Thursday, 4 July 2013

The One Reloaded v4.0.8 (for Testers)

After yesterday's v4.0.7, I uploaded another update for custom firmware v4.x.

v4.0.8 is not the final version, Nokia Store and all the OTA Updates are still not included yet.
This version is here to fix the bugs in v4.0.7

A big THANKS to everyone who helped me creating, testing or offering feedback and suggestions for v4.x!
A special thanks to Franz and Matt for their feedback in v4.0.7, helping me discovering some critical bugs.

If you are interested in the progress so far or even in helping me test v4.x, please read on...

Release Notes

v4.0.8 is based on v113.010.1508 and comes with ~565-570MB free space on C:\.
If you use my tutorial here: Partition Manager: C Drive Extension Tutorial
You can get ~735MB free space on C:\!

You can take a look at the detailed change log so far here.

In v4.0.6, we tested the firmware as a base. See if it was stable, reliable and fast.
That version passed our tests and seemed very good.

v4.0.7 was here to test some new stuff.
I included a few new ideas and mods... the result was not fully satisfying.

This is where v4.0.8 comes in, to fix all the bugs above.
Some other minor additions are in there as well, please check the changelog for details.

Reports and Requests

If you want to help me test v4.x, please make sure you clean up E:\ and F:\ and use refurbish for flashing. Also important, do not restore "Applications and Settings" from your backups.
This is the only way to make sure, bugs are not related to your previous firmware version!

Of course you are allowed to flash however you want, but if you intend to report any bugs, please mention how you flashed, if you did it differently than mentioned above.

As long as v4.x is in progress, it is your chance to request new mods and features.
If you have any suggestions (other than the things I already mentioned above), let me know!

Time line

Since my 808 is back from repair, I should have no problem to make fast progress.
Now it all depends on how much free time I can invest into this project...

About Translations
This version is still in progress, which is why I will keep it English only!
The final release v4.1.0 will be available in all languages, provided by freaxs_r_us ;)

I provided a ROFS3 for the German keyboard, because I need it for myself. Other than that, there are no translations available yet.


As always you can find the firmware in the "Download" tab. But for your convenience, here is the  direct link:
The One Reloaded v4.0.8

For the German users, you can download the German input (keyboard) here:
german input for "The One Reloaded v4.0.7"
(the file for v4.0.7 is still compatible to v4.0.8)

Just replace the ROFS3 from the original package and flash as usual ;)

Known and confirmed Bugs

I am looking forward to your feedback on this version!


  1. Downloading to phone (thanks Opera!), but won't be able to install until tomorrow eve.


    1. Hi Matt,
      looking forward to your feedback!

  2. Hi Daniel,

    flashed 4.08 - it's going forward!

    X-plore: works (with icon I normally use), I think uda for x-plore is not bad, it's easier to add custom settings and ui.

    Camera: works again with the original settings.

    Got it with "disable offline queries", it's ok but not much use for me, but also not bad, can be kept I think,
    still waiting for the "real mod".

    A question because of Microsoft Apps:
    Is it only the installer? that would be ok, because I thougt MS Apps have been removed.

    So all looks good for me in the moment, will play around a little this evening.


    1. hi Franz,

      Didn't take you long to switch to v4.0.8 :)

      I agree about the offline queries, I don't have much use for it either. I usually use the profile widget. But it doesn't hurt, so lets keep it ;)

      I was wondering about this mod in the first place.
      What led me to the true purpose of this mod was the exe file itself...
      It is a modded "profileapp.exe", while those popups (outside of settings-profile) used to be handled by the "sysap.exe" in pre-FP2... I guess thats still the case, but iChris701 could not remove the popups from sysap in FP2.

      In OFW, the whole MS Suite is installed...
      I removed everything but the MS Configuration tool.
      That tool is required to fully set up the MS Suite, sadly Nokia fails to deliver this part via OTA updates.

      I only use OneNote from the MS apps, which works via Skydrive and doesn't need the Configuration tool... so it is as useless to me as it is to you. But that doesn't mean I have to break it for everyone else :p

      Anyway, it is good to hear v4.0.8 is working for you so far!
      Keep me posted ;)

      Thanks again!

    2. one more note about the configuration app:
      with all components that are part of it, it consumes about 1.2MB on C:\

      with ~570MB (or even ~735MB via partitioning), i think we won't miss that space :)

  3. Hi Daniel,

    thanks for your informations, I understand a little better now and agree to your decisions.
    No further problems detected yet.
    You are on a good way!


    1. Hi Franz,

      The least I can do for my testers, is explaining what I was thinking ;)
      Just let me know if any issues come up or if you have more questions!

      So far v4.0.8 works very well for me, I will give you, myself and the other testers some more time to come up with feedback... but so far think v4.0.8 is ready for a final release.

      If it goes well over the weekend, I will add the store, the ota updates and probably a few new widgets and then we are done with v4.1.0 :)

  4. hi i flashed the 4.0.8 two days ago so far no errors and working perfectly
    and i had an idea about another app its about an app that can run android applications (like game boy apps)
    i know that nokia 808 has a small ram but i guess it could work when we are talking about running a single app

    1. Hi Hamza,

      The 808 does not have a that little ram, 512MB is plenty for the Android 2.x era.

      A few years back developement was started on "Myriad Alien Dalvik", a tool that could run Android applications within Meego, based upon Qt. The developers indicated that the tool would be ported to Symbian^3, but I never heard of them again...

      Meego is Linux based, just like Android, so it's probably easier to emulate Android on Meego, than on Symbian. But I do not think it is impossible. But I'm pretty sure, no developer will put in the effort needed, because the future of Symbian^3 looks very dim.

