Wednesday, 31 October 2012

First set of Hebrew with only minor bugs

I worked on this about 5 hours and converted and made dummy translations and flashed and flashed and flashed

here are the "bugs" (only minor):

- browser still in english
- external photoeditor not working --> only the internal one directly out of the gallery
- one of the email apps is not working, the one directly on-screen after flash of TheOne N8 v5.5.0 --> but the mini email widget and the big email are working fine
- notifier is not hebrew in standard ...not sure what it does when a notification comes up... for now: NO EVENT is still english
- favorite contacts has a bug ... it can only be configured in english, but after configuring and going back to hebrew it works fine -->  also the comm launcher works fine
- the big email widget has wrong spelled word, but it works
- videoeditor has no icon...but it works
- when adding a widget, adding a shortcut or changing the background, the little pop up is still english
- photoeditor in english

the rest I don't know yet.... got to go to bed...
anyway, almost everything is working fine

I need some testers to help me out,
and maybe later on I can start translating the UI inside the apps to hebrew also...

N8 - TheOne Cfw v5.5.0 hebrew - NOT PERFECT - BUT ALMOST


  1. p.s. don't even dream about me getting the browser to change from english to hebrew, because it's not going to happen

    1. I'm not even going to try... because I know it won't work

  2. 7 downloads of hebrew and no feedback yet?

  3. Thanx,,Thanx ,,,to help me thanx man I like your big work .....LIKE...

  4. Thank you, I can be testers. i will download it now.

  5. I didn't allow anyone to mirror my download...
    even if it is hard for non-english readers, it is NOT OK to re-upload my work

    I heard that 1000s of downloads of my firmware in hebrew are down
    I only have 20 registered downloads

    I am VERY disappointed about this.... you could have posted my link to those sites

  6. Thanks Man!!!

    But I cant write in hebrew.. only in english


    1. Why not ? It works fine on my phone. Did you change your font? Or do anything else to the cfw?

  7. In the other version without full translation it works OK but in this version , full translation works well but I dont have hebrew writing

  8. you were right.... just fixed it and now the link is re-newed

    1. good job!

      U know when full version without bugs wiil ready?

  9. After flash, My n8 is DEAD :(

    I try again but the USB connection not recognize my phone...

    What can I do?