Friday, 19 July 2013

The One Reloaded v4.2.0

After more than a week since the release of v4.1.0, I can provide you a new version!

v4.2.0 brings some fixes for the bugs in previous versions and some new exciting mods.
The feedback you guys provided in the last couple of days was worth a lot, thanks to those reports v4 got even better ;)

Thank you all for your support!

Please read on for the full release notes...

Release Notes

The One Reloaded v4.2.0 comes with ~655MB free space on C:\ and ~300MB free Ram at startup.

The high amount of free space on C:\ is achieved by repartitioning the firmware.
The values above are the settings I choose, to allow small updates and translations. If you want even more space (up to ~700MB for English only), you can follow this Tutorial:
Partition Manager: C Drive Extension

My custom firmware v4.2.0 is based on Belle FP2 v113.010. 1508.
There is a long list of modifications and changes compared to Nokia's original firmware... for details please take a look at the full changelog here.

If you are coming from v4.1.x, the internal changelog may be more interesting for you.
It provides details for the changes from v4.1 to v4.2.

How to Flash & Device Setup

You can find a full tutorial about "How to flash your Phone" here on my blog.
The steps from preparing your phone up to the flashing process itself are described in there.

Since v4.2.0 changes the default partition sizes of the firmware (to free up some space in C:\), you will have to use "refurbish" in Phoenix!

To make the firmware safe for hard resets, a script will copy the content for your C:\ from Z:\ at the first boot after flashing/hard resetting.

You will get pop up notifications to inform you about the status.
When the process is done, your device will automatically restart... until that happens, please do not touch your phone!
The whole process takes only a few minutes... so keep calm and let the script work ;)

After Setup
Reinstall your applications, games and data.
I removed a lot of built-in applications, if you are missing something check the "Tools" section in my blogs "Download" tab. Installers for everything that was removed are in there and can easily be reinstalled!

Drop a comment in the section below, if you need any assistance for the flashing or setup ;)


As always you will find the firmware download in my blogs "Download" tab.
For your convenience, here is the direct link:
RM-807 The One Reloaded v4.2.0


freaxs_r_us offers translations for all available languages!
Downloads and detailed instructions are provided in a separate post by him:

The One Reloaded v4.2.0 Translations by freaxs_r_us

Known & Confirmed Bugs

  • none so far...

I am looking forward to your feedback! ;)


  1. the flashing failed. Do you want to retry the flashing?

    HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.
    I am using my friends laptop and it is new !

    1. when flashing on a pc for the first time, or after reinstalling phoenix, the drivers required for flashing may not be ready yet...

      it probably takes a couple of tries until it works. just keep trying, i am sure it will work at some point!

      i suggest to use phoenix 2012.24, it works best for me on the 808.

  2. Oh you can't update from 4.1 ... and I just reinstalled everything. Might have to live with 4.1 then.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. actually, you can use update in phoenix.
      but you won't get the changes i made in uda.

      those are the things you only get via refurbish:
      -added missing Nokia Store components
      -fix for calendar sync
      -Metro icons for xplore
      -Clock, Profile (not sure about this one)
      -new patch for rompatcher (remove recording sound patch)

      BUT: you could flash via update now and simply do a hard reset later, whenever you feel like it.
      the startup script (which runs at the first boot after flashing or hard resetting) will then copy all the new stuff to your c:\ and it will be like reflashing via refurbish!

  3. Just flashed 4.2 and calendar sync WORKS! And this was without using the patch you prescribed yesterday. Thanks a lot! Did you incorporate the patch file (101f874b.txt) into 4.2?

    1. yes, that patch is now included in v4.2.
      thanks for reporting, it's good to hear its working now!

      keep the feedback coming ;)

  4. Using 4.2 - Not a biggy but the FMTX notifications still appear on turning on/off play via radio, happens from the Music player and Widget. Still checking CFW but looking very good so far :o)

    1. thanks for reporting, it is a misstake in the changelog.
      i scratched if from the changelogs...

  5. Hi TheOne,

    Flashed my 808 and have your CFW4.2(did Dead Phone Flash with Phoenix). Everything is perfect now. Good Job and thank you very much!

