Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The One Reloaded v4.1.0

So it is finally here, my first (final) Custom Firmware for the Nokia 808 PureView based on the latest release v113.010.1508.

Thank you all for your support, suggestions and especially for the intense testing of the early v4.0.x versions!

I think I can proudly say, that v4.1.0 is my best work so far on the Nokia 808 :)
Please read on for the release notes...

Release Notes

The One Reloaded v4.1.0 comes with ~655MB free space on C:\ and ~300MB free Ram at startup.

The high amount of free space on C:\ is achieved by repartitioning the firmware.
The values above are the settings I choose, to allow small updates and translations. If you want even more space (up to ~700MB for English only), you can follow this Tutorial:
Partition Manager: C Drive Extension

My custom firmware v4.1.0 is based on Belle FP2 v113.010. 1508.
There is a long list of modifications and changes... for details please take a look at the full changelog here.

How to Flash & Device Setup

You can find a full tutorial about "How to flash your Phone" here on my blog.
The steps from preparing your phone up to the flashing process itself are described in there.

Since v4.1.0 changes the default partition sizes of the firmware (to free up some space in C:\), you will have to use "refurbish" in Phoenix!

To make the firmware safe for hard resets, a script will copy the content for your C:\ from Z:\ at the first boot after flashing/hard resetting.

You will get pop up notifications to inform you about the status.
When the process is done, your device will automatically restart... until that happens, please do not touch your phone!
The whole process takes only a few minutes... so keep calm and let the script work ;)

After Setup
Reinstall your applications, games and data.
I removed a lot of built-in applications, if you are missing something check my "Tools" section in my blogs "Download" tab. Installers for everything that was removed are in there and can easily be reinstalled!

Drop a comment in the section below, if you need any assistance for the flashing or setup ;)


As always you will find the firmware download in my blogs "Download" tab.
For your convenience, here is the direct link:
RM-807 The One Reloaded v4.1.0


freaxs_r_us will offer translations for all available languages!
Downloads and detailed instructions will be provided in a separate post by him.

(Post will be linked as soon as it is ready, lets give the man some time to prepare all files!)

The German users can get the file I use myself for the German input (no full translation, keyboard only):

Known & Confirmed Bugs

  • Gallery share plugins are broken

I am looking forward to your feedback! ;)


  1. waiting ur cfw for nokia n8.i still like ur cfw

  2. Thanks for your work friend, proves it as it becomes available language 04

  3. Waiting for Polish version :)

  4. v4.1.1 is coming right up!
    gallery sharing plugins are broken... sorry about that :(

    1. just installed 4.1.0....

      well, I never used those sharing options anyway.

      So far it seems to be running fine.

      V Bizcalendar

      V Opera mobile
      V Cutebox
      V Skype
      V Cartoon Reader
      V Putty
      V PDF Eagle

      V Google Maps
      V ViewRanger

      V Public Transport
      V Folderplay
      V qooPlayer
      V QuasarMX

      V myExplorer
      V X-Plore
      V QuickRotate
      V Quick Brightness
      V QuickPower
      V qooSystem
      V Tumbnails
      V Clocksync
      V Situations

      without any errors.

      Will keep you posted, but it looks fine, thanks for the hard work!

    2. hi hobbit13,

      thanks for your feedback!
      keep me posted about your experience with v4 ;)

      btw. could you test something for me?
      i think i can give those users who are on v4.1.0 already a simple fix for the plugins...

      if possible do this:
      -download this package:
      -activate open4all in rompatcher
      -use xplore to copy the files to your C:\
      -restart your phone
      -test the plugins (twitter and flickr)

    3. Hi,

      Facebook and Flickr plugins work, I get a sign-in page of either Facebook or Yahoo. I explicitly do not want to link my phone to facebook, so I will not proceed.

      The twitter "share" seems to do nothing.

      will try to apply the patch this evening.

    4. thanks for willing to test it :)

      v4.1.0 for me worked like this:
      -facebook working
      -flickr working (but seemed very slow and buggy)
      -twitter not working at all

      also once pressed the twitter button, the other plugins didn't work anymore. had to close the share ui and open the selection again.

      fully working in v4.1.1 and i expect it to be working with the patch as well on v4.1.0

    5. Hi theOne.

      With the patch, all three share buttons go to their log-in pages. Didn't try any further, because I do not want to link accounts.

