Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The One Reloaded v4.0.7 (for Testers)

My Nokia 808 PureView got back from repair yesterday and I am not wasting any time to make progress on my custom firmware v4.x. ;)

v4.0.7 is not the final version yet, Nokia Store and all the OTA Updates are still not included yet, but as you can see, we are making progress.

A big THANKS to everyone who helped me creating, testing or offering feedback and suggestions for v4.x!

If you are interested in the progress so far or even in helping me test v4.x, please read on...

Release Notes

v4.0.7 is based on v113.010.1508 and comes with ~565-570MB free space on C:\.
You can take a look at the detailed change log so far here.

After v4.0.6, this is next step into the direction of the final version v4.1.0.
v4.0.6  proved to be a stable and reliable base for our next firmware, v4.0.7 is going one step further.

With new mods and hopefully slightly improved stability, we should be on a good way.
I did my best to react to all your feedback, suggestions and reports... now it's your turn again, let me know how this release works for you ;)

New Mods and Apps
A few words about the recent changes.

As per request, I added the "Evolve QT" theme. It is almost identical with the default theme, but much darker, than the light grey original one.
To match this and many other themes, I also used the keyboard modification by huellif, which will change the background to black.

Also per request I kept my eyes open for additional RomPatcher patches. I haven't tested all of them, but they are from trusted sources. As always, I suggest only to use the patches you really need for yourself!

WinRAR is included as well, it only consumes a few KB on Z:\ so I think its a worthy addition as well.
Xplore v1.6 went fully free, no more waiting time at the start up/closing. That's why it is replacing our former 3rd party file browser "Nokia filebrowser".

Please check the changelog for more details.
I hope you like the changes so far ;)

Reports and Requests

If you want to help me test v4.x, please make sure you clean up E:\ and F:\ and use refurbish for flashing. Also important, do not restore "Applications and Settings" from your backups.
This is the only way to make sure, bugs are not related to your previous firmware version!

Of course you are allowed to flash however you want, but if you intend to report any bugs, please mention how you flashed, if you did it differently than mentioned above.

As long as v4.x is in progress, it is your chance to request new mods and features.
If you have any suggestions (other than the things I already mentioned above), let me know!

Time line

Since my 808 is back from repair, I should have no problem to make fast progress.
Now it all depends on how much free time I can invest into this project...

About Translations
This version is still in progress, which is why I will keep it English only!
The final release v4.1.0 will be available in all languages, provided by freaxs_r_us ;)

I provided a ROFS3 for the German keyboard, because I need it for myself. Other than that, there are no translations available yet.


As always you can find the firmware in the "Download" tab. But for your convenience, here is the  direct link:
The One Reloaded v4.0.7

For the German users, you can download the German input (keyboard) here:
german input for "The One Reloaded v4.0.7"

Just replace the ROFS3 from the original package and flash as usual ;)

Known and confirmed Bugs

Those are the bugs I know of in v4.0.7:

  • Device manager says "v4.0.6"
    • forgot to change the version information... if the version date says "03.07.2013" you are on v4.0.7!
  • xplore doesn't save custom settings/needs license confirmation at every startup
    • will be fixed in the next version
  • disabled profile (offline) queries
    • they still show up, will take a closer look at this next time 
  • camera zoom is buggy
    • the resolution mod brings issues with the zoom, it will be removed in the next version


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  2. Hi Daniel,

    thanks for continuing your hard work!
    Flashed already and checked Changelog.

    - new Camera settings are awesome
    - added theme is nice
    - I also use sip, x-plore and winrar, good choice
    - added patches are welcome
    - "no connection" works

    Also I noticed some points and have suggestions:

    -disabled profile (offline) queries:
    doesn't work for me, I understand it in the way that you don't have to confirm when you change from Offline into another profile e.g. General, I still have to confirm this. That happend also when I tried this patch for myself a few weeks ago.

    - you have to confirm licence after every app-start - perhaps you can remove "License.txt"
    - changes in tools/configuration can not be safed, it should be done in private\a0000bcd\explorer\(overall 3 files for different settings), but after changing settings folder stays empty
    - I would recommend to use "LCG X-plore v1.60(0) Belle Mod" version from DMF, it has nicer icon and nicer ui, mail me if you need the file

    -modded aknspasrv.exe by iChris701
    do you know what it really does and what side effects may occur

    Rest looks very good, testing goes on, I will report if anything is coming up.

    and many thanks again, Franz

    1. Hi Franz,
      thanks for your feedback.

      i think the profile query mod was meant to prevent the popups like "do you wanna use bt in offline mode?", but that message pops up as well... so i guess that mod isn't working properly.
      i don't think its my fault, i guess the mod just doesn't work. but i will check it anyway in the next update!

      you are absolutly right about xplore, good catch! ;)
      i'll fix it, thanks for the report!
      (i will let you know if i need the dmf version, btw. a nicer icon is already on my internal list for the next update ;))

      about the aknsparsrv.exe
      i guess nobody really understands what the original purpose of this file was... but i am well aware of the problems that are caused by shutting down the original exe.
      according to ichris701, the modded version does not have those issues and is now safe... so far i can confirm that, i didn't had any issues with qt apps/drop down bar.

      i'm looking forward to your future feedback ;)

    2. Hi Daniel,
      "disable offline queries" - I check it now.
      Can confirm that BT query pops up anyway.
      Checked also "phone calls only in portrait" - works.
      Camera mod - I replied to Matt's post below.

