etc.

Since I am the "IT-guy" in our family, I have even more to do.
If somebody wants to give someone a "technical" present, I'll end up configuring it. Pretty much everything  that is remotely related to computers goes through my hands first, to set it up and prepare it for it's new user.
I am also in charge to give advise about latest devices, where to buy it, ordering online and so on...

I don't wanna bitch about that, its my family and I am happy to do it. I just tell you to let you know what I am up to at the moment ;)

So here comes the part that is probably more interesting to the readers of my Blog. I haven't forgotten about you guys :p

Since my sisters Nokia E7 came back a while ago, I am working on a Belle Refresh based CFW for it.
Progress is going slowly, haven't had much time to work on it... but the current status is, the CFW needs about two or three hours of work (without testing). I hope to release it this week, if testing goes fine, that should be possible.

Another thing I am working on, is an update for the Nokia 808. Some new things came up there and I think I can squeeze it in at some point. At the moment I need my phone and I don't have time to reinstall everything, no time to flash my main phone at the moment...

The N8 users are next to get an update, after I am done with the two devices mentioned above. And depending on my free time, I probably have something for the X7 users too.

Other than that, I am currently working on a "How to" to show you how to increase the free space on C:\ via the new partitioning tool, built-in in the latest version of NokiaCooker and a "mini-review" about battery life on my 808-CFW.

Lots of work to do, I hope I can manage everything before Christmas :)

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  1. Thanks for your work. I hope you ll get many Christmas gifts :)