      General remarks on 4.1.0:

      Had one reboot when I connected the charger for the first time. No Situations or anything similar was running. This didn't happen again.

      Yesterday I had a reboot without any apparent cause. The phone was idling, and screen was off. At one moment screen turned on, and phone started to reboot. After the reboot I got the message that one "RP+" patch failed to load. I have the following patches set to Auto:
      - FastLockKeyEventLong
      - HighLevelVolumeFix
      - Open4All RP+

      Don't know how to tell which patch failed.

      After the reboot, the search harvester (cpixsearchserver / cpixharvesterserver / qsfwdatabasemanagerserver) also started to consume alot of CPU, draining the battery. This was also the case for the next reboot. I disabled "Network Search", and now it seems to be running fine. This kind of anyones me, I had it on the previous firmware as well, and some people at AllAboutSymbian linked it to MS Office. So I didn't install office, but that clearly was not the cause.

      When search harvester is stalled, it usually keeps that way for a few hours, and then turns back to normal. But if I accidentally reboot the phone (which happens if you use the red end button) when I'm not near a charger, my phone will be dead within these few hours.

      Apart from the reboots and the search harvester, I didn't find any problems. But those two problems are serious, and very hard to debug (don't know the cause).

    6. thanks for testing the patch and your feedback!!

      so far, i had no reboots on my own phone.
      but i recognize the RP+ problem... there must have been something wrong with the config file. a restart usually solves this.
      if not, just open RP and the config file will be rewritten... that definitly fixes it!

      i have the network search activated and no problems with that.
      maybe the databases got broken because of the unexpected restart... its only speculation, but i did not experience anything like this.

      also battery life is very good on my phone.

      since i can not confirm/reproduce the problems, i can not really do anything about it right now.
      please keep me up to date about this and report back if something like that happens again.

      btw. v4.2.0 is almost ready for release.
      i suggest, when that version comes out, you clean up E:\ and F:\ flash via refurbish. that way you will have a fresh, clean start on my latest release

      i really appreciate your feedback, keep it coming ;)

  5. I had written a whole story hear, but IE crashed at the "login with Disqus" pop-up. In Opera 12 the comments do not show up allthogether...
    I did remeber I was loggedin as "Hobbit13", but it didn't remember my post....
    Last weekend I installed What's app (including modifier for closing). and some games. Since then, "Server_0x20034169.exe" is constantly using a lot of CPU and file access (no network). I can't find much info on this file, other than people having similar issues 3 years back with the N8. (and obviously no solution).
    I unstalled all programms which were installed recently, but that didn't make a difference. I don't know what to do besides refurbishing. (to the new 4.2 CFW).
    This is the third different issue I had with background processess killing my battery (search indexer and maps update were the others). I'm begining to suspect my hardware (faulty memory). But all isuess are always fixed by refurbishing...
    Any help would be apriciated, else I will refurbish to 4.20

  6. Hi Hobbit13,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    I tested Disqus on the built-in browser and Opera Mobile on the phone as well as IE and Firefox on my Notebook.
    No problems so far with the comments here... sorry to hear you were experiencing issues.

    I am using v4.2 and battery life is really good.
    But so it was on v4.1... and honestly, I fixed some bugs in v4.2 but nothing that affects battery life. Also never had issues with the search indexer or maps update.

    What exactly does "killing your battery" mean exactly, how much battery life do you have left?

  7. The battery drain stopped after 2 dayes, but has returned once (only half a day). Issue is not big enough to do a refurbish at the moment (I'm very busy).
    "killing your battery" means the phone is at 100% CPU all the time, will be warm, and battery will last 7-12 hours. If background processes behave normally battery life is perfect.
    I find it rather irritating that there are so many background processes running all the time, and no one knows what these processes are doing. This makes debugging very hard, and it's difficult to discern between "normal" and "mallware".
    I know all these issues have noting to do with your CFW, I find many people have similar issues dating back to the very first days of the N8.
    p.s. problems with Disqus are probably related to the flash-blocker I use.