Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The One Reloaded v4.1.1

Here is the first little update for my Nokia 808 PureView Custom firmware v4.1.0.

v4.1.1 is fixing the Gallery plugins for Twitter and Flickr.
I am sorry I had to update my v4.1 so soon, I hope you guys can forgive me that little mistake... sorry to everyone who already downloaded v4.1.0!

Thank you all for your support!

Please read on for the release notes...
(pretty much the same as v4.1.0)

Release Notes

The One Reloaded v4.1.1 comes with ~655MB free space on C:\ and ~300MB free Ram at startup.

The high amount of free space on C:\ is achieved by repartitioning the firmware.
The values above are the settings I choose, to allow small updates and translations. If you want even more space (up to ~700MB for English only), you can follow this Tutorial:
Partition Manager: C Drive Extension

My custom firmware v4.1.1 is based on Belle FP2 v113.010. 1508.
There is a long list of modifications and changes... for details please take a look at the full changelog here.

How to Flash & Device Setup

You can find a full tutorial about "How to flash your Phone" here on my blog.
The steps from preparing your phone up to the flashing process itself are described in there.

Since v4.1.1 changes the default partition sizes of the firmware (to free up some space in C:\), you will have to use "refurbish" in Phoenix!

To make the firmware safe for hard resets, a script will copy the content for your C:\ from Z:\ at the first boot after flashing/hard resetting.

You will get pop up notifications to inform you about the status.
When the process is done, your device will automatically restart... until that happens, please do not touch your phone!
The whole process takes only a few minutes... so keep calm and let the script work ;)

After Setup
Reinstall your applications, games and data.
I removed a lot of built-in applications, if you are missing something check my "Tools" section in my blogs "Download" tab. Installers for everything that was removed are in there and can easily be reinstalled!

Drop a comment in the section below, if you need any assistance for the flashing or setup ;)


As always you will find the firmware download in my blogs "Download" tab.
For your convenience, here is the direct link:
RM-807 The One Reloaded v4.1.1


freaxs_r_us offers translations for all available languages!
Downloads and detailed instructions are provided in a separate post by him:

TheOne 808 v4.1.1 Translation files by freaxs_r_us

Known & Confirmed Bugs

  • Log extender mod is not working
    • Log is kept 30 days instead of the (extended) 999 days

I am looking forward to your feedback! ;)


  1. will installing this custom firmware cause any changes in camera photo quality ? Will I be able to get further updates via fota ?

    1. the camera quality is untouched.
      only thing different compared to ofw, the camera update (ota update) is already included

    2. sorry missed the question about the updates...

      all ota updates provided via sw update or store are fully compatible.
      right now, they are actually already included.
      so you can update all apps and components of the firmware without a problem.

  2. Installed last night and looking good so far :D

    Thank you for including exaclty the Software Updates that I'd choose and leaving out the ones I don't did you know?!

    So far I've installed SkyDrive 1.07 and enabled auto full-size uploads via any network.

    Also installed:

    * ClockSync
    * Opera Mini and Mobile
    * WhatsApp
    * qooSaver
    * SkyDrive (the good old version)
    * ClockSync
    * CountDown Timer
    * Stopwatch Free
    * Best ScreenSnap
    * AudioRecorder Pro
    * CacheMe
    * Nokia Energy Profiler
    * JoikuSpot 2012 Edition

    Every app is official version from Nokia Store.

    I've also switched to installing apps to SD card instead of Mass Memory. I'm wondering whether this in conjunction with your C: to Z: copy will make rebuilds faster in the future providing I leave my SD card intact and only format Mass Memory.

    Anyway, no crashes so far :)


    1. D'oh! Can't believe I said "so far" three times *facepalm*

    2. can't believe i didn't notice that *facepalm*

      good luck with v4.1.1, lets hope it goes well for you this time :)

  3. I'll me more methodical with my testing this time. There are only a few critical apps running so I'll keep my phone like this for 24h and will not use bluetooth headphones.

    If phone has stayed stable by tomorrow morning I'll make a few bluetooth connections (Essence headphones, pair of 360 speakers and Car integration), but not all at the same time ;)

    1. sounds good, looking forward to hear about the results!

      just something i noticed, the qoosaver.
      do you mind turning off the proximity sensor in there?
      i heard it is kinda experimental at the moment... but maybe my info is outdated.

    2. I'm an unofficial tester for qooSaver so I'm using a much newer version that is available in Store. The proximity bugs were ironed out a while back but as it happens I do disable the proximity detection and instead use the newly-added manual on/off toggle using the power button.

    3. ok, thats pretty cool any new features in there you can talk about?

      really like the qoosaver, just whish it could use a "dotted" font similar to nokia sleeping screen :)

    4. Have a read through the AAS comments, I've dropped a few hints ;)

    5. i read through them, sounds promising... may going to buy qoomail afterall :)

  4. hi! i just bought my 808 a week ago, and on a whim looked into ways of improving it, and came across this site. i've never flashed anything before, but after about an hour or so of reading your site and following directions, i had my 808 running 4.1.1 last night! so for that, i say thank you sir. it's a great piece of software, offering tremendous improvements.

    one question. should i ever have to resell this great phone in the future, if i run the data wipe/system restore function built into the phone, will it revert back to nokia's stock belle FP2?