    Can't make JoikuSpot to work:(... It says "Unable To Start JoikuSpot". I am on T-Mobile network. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    1. To make JoikuSpot work, you have to start wifi, too! Good luck!

    2. OMG! I am so embarrassed! I did as you suggested and Joiku works fine! :)

      Thank you very much Sascha!

    3. glad to hear its working for you now :)

      btw. just for your information, that error message can also show if another app is currently using your wifi connection.

      closing apps or restarting your phone could help in such cases.

    4. got it! Thx!

  6. Haven't updated to 4.2.0 yet, still running 4.1.1. Am happy to say that the reboots have stopped completely along with my use of Nimbuzz. Tomorrow I will use Nimbuzz instead of Nokia Chat and see what happens.


    1. looking forward to the results ;)

    2. Have had 4.2 installed for a few days. One reboot on same day as flash but all smooth sailing since.

      Great work! (ツ)

    3. great to hear!
      let me know if you experience any issues or if you have suggestions for future versions ;)

  7. - my translation files are ready - first 7 are up

  8. The music player isn't search in F:/Music folder. What is the problem, what you think?

    Thank You.

    1. hi Spider2,

      I have all my music in "F:\Music" and it works fine for me.
      shit like this can happen if the search first search gets interrupted (e.g. by restarting while indexing, or connecting via usb while indexing).

      try to restart your phone and then manually refresh the music player database.

      music player -> options-button (in lower right corner) -> music library -> refresh

      let me know if that works for you

    2. When I unplugged from usb the music search working good. That was the problem.

      Now I have 3 another problems. I can't upload video file from galery to youtube. Youtube login after accept take me to google search page and thats all.
      Second problem with the screen saver. It is very low light.
      Third with the sensor settings. If I switch on (silence calls) when I have calls it isn't silent it when turn the phone, and if I go back to the settings all of them is off state.

    3. i tested my device for the problems you have:

      -youtube upload doesn't work for me either
      i will take a closer look at this. not sure if its a firmware bug, or if the plugin is just outdate (serverside)

      -all sensor settings are working for me
      i don't have any issues with the sensors, i use it almost daily for the alarm clock and just tested it for calls.

      -screen saver works fine for me
      no problems with a dim screen here.

      what was your previous firmware and how did you flash my cfw exactly?

    4. Hi!

      -youtube on original firmware is working good, I tried it. But it isn't working your and delight firm too.

      -sensors working good after flash, then it is stopped working. Maybe one of installed program conflict with.

      -screen saver after the flash the big clock isn't showing. Must install bigclock.sis, what nokia sent out for repair this problem. But not solve the problem. Like this:

      -Before have the original firm, and after yours 3 times, then delight, now yours again. Flash it with dead mod

      Thank Your Help!

    5. i will have to check youtube. i have some ideas what could be the problem... not sure yet, but i will see what i can do!

      no sensor issues here, without knowing exactly what you did, i can not really help you here. reflashing or hard resetting should fix this for sure.

      the screensaver-thing looks like a hardware problem to me.
      when did this issue appear on your phone and is it only with my CFW (its definitly fine on my phone)?

    6. Ok, I wait for the youtube problem.

      Sensor problem is fixed. Conflict with this program: My_Screen_Orientation_v2.00(3)_s^1^3_AnnaBelle_signed.sis

      Yes I'm affraid that is hardware problem :( When I bought it isn't working. On all of CFW not working good.

    7. thanks for understanding, i already tried to reinstall the "gallery and sharing plugins" -update on my device.
      so its basically the same as ofw, but youtube upload still isn't working... which makes me think that this is a server issue.

      but i can't tell for sure, until i tested it on ofw.
      will flash ofw and test at the end of this week, to get a correct answer here.

      for now, you can use 3rd party apps to upload videos to youtube.
      i recommend "CuteTube" its one of the best youtube clients available and also allows to upload videos.

      good to know the sensor is working properly now.
      if the problem with the screen saver is on all cfw's and ofw's, it sure is a hardware issue... i guess you have to bring it to nokia care, if you want to get it fixed.

