Saturday, 27 October 2012

One Year Anniversary!

This Blog was started exactly one year ago.

It started as a small platform for some test versions of my CFW and to make communication easier. The Blog has grown ever since then, all thanks to your support!

I recently started to work on the design and organisation, that work is now mostly done (a little bit fiddling with the categories and that's it).
I hope you guys like the result, feedback and new ideas are welcome ;)

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this project!!
Whether it was by creating mods and tools, sharing knowledge, testing for me, sharing feedback or even supporting me by a donation.
Symbian still has a great community!

A special thanks goes to nekeule who translated my N8 firmwares in the beginning and helped a lot to make them so popular.

Last but not least, thanks to freaxs_r_us who is doing the translations now and also joined me on this Blog as an author.

Have a nice weekend guys ;)


  1. Congratulations! I visit this blog nearly every day. You have a considered writing style and you answer all question with patience, even if solutions are already given or easy to find out by self. Great values - thanks for your time - please and go on :).

  2. Crongratulations! I like your work and I am thankful for the results you give to us, your site is organized very professional, cheers!

  3. Congratulation! I admire your work and your devotion.
    Please if you can recommend me some web site from where i can download apps for N8.
    Thank You

  4. Congratulations, your work is admirable. Good luck on everything.
    Best regards.

  5. congratulations from me, too...keep up the good work