    1. Hi Thomas,

      No, to revert to original firmware, you'll have to reflash it with the original firmware.

      That used to be publicly available, but since a few months nokia closed down their firmware database. But I'm sure the original firmware is not hard to find.

    2. @Thomas
      no, a hard reset will only restore the default values of my own cfw.
      like Hobbit13 already said, you will have to reflash with the original firmware to restore the stock belle fp2.

      also thanks for your feedback, i hope you enjoy the cfw ;)

      Thanks for helping out with the support again ;)
      btw. you can still download the official firmwares via phoenix...

      "Phoenix -> Tools -> Data Package Download"
      allows you to download the latest firmware for a specific product code.

  5. Hi THE ONE. Your CFW shows how hard u worked on it.. really superb man.. Keep going.. All the best.. Will there be any update after 4.1.1..

    1. thank bro. I like this cfw :)

    2. thank you both guys!

      i like my 808 and intend to keep it (and my cfw) up to date.
      so i guess there will be more updates.

      but v4.1.1 is just released, so i am waiting for feedback and suggestions for future versions ;)

  6. Thx The one ! The fonts are same or changed ? I m in india and I can change the language from english to hindi on my keyboard ! What should I do to get hindi language with english ?

    1. hi gitty,
      the fonts are pretty much original.
      i added a few symbols, for profiles and power button menu... but everything else is the same as nokia's original font.

      my cfw is english only right now.
      freaxs_r_us is working on translations for all available languages, so they should be available soon! ;)

  7. Hi theOne1893. Brilliant firmware as always.

    The log extender to 999 days does not work for me. It says 999 days in log settings but if I move the date a month I lose data from the log. It appears to be reverting to the 30 days. I can live with this but wanted to make you aware.


    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your feedback and the bug report!

      The log extender is not a critical bug and doesn't need immediate fixing, but it is added to my list for future versions ;)

      Let me know if you find any more bugs or if you have some suggestions for future versions.


  8. Anybody else unable to get information from Nokia Weather? I've been getting "The latest forecast is not available." since installing 4.1.1. Could be coincidence.


    1. Possibly related: Installed Nokia Chat this morning and it can't get past its startup message "Checking for updates...". I have rebooted my phone as per the app's installation instructions.

      So I was thinking that maybe this problem is related to a connection to Nokia services?

      Maps and Drive work perfectly.

    2. that error usually appears, because of a slow/bad gps connection.
      if gps can't track you in time, weather gives up and shows you that message...

      when you swipe up, to add a city manually, can you add your location?
      also do the widgets work for you?

      Nokia chat?
      never used it myself, are you sure it is supposed to be belle fp2 compatible?

  9. Only one reboot so far since installing 4.1.1.

    I might have discovered the cause too...Nibuzz. It was definitely open during the reboot on a few days ago and I've purposely not run it since and had no reboots.

    *Fingers crossed*

    1. good to hear its stable for you now!
      let's hope it stays that way :)

  10. can I use English+Hindi language pack from delight bell v 1.1 ?

    1. get my hindi writing files language from my writing files thread, or wait till I make it. It didn't boot this morning, so I will try to do it tomorrow

  11. Anyway to get more keyboard languages?

    1. the translations by freaxs_r_us will be available in the next few days

    2. I personally hope it has the French qwerty keyboard and not the azerty one heh. Thanks for getting back to me.

      I have a few requests...

      -Anyway to get Swype from beta labs to work correctly?
      -We can choose in settings for OPERA to be the default browser but that hasn't worked since anna. Think it's fixable?
      -Many of us (I am not sure if it's in NA like the joiku spot issue) when we choose active synch we cannot see HTML emails... our emails have only links and text... it sucks big time. Fixable?

      Thank you

    3. i assume it will be the same keyboard as the original french fp2 version.

      about your questions, i think the answer is no to all of them.
      the first two affect 3rd party apps, you will have to contact the developers and ask them for an updated/fixed version.

      about activesync, i don't know what the problem is exactly. all i know is, it exists.
      i was hoping for a fix when i saw the email and calendar update via ota a few weeks back, but sadly it still isn't fixed by nokia.

      some good news at the end, freaxs_r_us told me, the translations are almost ready.
      release will be within the next two days, if everything runs well ;)

    4. HI, about Swype, it's already downloadable at the Store, works fine except with contacts-search, as it uses the whole screen, not letting you see the intermediate searchs, letter by letter.
      I haven't seen any update for fp2 yet
      Hope it will come soon, I love Swype.

    5. Swype is terrible with FP2, full screen everywhere. The betalabs version covers up the text that you're inputting, so even worse that the full-screen Store version.


  12. I just tried Delight in hopes it would get HTML email working (Doesn't) and have a French keyboard (it does) but it has that blasted azerty French from france keyboard. It's the same FP2 keyboard but with the letters all mixed up since it's not qwerty.