    8. I try it that reinstall gallery and sharing plugins, not working. But on original fw working good. So I think CFW problem. ;) Waiting for your result.

      I use CuteTube, good prog.

      Yes I will go to Nokia.

    9. Hi!

      Any news about the youtube sharing problem?

    10. sorry, i needed my phone for the weekend and didn't have time to reflash...

      but i spoke to huellif from the belle delight team and he told me, the plugin worked two weeks ago but now stopped working.

      so it is most likley that the plugin simply is outdated, because google changed the login process.

      i will take a look at it next time i flash, but i am sure its not a cfw issue... nokia needs to update the plugin via sw update.

    11. Hi!

      The youtube sharing problem is now solved. Arrived the new googleplugin updet from OTA. Finally everything is working perfect! ;)

      Thank You!

  9. Hallo Daniel,
    habe heute Nacht auf 4.2 refurbushed - lief alles perfekt!
    Inzwischen sind wieder alle Programme installiert - Ich benutze einfach zu viele... ;-)
    Habe noch keine Bugs entdecken können - nur beim Verknüpfen der gefühlt 100sten App machte das 808 einen Neustart - aber das kommt bei einer solch hyperaktiven Nutzung schon mal vor...
    LEIDER habe ich immer noch nicht die Sprachsuche in der "Fahren" App...
    Aber ich bin doch glücklich, dass dank Eric nun das ganze Telefon wieder auf Deutsch ist...
    VIELEN DANK nochmal an alle Beteiligten!
    P.S. Habt ihr Kontakt zu netten App-Programmierern?
    Ich hätte gerne eine Disc-Golf-App... ;-)

    1. Hi Sascha,

      Wiedereinmal danke für dein Feedback, freut mich dass du uns auf dem laufenden hältst ;)

      Programmierer kenne ich viele beruflich, wohl aber keinen der in seiner Freizeit für Symbian programmieren möchte...

      Zur Voice Search.
      Soweit ich weiss, spielen bei dem feature viele Faktoren eine Rolle und leider kann ichs in der Schweiz nicht testen.
      Abgesehen von ein paar Screenshots, habe ich selbst noch nie was von dem Mikrofon-icon geshen...

      Zu beginn gings nur wenn die Maps im "online" Modus waren und das Gerät auf English gestellt war, ausserdem war eine UK-SIM Karte zwingend notwendig.

      Mittlerweile wird ja aber auch Deutschland unterstützt...
      Also sieh bitte nach, ob bei dir folgendes zutrifft:
      -Telefon auf Deutsch
      -Maps auf Deutsch
      -Maps im "online modus"
      -SIM aus Deutschland eingesetzt
      -Sprachausgabe in Settings auf Deutsch ("Jürgen")

  10. Woooohoooo! Ich bin nicht sicher, WAS den Ausschlag gegeben hat - ich denke, dass ich mich bei den Karten mit meinem Nokia-Konto verknüpft habe - oder dass ich die Sprachführung bei den Karten angeschaltet habe (Bei "fahren" war sie sowieso schon an - oder ob tatsächlich Jürgen den Ausschlag brachte... Keine Ahnung - aber jetzt geht es - auch mit Petra (?) ... DANKE!

    1. gern geschehen!
      schön zu hören dass es läuft :)

      nur mal so aus interesse, da mir das feature in der schweiz fehlt...
      wie gut funktioniert denn die sprachsuche?

      keine ahnung obs an meinem schweizer dialekt liegt, aber die spracherkennung der (built-in) voice commands ist echt scheisse :(

      maps machts hoffentlich besser, da es ja online abgleicht(?)

  11. Have just switched from HK OFW to this release and , as one can imagine, the difference is impressive.

    Everything works flawlessly.
    A big thank you to Daniel!

    1. hi sebanab,
      thanks for your feedback!
      enjoy the cfw :)

  12. Is there still no solution to the gallery problem? All pictures are shown at once, i want to have different folders like on android. Whatsapp, Dcim, Custom, etc*sigh*

    1. i can not change this via cfw... you have to tell that to nokia itself.
      you can try to use resco photoviewer, i heard it is still compatible to belle refresh, may also work on the 808.