    2. well thank you now boyh of my ideas are dead but really that's a shame how people left this software to fade away when it got a really good chance to evolve :(

    3. @hamza albakheet
      thanks for your feedback mate!

      yeah shame we never heard of it again. i hear jolla sailfish will be compatible to android, but there was never too much hope for that on symbian.

  5. I don't know whether this is related to firmware, a pop-up modifier or whatsapp:

    If whatsapp is not the foreground app when a message comes in, the next time the homescreen is displayed there's usually a pop-up alert saying "1 new message" with the options Open/Exit. Now the popup actually displays the contents of the message. That might be a good thing if it were not for the fact that I'm getting a pop-up alerts for "[Buddyname] is typing a message...". Wtf?!

    I tried to disable those pop-ups using the c:\tools mod but that doesn't seem to apply to whatsapp generated messages.


    1. well, don't know about the whatsapp popups, because i used to disable them by modded whatsapp installers...

      you can get a very good mod for whatsapp from huellif here:

      it lets you choose a lot of things, including to hide popups!

      the popup mod in my tools folder is for default phone messages (sms/mms) only.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Nice one! I never knew that a modded whatsapp existed :D

      ...and a proper Belle icon at last!

  6. Does anybody use Numbizz?

    I use it for my gtalk client.

    Unfortunately whenever I use the apostrophe character it always gets transposed into ' at the recipient's chat window. It looks fine at my end and the problem is one-way.

    I've reported this to Nimbuzz several times but they say they can't reproduce the error, and searching online I'm only able to find one other person with the same symptom.

    So I'm wondering if it's related to the custom firmware?


    1. lol!!

      My html entity text in the above message got transposed into a proper apostrophe character.

      The first line in the message above should read: always gets transposed into & a p o s ; (but without the spaces) at the recipient's chat window.

    2. well, if this problem only exists in nimbuzz it is obviously a problem with that app...

      i don't use nimbuzz so i can't check... but do you notice this anywhere else?

      all i can say, i didn't change anything about the keymapping and it works in all my apps on my phone (but i use the german keyboard).

  7. Report regarding Theme Effects FP2 1.0 and PopUp Modifier 1.0:

    I had previously executed Theme Effects mod to disable transitions and that was working fine.

    However, after subsequently executing PopUp Modifer to disable popups the Theme Effects became enabled again.

    Are these two mods mutually exclusive?

    1. thanks for your reports!

      but this doesn't sound possible... the popup modifier is a cenrep txt file, the theme effects is a exe in sys\bin.

      they are not related in any way.

      is it possible that you accidently ran the theme effects installer again?
      afterall the options are very similar, you may didn't notice you were running the wrong installer?

      i suggest to run both installers again, with the settings you really want. restart your device and everything should be fine ;)

    2. Argh! I had to select 'Enabled' to disable the transition effects lol! I was stupidly selecting 'Disabled' to disable them ;)

    3. Argh (again)! Theme effects have come back! Now I've run the mod trying 'Enabled', 'Disabled', neither and both, but they won't disable :(

    4. seriously... i have absolutly no logical explenation for this.
      never happend to me and i always disable the effect.

      are all the theme effects back or only in some applications?
      because some apps use built-in effects, nothing i can disable there...

      do you use any rompatcher patches?
      (i use fastkeylockevent and highlevelvolumefix only (unless i need any others for modding))

  8. Two unexpected reboots today :(

    1. since v4.0.6 i had one crash while playing sparkles 2...
      so i can't confirm any instability.

      what were you doing when your phone crashed?

  9. One time I was scrolling through Gravity tweets and the other time I just unlocked the phone.

    In the background would have been:

    * WhatsApp
    * Music Player (playing via Bluetooth to headphones)
    * Mail
    * qooSaver
    * qooCalendar widgets
    * qooSystem widgets
    * Gravity
    * Weather Widget (Nokia)
    * Situations
    * Google Maps (infrequent Latitude updates)
    * Cellular: 3G Only

    Don't know what you'll make of that, sorry I can't provide more info.

    1. hard to say from this list...

      i just finished the final version, still have to write the full changelog and release notes, but should be ready for download soon.

      i hope you have more luck on the new final release.

  10. I see v4.1.0 is available but I thought I'd continue with 4.0.8 for another day or so and see if I could shed some light on these crashes I've encountered.

    So far have had one reboot this morning. I had rebooted my phone just to start the day from fresh. About an hour later I was on the bus listening to music via bluetooth headphones and typing a whatsapp message, that's when the crash occurred. Ten minutes before that I'd installed Nokia Battery Monitor but I hadn't ran it, so I guess Store was in the background too.

    That's it, nothing else running other than homescreen widgets.

  11. did you delete my last post? I had an update for it :-/

    1. sorry, spam-filter didn't agree with your post :p
      i got it out of quarantine ;)

      about the random restarts... if you want to check for that, is it possible for you to disable the 3G and use 2G only?

      just for testing...

  12. 2G isn't an option as I'm with Three UK and they only provide data on 3G signal.

    I thought I was on to something this afternoon when the phone rebooted twice while I was listening to music (bluetooth headphones) and nothing else. I thought it was something to do with bluetooth, but then on the way home from work I took the 808 from my pocket, unlocked the phone and it immediately crashed. There were no apps running except for whatsapp.

    So, I'll download 4.1.1 now (thanks for the skydrive link) and give that a try.


    1. shame 2g is not an option...
      (i think you mentioned that already somewhere, sorry too much comments lately :p)

      i had daily restarts when using 3g on my 808, because of a hardware bug. since nokia care fixed it, that problem disappeared...
      of course it could also be related to the 3g software patch they rolled out via sw update.

      but that your reboots are related to 3g is only speculation anyway. it is just wierd, because my phone never restarted or crashed since v4.0.6 (except for one time, while playing sparkles 2).

      keep me posted about that issue