Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Restart App/Shortcut for Symbian

I am sharing a handy little application here, that doesn't do anything more than restarting your device.

The modded sysap.exe (which gave you the "restart" option on power button menu on my previous custom firmwares), is a little bit more complicated to apply on the latest firmwares. Which is the reason why it is not integrated by me anymore.

I think this application is a nice replacement, if you are only looking for that feature.
Apply it as a shortcut on your home screen and you can restart your device with one button ;)

This application is free and was originally shared by syarmwawa (not sure if he also is the developer).
You can find the original post, where I downloaded it from here: Forum

I created a new icon for this application, to match the look of the Anna/Belle icons of the latest Symbian versions.
Restart (new icon by me)
Download the application from my "Tools" section under "Symbian Applications".

Btw. this application is working on all Symbian versions. The installer is unsigned, your phone needs to be hacked.