  13. Hi everyone,

just wanted to share differences i noticed between OFW and TheOne CFW 4.2

1. Nokia Chat: sometimes keyboard didn't pop up. I had to close app and reopen it to make keyboard pop up - gone!

2. Picsel Smart Office: see above - gone!

3. GPS: sometimes it was taking more then 1min to get signal - gone! Now it takes 1-2 seconds and rarely - up to 10 seconds.

4. Device itself: a) No more occasional random freezes; b) No more occasional random restarts; c) If i was in an area with no cell coverage for a long time, after coming out in area with coverage, sometimes device was not able to find network and i had to restart it - gone! Or it was connecting to the network but was not able to establish data connection and i had to restart it - gone!

I don't care about all social websites and don't know if there are any differences.

Now, if anyone knows or anyone can make Patch to increase FMTX power, i would be 100% happy with my 808! :).

Hey TheOne, if you have a way to receive donations other than PayPal, i would be glad to make contribution! Thank you VERY MUCH FOR YOU HARD WORK!

    1. thank you for your feedback!
      it's great to hear you are happy with your device :)
      (sadly, i can not increase the fmtx.)

      thanks for considering a donation, it is always welcome.
      but the only way for me to receive donations is via paypal...

      if you don't have a paypal account, you can support me in other ways.
      keep visiting my blog, share some feedback and suggestions to my posts and don't forget to spread the word about my work via facebook, google plus, twitter (or whatever you use) ;)

      enjoy the cfw!

    2. You got it!

  14. Thanks for the work you have done with this custom firmware. I installed it tonight and so far I am very impressed with the performance and the amount of free space available on my 808.

    There is one small, superficial thing I noticed that is less than desirable though. When the phone is booting up, the elegant progress indicator dots have been replaced by some rather bizarre looking icons. They actually look like small steering wheels! Is this an intentional modification or is something on my phone corrupt? I can't see any mention of this in your change log.

    Thanks again.

    1. yes, that is an intentional modification. When you look at the white highlighted area, then you will see it reads "THE ONE"

    2. yes, eric is right about this :)

      you can change it back to original via joshlog patch (without flashing), or via flashing by replacing the splashscreen.mif in rofs2\resource\apps\

      let me know if you need further information

  15. Hi. First i want to say thank you for this awesome cfw!

    Im on 4.2 since it´s up i have some issues now with the nokia store hopefully you can help me... I cant log in anymore and cant download apps store starts... buttons for login and downloads are blue but if i push on it nothing happens.

    I tried to reinstall v.3.30.18 but nothing happend i also cant delete it complete for a fresh install of the store...

    TIA Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Glad you like the CFW :)

      The Store is fully working for me. Not sure whats causing this issue on your phone.
      Did you flash via refurbish and clean up E:\ and F:\ before flashing?

      Try to do the following:
      -close the Store
      -open Maps
      -login to your Nokia Account in Nokia Maps
      -if the login was successful, close Maps
      -open the Store and you should be logged in


  16. Hi Daniel,

    yes i flashed via refurbish and Phone was clean before...
    If i try to login in Maps it says Connection failed try again later.
    It was working perfect couple of days ago i did nothing no new apps or installs

  17. It´s confusing ok i deleted my account in Maps restarted my phone and can login in now :-)

    Thank you!

    1. whatever it was, i am glad you got it fixed ;)
      enjoy the cfw!

  18. is it advisable to reformat after flashing? thnks. i just now updated coz ive been using ipne 5.

    1. if you flashed via refurbish and cleaned up/formated e:\ and f:\ before flashing, there is no point in formating again.

      if you have any problems, you can consider a hard reset.
      but otherwise there is no point.

  19. I seem to be having Microsoft Apps show up after a new install, even though the changelog says you've removed them. Is that right, or is something wrong here? Also got winrar popping up too.

    1. thats right, no need to worry. everything went fine on your device ;)

      winrar is only a few kb in size, so it is included.
      (i think its useful especially for downloads, files are often packed in rar format)

      the ms apps is more difficult.
      the part that is still included is only the ms configuration tool, it is needed to use all features in ms apps... sadly that part doesn't come via sw update, which is why i left it in there (its only about 1-2mb).

      i removed the main package (~40mb), to free up space.
      you can get the full microsoft apps via sw update on your device.

