Friday, 5 October 2012

v5.4.0 (N8)

Today is my 23rd birthday.
Since you guys are spread all over the world, we can't have a couple of drinks together...
So instead of buying a round, I give you an update for the most popular device on my blog... the N8 ;)
(what a geeky way to celebrate, somebody please hit me with a shovel!)

"The One N8 v5.4.0" is ready for download.
Details about this version are in the changelogs, as always...

Two things I would like to say about this version:
I removed the "more ram for apps" mod by satiro. I am using it without any problems on my 808, but it doesn't seem to work very stable on the N8.
The mod is not entirely gone, I replaced it with my own settings for ram management (same as in my v4 CFW). I am hoping to get more performance and stability by that.

I also removed the Dolby Headphone effects, they were ported from Belle FP1 but seem to cause a lot of problems.
Some of you complained about the audio quality (especially clarity and bass) in v5.1.
I changed some parameters in v5.2 which made it better, but not good enough for you...
v5.3 seemed to be satisfying for most, but some still reported issues with ring tones, headphones, accessories (like bt headsets and speakers), etc. not being loud enough.

I hope its now fixed by removing the Dolby headphone effects. And by applying the full anna parameters, I hope we are back on the high quality we had on "The One v4.x".

Enjoy my CFW and let me know what you think via comment ;)


  1. Happy B-day Daniel! As you said we are spread all over the world (in my case in El Salvador) but that's no reason we can't have a drink ;)

    Thx for keep doing a great CFW for your N8 users :)

  2. happy birthday! many thanks from a "the one"-user from germany. your cfw is fantastic.

  3. Happy Birthday man! thank you for all your work:)

  4. HAppy happy birthday..........................:)
    wonderful ..thanks words to say.. thanks for supporting us still.... once again happy birthday...may god give u the courage to give us more cfws based on the upcoming updates ;)

  5. Happy Bday The One

  6. Happy birthday Daniel! I can`t believe you have made another version of your fantastic The One CFW. Thank you so much. I have not tried your new CFW yet, but I`m sure it will bring the best sound quality so far.
    Thank you The One!

  7. Hi Dan,
    Happy Birthday!
    I flashed my N8 couple of days back after 6 months with v5.3(Last version was v4.81)
    In last two days... yes there were problems with sound however I used the same way of copying sound improvement mod & anna parameters for headphones as well as loudspeaker.
    And sound quality on my N8 is far more clear better than Dolby on HTC One X.(Analysed my self with SONY MDR E818L earphones)
    Sound quality is at par. Everyone should see what N8 can deliver with The One CFW.

    Dan once again thanks very much man..

    1. Hi Neal,

      it's been a while since i last heard from you.
      how are you doing mate?

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. happy birthday

  10. Happy birthday Daniel!
    Thank you again for your great work and enjoy your day!

  11. Happy Bithtday The One!Cheers!
    And thank you for your great cfw! :)

  12. happy birthday! can we follow you on twitter? whats your twitter handle? i see the url is are you in ireland? im in limerick

    1. thanks mate.
      i don't have a twitter account yet. if i ever create one, i let you know about it ;)

      the url is handled by google (blogger), you can type-in almost every top level domain for "theonecfw.blogspot.XX".

      btw. i am from switzerland

  13. Thank you guys!!
    appreciate all your kind words ;)

  14. Happy Birthday, dude. :D
    Could you please mirror your files to enterupload, mediafire, etc.. ?
    I dunno why, i simply not able to get your files from that server, and am badly want your CFW! Please? :)

    1. thanks mate!

      i am offering to much files to mirror them all. and free hosters are a pain in the ass for a project like this...

      create a free account and use a download manager for easier downloads

  15. Happy bday Daniel... your the most approachable person in Daily Mobile.. thank you for being a friend. Thank you for all your hardwork and support to Symbian community. May God bless you more!

  16. Happy Birthday, Daniel(THE ONE)!

  17. Happy birthday bro!! You make us happy with your releases as we take the 100% from our phone!!
    Thanks a lot for everything!!

  18. Thanks TheOne, question can you describe how I best update from 5.3 to 5.4?
    I am very happy with your FW in general. Some freezes urge me to want to update.
    Further, in "Drive" I cannot select destinations from my address book.

    1. the "best" way is always the same.
      clean up e:\ and f:\ and use refurbish...

  19. As a contribution for me to this wonderful cfw, here is a mediafire mirror:

    The file has been uploaded exactly as 'is', no modification or re-compression was made.

  20. Hi Dan,

    I can see The One CFW V5.5 in projects folder...
    Please let us know the change log at earliest...

    Thanks for your hardwork...