Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The One Reloaded v3.2.0 (808)

Another update for my Nokia 808 Custom Firmware!
This feels like one of my best CFW's so far, I am really happy with the result.

For details about this version, take a look at the internal changelog, to see what's new.

There are a few things I would like to say about this version, to make sure you all get the full potential out of v3.2.0 ;)

How to flash

I really recommend to clean up E:\ and F:\ and use refurbish to flash this version.
It will work using "update" of course, but some Mods require refurbish this time!

What's new

Like I said, for details take a look at the change log.  But here are some notes, I would like to add...

RomPatcher v3.1 FP2
It is the same RomPatcher as before, the FP2 fix is basically not important, when it is integrated to Z:\.
I updated it, to make sure the latest "domainsrv" and all (future) plugins will work on my CFW.

Sysap Mod
Unlike the modded sysap on Belle FP1, this version does not cause any bugs!
So the unlock by camera button is working perfectly fine.

The modded sysap (v1.2) I use in my CFW is a little bit different from the original Mod by iChris701.
As per my request, he created a version that does not have the "restart by power button long-press" feature. I though it would be better to leave the power button untouched and added a separate application/shortcut for restarts.


For a faster UI, I recommend to disable the Theme Effects.
There is an installer in "C:\_tools\mods\" that lets you enable/disable the effects easily.

Add "HighLevelVolumeFix" to auto start in RomPatcher.
It will disable the annoying popup in the music player, that tells you not to listen music at high volume.

Add "FastLockKeyEventLong" to auto start in RomPatcher.
It will allow you, to switch on the torch by the unlock button much faster than before.


freaxs_r_us told us, that he currently has Internet connection problems, because of his router.
So give him some time to work this out, before you ask him for translations...
(and no, you can not use the translations of v3.1.1!)

That's all you need to know about this version ;)
Special thanks goes to the creators of the new Mods I included (the ones I didn't do myself) and to nedego for testing!


  1. Thank you!

    downloading now...


  2. thanks the one, my solution for the backup on some 3rd apps is to make a copy from C (i install all the apps that runs in background there for the easy usb mass storage), just the paths that the configurations are..

  3. i have 3.1 version in my 808. can i update to 3.2.1 instead of refurbish

    1. as mentioned in the release notes, i recommend using refurbish to get all new mods, patches, etc.

  4. what version of phoenix you are using? Because when I flash my phone via refurbish it says can not erase data please retry. Thanks

    1. i have that problem when i try to flash the n8 via phoenix v2012.x

      for the 808, i use 2012.24.x (from my tools section)

  5. the fourty something has a bug, get the thirty something version of phoenix

  6. i am using v.30 something my 808 still 3.1.1

    1. uninstall phoenix and try again with phoenix 2012.24.x from my tools section