    2. Ah, cool. Was mainly just looking at those extra icons on my menu and wishing they weren't there :P But that's ok. I was mainly worried that something was going weird when restoring my old data, since at first it seemed like they only appeared after doing that (got pushed out of the misc. folder for some reason).

      A couple of other things I've noticed since the change:
      -The screen seems kind of darker when there's a popup? Mainly I'm noticing that Belle Extra Buttons' um... well, *buttons* seem extra bright whenever a popup appears, because the background seems darker.
      -The screen no longer spins when rotating to landscape?
      -When scrolling up and down, be it in the main menu or gallery or whatever it seems like there's a lot more friction. It's harder to just give it a good flick and let it keep going, it slows down a whole lot faster.

      Are there settings for these that I'm missing at all?

    3. ok, if the icons moved, i assume you restored apps and settings from your backups?

      as mentioned in the tutorial, that is usually not recommended... it can cause wierd and random bugs. but don't worry too much about it, if everything works fine for you, no need to worry ;)
      (if you experience any issues, you can still do a hard reset and start over)

      about the things you noticed:
      -the screen thing, could be relate to the qt-popup fader mod by huellif. also check your screen settings, default brightness is only 50%. belle extra buttons seems to overwrite the brightness settings with its own. it is hard to say, if you want me to investigate further, send me a screenshot via twitter or email (theone1893 @ outlook .com)

      -i assume you are talking about the theme effects.
      go to "settings -> themes -> general -> (option in context menu ->) theme effects" and turn the effects back on.
      i disabled them for increased performance

      -the scrolling was modified to act faster than default.
      you can revert it via a simple installation...
      use the default filebrowser and open "c:\_tools\mods\ScrollControl 1.0.sis"
      it allows you to choose between the modded fast scrolling or the default scrolling like in ofw.
      (restart your phone after the installation)

    4. Ah, gotcha. It was mainly the restarts tripping me up, along with not fully knowing was or wasn't customised the first time I changed firmware :P All makes sense now. And yeah, good call on disabling effects. Makes everything so much snappier.

      Cheers for the responses, and all your awesome work.

  20. custom theme effects not working even i put them on c/data/tools/effects. How to chanhe avkon also? Thanks for fast response. Ranzi

    1. did you enable the theme effects in "settings -> themes -> general -> (option in context menu ->) theme effects"?

  21. Hi theOne,

    Still using your CFW daily, without many issues (some small Symbian nags, and a few reboots in the first weeks after flashing)

    If you ever make a 4.3 version, perhaps it's nice to include full "41MP" modus in the camera:

    other than that I'm not really missing things in the 4.2 version, so I'm happy :-)

  22. yes, I saw it too :)
    great to hear its working for you now!

    thanks for the feedback

  23. Hi Frodo,

    Thanks for your feedback :)
    Yes, resolutions can be changed... but I think its best to leave it as it is.
    Messing with the "pureview" resolution is breaking the oversampling (and therefore also with zooming).

    I don't think changing the full resolution to 41MP will have the same buggy effect. But those extra pixels were never meant to be used by Nokia.

    So I don't know if its a good idea to implement that mod.
    I guess it's best to let the user decide as an individual... you can install the mod yourself in an easy procedure (I can help you if you need assistance).

    As for version 4.3... I am not sure what to do.
    I am really happy as it is now, don't know what else I could add.

    So keep posting suggestion, I try to consider all requests made by users ;)

    Btw. sooner or later, I will of course include the latest Youtube-Plugin.
    It is now available via OTA Update (SW Update) on your phone... just don't know wheter to include it now as a bugfixing v4.2.1 release or wait for something really new and include it in v4.3.
    Maybe Eric (freaxs_r_us) has some suggestions once he is back online :)

  24. Nicoara Sebastian26 August 2013 at 20:44

    Hello guys,
    More of a general question: is the "phone as modem" feature working for you?
    I have only used it on my older nokia E7 , so maybe i'm doing something wrong on the 808...
    Thank you in advance!

