Saturday, 15 December 2012

News from freaxs_r_us / Windows Live & Skype 6 / New Email Account

Hi guys, read here for the following topics:

Update on stuff I'm doing

Changing from Windows Live to Skype 6

I'm leaving as my email client and I'm going to 

I know you are all waiting for my latest releases, and I am extremly sorry for the delay...
But I guess you know its christmas time and its a busy time now.

I am still working on the translations... the sysap translation is taking the most time up...
and I am really, really happy that the new sysap will not need a new translation, so as soon as 3.3.1 is setup, then it can be used in the next version

But don't get tooo happy now, because the new stuff in the next update are going to need a hell of a lot of time also.

Windows Live will not be supported by Microsoft any more

not that it has been not making any problems in the past anyway :P
Breakdowns, using up cpu, showing false account status, showing "chat partner is typing" even though he isn't ...and more and more problems

for all of you who got the windows live 2012 update, then I guess you should know, that some stuff isn't the same anymore anyway... and it is already setup up for the Skype junction (background)

SOOOO, today I decided to get the new Skype 6 and import my Windows Live Messenger contacts into it and see how it all goes

EDIT: all went well, it would have been easier if I would have remembered my password


like I said, I've been pre-setting and changing my Email account for a while now... and I noticed some of you guys are still writing to

my new Email adress will be  

the reason is, that sucks...
- account size to small
- all folders are not being showed on email widgets and outlook
- to much crap has started to fill my account
- getting rid of a couple of spam --> hopefully they don't find out my new adress  


  1. i switched a while back myself, from gmail to
    (have some other mail accounts too and all are imported there now)

    i know how much work it can be, even if it sounds like a simple task :)

    just was busy today, doing the same thing for my father.
    he had some crappy provider based email.
    so i had to create a new ms account ( and import all his former data from 3 old pst files, his current webmail and his mobile phone...
    merging all those contacts, calendars and emails was a lot of work.
    (while most of the actual work was probably explaining him what i am doing and how it is going to work for him now :p)

    1. no comment on "showing "chat partner is typing" even though he isn't"
      come on...the One, that remark was for you ;)



    1. I don't have any problems with Skype. What System are you running?

    2. me neither... at least not with the desktop version 6.
      (but the windows 8 version that integrates into the new launcher really is crap)

      my only problem is, skype for symbian doesn't allow me to log in via ms account.
      (skype support told me they are working on a update, but till then i am supposed to create a new account (not merged to any ms account))

    3. Same deal here with my Skype for Symbian. But I still have Nimbuzz for my window s live messenger on my phone