Monday, 17 December 2012

The One E7 v2.1.0

Ok, it's finally done!
Here is my Belle Refresh based CFW for the Nokia E7.

I hope the E7 users are still interessted, took me a long time to release/build this version :)

Read on for the release notes...

general information

This custom firmware is built on the latest Belle Refresh version 111.040.1511.
It contains most of the known mods for the current Symbian versions and should be fully funtional.

I did some testing and it looks fine to me. But remember, I am not Nokia and don't have tons of testers... also the E7 belongs to my sister and only had it for a short time.

If you experience any issues, report them to me and I'll try to fix it.


Before anybody ask...
No! there won't be any full translations by freaxs_r_us.

Since this firmware was built for my sister, it contains the full English and German languages.

This version is built for E7's with "QWERTZ" keyboards!
If your E7 has a different physical keyboard layout, follow the tutorial here to change it:
RM-626 Nokia E7 - change the physical keyboard layout

For additional languages, take a look at those tutorials:
How to create your own "full translation"


  1. hi,
    PLEASE some one help me!!
    i cannot download the new update (always runtime error!!), please could anyone store it somewhere else or send it to me via mail??

    my mail adress:


    1. Hi Peter,

      There are some tips about downloading from in the FAQ.
      Sorry mate, I am really busy these days... don't have time to switch hosters.


  2. hi daniel,

    thanks for your quick answer but my problem isn't anymore a problem!!

    it was a e-explorer problem, now with chrome all work fine file is downloading and in a few minutes i'm going to flash!


    1. good to hear that.
      let me know how the firmware is working for you ;)

  3. ok! i'll comment it next few days how it works!!

    ps: i'm from austria we can write in german if you want!

    1. ganz wie du willst ;)
      lass mich wissen, falls irgendwelche probleme auftauchen... aber auch sonst ist feedback immer willkommen!

  4. Thank you very much! Already downloading, but install will be between christmas and new year, too busy in the moment. But feedback is promised, Franz

    1. Hi Franz,
      sounds good, looking forward to your feedback ;)
      merry christmas mate!

    2. Hi Daniel, you are so busy! Thanks again for all your work on the E7 and 808 and of course merry christmas to you, too!

  5. Hi Daniel, I cannot find the file to download. Could you help with it?
    Will I be able to update my Nokia E7 via Nokia Suite when a new firmware version is available?
    I just need an original (not modified)Belle Refresh firmware for a German keyboard.
    Thanks in advance,


    *In case you want my e-mail, it's

    1. you can download my cfw from the download tab.
      it will lead you to a folder structure, where you can choose the latest e7 cfw of mine...

      if all you want is the original firmware, use navifirm to download it.

  6. "I hope the E7 users are still interessted, took me a long time to release/build this version :)"

    Of course man!
    Thank you very much, I'm glad to see that the E7 is not completely overseen by the modding community!

    Thank you and freaxs_r_us for your hard work! You're great!

  7. hello,
    i am from India.
    can you make keyboard writing language in Hindi ?
    i have been searching from 2-3 years this.
    my phone can only show the characters on the screen but i can not write or type it in phone.

    thanks in advance and have a nice day!!

  8. i think hindi was never officially released for belle refresh by nokia.
    so i can't exactly give you what you are looking for...

    but maybe this can help you:

  9. Dear Daniel,
    thanks for immediate reply for my post.
    my phone can display all Hindi characters. i have installed the Baidu app too. but i couldn't get the way out. also the Chinese interface of the software is causing pain. if it was in English language then i could have done some research and get something done. but i am stuck now.

    i have one more question, can Android give this type of hindi keyboard ???

  10. thanks again.

  11. Hi Yuvraj,
    I don't know about Android... but I know that Eric (aka freaks_r_us), the translator of The One CFW, managed to create a hindi keyboard for Belle FP2 devices like the 808.

    Maybe you can contact him, he knows more about translations than I do.

  12. thanks for replying me.

    one more little help, do you know anybody who is really good in the Android OS ?

  13. I know some people who switched to Android.. but no idea how far they come in understanding Android.

    I recommend to post your Android questions in the daily mobile forum... I am sure somebody can help you there ;)