Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Working hard on hebrew compatibilty files for Belle refresh

I already released a writing files and font TheOne N8 v5.5.0

now I am working on a full set of files...

up to now, this is not working: Internet, email, video & photo (gallery) stuff, and synchronisations
half of the stuff working are still shown in english, but I already have a fix for that, that I used on Delight Belle firmwares

I'll try to convert and mod some files and see how it goes... maybe I can get up to 80% hebrew / 20% english or something like that....

we'll see

BUT REMEMBER ... NO promises that I will get the job done....
for example: lets say everything works out, except the Internet... who wants a phone without Internet?, so if something major like that fails completly, then I won't release

but then I will still try to make a UI Interface in hebrew, but after the Interface, then the rest will be english again

...we'll see how it goes

Anyway, if this works out, then I will have the first Belle refresh in hebrew