    3. as i said, the offline popups also appear on my phone...
      those are the possibilities:
      -i applied the mod wrong
      -the mod isn't working
      -we missunderstood the purpose of the mod, maybe it does something we haven't noticed yet?

      i will take a closer look at this aswell ;)

    4. just figured this out...
      if you change the profiles in settings-profile, it doesn't ask you for any offline queries when switching to general or silent (from offline mode).

  3. If updating from 4.0.6 to 4.0.7 can I simply update? I know that a refurb is usually recommended but just wondered for this one as I have lots of stuff set up nicely :)


    1. Hmmm, I did an update, all looks ok and the Devcice Manager reports Software version date 3/7/13, but the Software Version still says 4.0.6.


      Is it right that posting comments here required captcha every time?

    2. i guess i was too late with my reply :)
      you should be able to use update, but maybe (depending on your usage) those mods are probably missing on your device now:

      -camera mod (new resolutions)
      -call orientation set to portait only
      -the new rompatcher patches

      i know about "v4.0.6" its my bad, i forgot to change the version number!!
      i will add it to the post above.

      if you have the correct date (03.07.2013), you ARE on v4.0.7!

    3. Yes, the captcha is required every time...
      sorry, i don't have full control here it's all hosted by blogger.

      i tried to disable the captchas, but there was too much spam coming in :(

    4. Interesting...I can see the camera resolution mod but not the other two.

    5. well, it's easy to explain :p

      the patches are in a zip file, the new ones only get extracted at the first boot (after flashing or hard reset)... so it's logical that they don't appear.
      (you can copy them yourself out of z:\system\data\ to c:(or)e:\patches\)

      you modified the settings for calls.
      thats why this file already exists on your c:\.
      to get this mod, you can manually delete the file on your c:\ so your phone will use my settings from z:\
      go to "c:\private\10202be9\" and "c:\private\10202be9\persist\" and delete "102828b2.txt/.cre"

      you never changed anything about the camera quality/resolutions... thats why my settings still work from z:\, because there is no custom file of yours on c:\

      mistery solved ;)

    6. I use the camera a lot and can't risk compromised images or problems with the app when I'm trying to capture something.

      So, is there a way to remove the camera mod without reverting back to 4.0.6?

    7. i will release v4.0.8 which will fix the issues discovered so far this evening.

      if you don't want to flash again, i can create a patch to bring the original cam settings back for v4.0.6 without flashing... just let me know ;)

    8. Very kind of you to offer the patch but I think you're doing plenty already :)

      I'll wait for 4.0.8


  4. just added a "known and confirmed" bug list to the post.
    so you guys know what you are getting in to, by testing...

    (i don't think those are show-stoppers, but you should know anyway ;))

  5. There seems to be a problem with the camera reolution mod. This might be due to me 'updating' from 4.0.6 instead of 'refurbug' so somebody else needs to try this out.

    Run camera, switch to creative, select 16:9 or 4:3, select a low resolution, switch back to camera lens, try zooming in.

    I've found that in 16:9 I could not zoom at 2MP, 4MP and 5MP. Then, when I selected 6MP zoom worked, but then it also worked for the lower resolutions too! Unfortunately there's still something wrong here. The zoom range at 2MP is exactly the same as the zoom range at 9MP.

    Like I said, this could be due to me updating instead of refurbing.


    1. thanks for the report.
      i am tired now, but i will give it a try tomorrow.

      the resolution mod is kinda experimental... thats why i didn't want it in v4.0.6, which was a base test to see if the firmware itself is running fine.

      v4.0.7 is here to test some new mods.
      i don't think it's related to the "update" instead of "refurbish", but i'll let you know tomorrow.

      appreciate your feedback, keep it coming ;)

    2. Matt,
      you are right, I refurbished and have the same zoom problem. It is exactly as you say, zoom level on 9mp and 2mp is the same and when I close camera on creative 16:9/2mp and open again no zooming possible anymore (no problem at 9mp), so patch looks faulty in the moment.

    3. just tested the cam myself, you guys are absolutly right.
      i will fix this asap!

  6. Problem report: Noticed that gravity (twitter feed) hadn't updated for an hour. Then noticed that the last whatsapp message I'd sent hadn't been received by their servers. Switched mobile data off and back on, still no updates. Switched phone into Offline profile and phone rebooted.

    1. thats weird... i use tweetian and whatsapp, both were running perfectly fine on v4.0.7 yesterday 'till about an hour ago, when i flashed v4.0.8

      v4.0.8 will be ready very soon.
      if you have problems like this, i suggest to use refurbish this time.

      thanks again for your feedback ;)