  25. Hi Sebastian,

    I just tested the "phone as modem" USB mode myself.

    When I connected my 808 via "phone as modem" I saw my phone as a CD-Drive on my PC (in the Windows Explorer).

    It will asked me for a software installation, which would allow me to use my phone as modem...

    I didn't install it, becaus I usually use Nokia Suite of JoikuSpot for tethering (and my SIM card is currently in my Lumia anyway).

    Can you see your phone beeing connected too?
    Do you get asked about the software installation?

  26. Nicoara Sebastian27 August 2013 at 06:48

    Hello Daniel and thank you for the reply,
    I do get asked about the installation, and the installation goes fine.
    But in the NokiaPCIA app I cannot get the PC to connect to the phone.
    It is like the connections properties are not set right. This is all on a Windows 7 PC.
    Joiku works fine, I just sometimes need connection via cable.
    Thank you for your reply,

  27. Hi again,

    first of all, congratulations you were the first one to use the new commenting system disqus to upload a screenshot :p
    (i am glad to see it works)

    yesterday, i couldn't test it properly myself.
    the software installation kept failing on my win8 pc... so i tested it today at work on my win7 pc and it works perfectly fine.

    here is what happens on my setup:
    -connecting via "phone as modem"
    -installed the software
    -the phone switches to "nokia suite mode" automatically and the software offers me to connect to the internet
    -the connection is fully working after that

    i don't have to manually enter any connection details, in fact i never saw the setup page you posted...

    please try the following:
    -restart your pc and disable other connections if you can (turn off wlan/pull the plug on lan)
    -disable wlan on your phone
    -connect your phone in "phone as modem" mode and try again

  28. Hello,
    Thanks for tour different cfw and sharing your knowledge.
    Is it possible, that I use your script from minicmd on my cfw?
    I need to modify it, but the base will be the same.

  29. Hello,

    Thank you for the superb cfw you always deliver, the speed is awsome and in general is pretty much reliable option for our beloved symbian devices, there is only 2 things I have a question about>

    Not sure if is my 808 or what but sound when using headphones and watching 720p or 1020p mkv movies is super low, so much that when in public places not able to hear anything at all, even tried with a pair of bose AE2 and same issue

    second, I love transparent widgets with white fonts but at the moment, not been able to find the proper ones for rss, big calendar or social app (maybe not the correct place to ask this question) but could you point me in the correct direction????


  30. Hello Doume,
    If you are willing to provide credits within the script and your changelogs, you get my permission and full support to use it.

    Here is what I mean by credits within the script:
    The first message the user will see is "The One Reloaded Setup", I ask you to keep that line in there (you can shorten it to "The One Setup".

    Or as an alternative, you can use your own name e.g.: "Doume CFW Setup" and add a second one like "by theOne1893".

    If you agree to those terms, you can contact me again and I am willing to help you with the script, in case you need assistance...


  31. Thanks for the compliment :)

    About the video playback...
    I just tested it myself, using the original nokia headset that came with the 808.
    A 720p movie ~1.7GB and a 1080p movie ~11GB, playing from my 32GB Class 10 microSD card. Both were absolutly fine.

    Can you try again using the original headphones?
    Also try to enable/disable the Dolby sound (clicking the little Dolby logo at the lower right of the screen) if available.

    I prefer the original widgets myself, but you should be able to find transparent widgets here:

    Just search for "transparent" in there and you will find plenty of skins ;)

  32. Thanks a lot :)
    No problem to keep your name on the script.
    I finalize the change and I will send you to check if you are ok.
    Next week, I will send you the script.

  33. Hello,

    First of all thank you so much for the amazing work you've done. I am pretty much satisfied with all of it.

    I would like to give a feedback and check whether you've heard about it. Since my upgrade from 4.1.0 to 4.2.0 i cannot edit contact details anymore.
    When using the contact app and trying to use the edit function nothing happens, no keyboard, no edition. Same happens when i long puch on a contact detail and choose "edit" from contextual menu.

    Have you heard about this? Am i doing something wrong?

    Thank you for your feedback!


  34. ok just noticed this occurs only with restored contacts from backup.