    You are probably right about #1 but for the default browser to use I do think it is OS know under
    settings\application settings\default applications\
    Browsing internet: web
    Web can be changed to opera but it doesn't work, it used to with the ANNA on my n8 but after the belle upgrade it has never worked.
    You know more then I do but I thought that I may have explained what I wanted incorrectly. Much of the community would explode if this feature were to return. Who wants to use web. Nobody. :)

    When the language packs come out will I have to refurbish again or will I be able to keep all my stuff and configs?

    thanks for getting back to me like this.

    1. where did you see a french qwerty keyboard?

    2. I think only in swype... I would think any north american french, especially quebec, would have a qwerty keyboard. Azerty is a european thing it seems.

      So if I want more languages should I wait before setting up my phone or can I update languages without wiping everything?

    3. the language packages by freaxs_r_us were release just a few minutes ago here on this blog.

      using "update" only affects z:\, so i suggest to use refurbish to apply the languages.
      otherwise you will miss translations for uda (apps/components stored on c:\).

    4. I can make a Canadian french writing files set and maybe it has french qwerty, if you like. After you flash the Ui sets with refurbish, then you can update flash writing files rofs3's without having to reinstall everything, or you can update flash and extract the uda from the language set and copy it to C by hand

    5. If you want to provide the canadian french keyboard I will surely take it and try it out. :D

      Would make me very happy.

  13. Are you trying to assign Opera Mini as your default browser? That won't work because Mini doesn't provide the hooks. If you install Opera Mobile then that IS settable as your default browser.


  14. yes opera mobile is settable but the system doesn't switch to using it... Web comes up all the time instead.

  15. ahhh yes, that's due to some apps making calls to Web explicitly instead of making the API call to the default browser.

    For example, Gravity launches default browser, Mail launches Web. You'd think that built-in apps would be the ones to perform correctly!

    1. great to know thank you. Just did the switch and gravity opens up the correct browser.

  16. I can't go to themes. :(
    in Polish os .

    1. i'm sorry, its a bug in the translations.
      change the phone language to english to access settings->themes

      a fixed version will be released soon!

  17. I've seen an issue after installing v4.1.1 on my PureView. Outlook syncs fail: I always get a message saying that "X events not synced to the phone". Contacts sync work fine. I suspect this is an issue with the 113.010.1508 firmware as I've the same problem on other cfws using this firmware version.

    Have you heard about this and do you have any idea what's going on?


    1. On 4.1.0 I had also some issues with Exchange sync. It synced my contacts right away, but only after I had forced sync for like 5 times, it started to sync the calender, and a few times later it started to sync email.

      It's like it gives up after 30 seconds, even though it is not finished yet.

      It works fine now.

    2. I'm still using huellifs cfw 3.1.1, built last year, based on firmware 113.010.1508. Task and event sync with Outlook 2010 works perfect, so i don't think it is an 1508 issue.

    3. @hobbit13
      i think he is talking about Outlook for Desktop and not via Exchange Activesync.

      Exchange Activesync works fine for me.
      if you have problems with the sync via outlook/nokia suite, please send me a short email to "theone1893 @ outlook com"

      i think i know how to fix it!

    4. Yeah, I don't think it's a problem with the 1508 firmware. I tried Mohican 1.2 and the Outlook/Nokia Suite sync works.

    5. I will provide some files tomorrow that can be copied to C manually. I think the Outlook sync can be fixed with them

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. please try the following:

      -download this file (101f874b.txt)

      -use xplore (open4all active in RP+) to copy the file to c:\private\10202be9\101f874b.txt

      -use xplore to check for this file c:\private\10202be9\persists\101f874b.cre, delete this file, if it exists

      -restart your phone and try to sync!

      let me know how it goes ;)

  18. Hi, I've just installed the v4.11, and a strange thing is happening, I have no access to themes. So I can not change them. I installed another one, attempting ot gaing access. But so far nothing at all. Themes is shown, but no option is displayed. Any ideas?

    1. i just answered your question in the translations post-comments.

      again in case somebody else needs the answer here:
      it is a bug in the translations.
      switch your phone language to english to change it.

      i will release v4.2.0 tomorrow, which will come with new (fixed) translations.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ok, thank you very much for your answer.
      Waiting for the new release.

  19. BUG: When the nokia store is open in the background, clicking on the nokia store icon app\shortcut won't bring up the already open store app... it just opens up a white store page that won't load. When the store app is open the only way to get to it is by the task switcher.

    1. thank you for reporting!
      should be already fixed in v4.2.0 (still have to flash and test it), release will be tomorrow.

  20. Exciting. I am really enjoying this CFW. And it came just in time as I really needed joiku yesterday. Also I haden't noticed in the change log but the camera is silent, lots of little surprises.

    1. thats great to hear
      thank you for your feedback and also for your donation, i really appreciate your support! ;)

      enjoy the cfw (especially the update to v4.2 tomorrow)