Sunday, 7 July 2013

Information about new features in v4.x

Just want to let you know, I am currently running The One Reloaded v4.0.9!

One of the big changes in this version is the new MiniCMD-Script.

On Nokia's original firmware (and so far on all CFW's, except for Delight), a Hard Reset deleted all content on C:\.
By doing this, you will lose important plugins, components and applications, which are sometimes hard to restore... this is why so far, I recommended to reflash instead of hard resetting your phone.

In v4.0.9, the UDA is now empty. After the first boot (or after a hard reset) my script will copy all content that belongs to C:\ via minicmd from Z:\.
This requires a short waiting time and an automatic restart after flashing/hard reset.

By doing this, hard resets won't cause problems anymore!
All content will just be copied again to your C:\ and nothing important gets lost.
So a Hard Reset is now as good as reflashing your firmware ;)
(Of course your personal data/apps/files will still be deleted, that is the point of a Hard Reset.)

Other changes are the now built-in Nokia Store in its latest version and most of the OTA Updates.
You can take a look at my progress in my internal changelog here.

All that's left to do now, is integrating the new Nokia widgets and while I am at it, keep my eyes open for some good 3rd party widgets ;)

A final version should become available in the next few days!
Which is why I am not sharing v4.0.9, let's just wait for the final and keep the feedback for v4.0.8 coming ;)


  1. Well, this is good news. I can hardly wait to flash my 808. Tks.

  2. Wondering if the RDS information output by the FM Transmitter can be made to display track/artist instead of fixed string "Nokia"?

    1. sadly, we can only change the rds to different static strings.
      and even then, there is a limit in string-size...