    Post upgrade contacts can be edited fine.

    I did restore contacts and messages only from nokia suite. I do not know another way to restore contacts

  35. thank you again for taking the time to reply, to be honest, I actually havent tried to watch 1080p mkv files but I did follow your advice and tried the original headphones that came with my 808 and I get the same thing, also tried the Dolby logo and same issue, I'll try diff movie and see wha happens, again, thanks for taking the time to reply...

  36. Hi Sylvian,

    Well, I never heard about that bug before...
    But sounds like there is something wrong with the backup.

    Personally I have bad experience with the Nokia Suite backup solution and prefer the backup via Symbians default file browser.
    Nowadays I don't even "restore" my Contacts, I just re-sync them via Exchange ActiveSync.

    As a solution to your problem, try to restore the contacts again.
    Or see what happens, when you edit the contacts with Nokia Suite... maybe editing them in there, will unlock them on your phone?

    If you do have a second phone, you can send all your contacts via bluetooth (they will be saved as a contact card (.vcf).
    Send them back from your second phone to your 808 and re-import them.

    Those are just ideas, like I said, I never had this issue before...

    I hope this helps, let me know how it goes!

  37. If its not a personal video, you can upload it and send me the link here...

    I can give it a try if you want to

  38. Hi Daniel,

    I sent you a mp on the DM forum with a link to the modified script.
    Could you please check if it's ok.

  39. Hi Daniel
    I have been really happy with your N8 mods so far and just purchased the 808 as the 1020 seems disappointing. I have no regrets!
    Could you elaborate on what CPU and GPU mods have been done? OC?
    Do you know if there is a fix for the lack of exchange sync with google which still works on my N8, but is lost on my 808. I read that it relates to date of manufacture?
    Does you mod affect the camera in any way? I love the camera and would not like to have this and the algorithms messed with.


  40. Hi Havoc,

    Great to hear you liked my N8 CFW, I am sure you will like my 808 version even more :)

    I changed the settings for CPU and GPU to find a perfect mix between performance and battery life. It is not really overclocking, that is not possible... it is a modification on a software level only.

    The camera quality, resolutions and overall behaviour is completly untouched!
    You get the same great performance as on original firmware.
    What I did change however are the default settings for the camera, but you can easily change that back to your own preferences.

    The Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol is not supported by Google anymore. EAS belongs to Microsoft and Google was obviously tired of paying licence fees...
    Devices already connected to Google via EAS continue to work, but you can not set up a new one.
    Therefore, if you reset your N8 you can not connect via EAS again!
    This is Google's fault, its controlled by their servers. Nothing we can do about it.
    You can switch from GMAIL to, thats what I did...

    I hope this answers all your questions!
    Feel free to contact me again, if you need further support ;)

  41. John-Paul Coetzee11 December 2013 at 15:21

    I am having problems with Bluetooth and my Pure H260DBi car radio.

    When I want to make a call I can select "DIALLED CALLS", "MISSED CALLS" etc on the radio and it tries to download a list of those calls from the phone. In my previous The One build (4.1.0?) this worked fine.

    The phone pairs with the radio. If I make calls on the handset the audio is transferred to the radio. I can stream music etc.

    Any ideas?

  42. Only just recently moved from an N8 to the 808.
    I installed The One Reloaded but I'm having problems with Nokia Store. When using the Store's search function the spinning circle never stops so search results can't be selected.

    Another person is having the same problem, here

    Anyone here seeing this issue ?

    Thank you

  43. Hi. I installed your latest sw to my 808. It work fine still today when i vant to install some applications, but after installation when i start the programs the phon it restart. i try to install from ovu store too but the problem persist. can you help me with some ideeas? Thank you, sorry my english

  44. Finally i reinstal the sw, my only problem now is that in rompatcher i have no files. can be installed now? or i have to reinstall all? (in my oppinion the couse of this problem is that after install i formatted the E drive)
    Thank you

  45. Hi, recently my 808PV restart sometimes without to do nothing and battery drain in a few hours no have idea because sometimes occurs whatsapp, or playing navigate etc... reinstall cfw via refurbish but problem persist any help???? thanks..........