Wednesday, 17 October 2012

freaxs_r_us's Daily Nokia Diary

Hi, this is just a Diary
for what I am up to at the moment, so you guys know what I am doing

Today I am going to make another couple sets of translation files for FP2 for my translation thread at DM ...which is also a pre-work for the 808 TheOne CFW translations
if you don't know me or my work, then click the following link to get to know what I mean.

[NEW-FP2]Symbian Belle Language Library III + Ultimate Translation Files

Next 3 languages are 49 estonian, 67 latvian & 68 lithuanian ...which are all files of the Baltian Firmware.


  1. hey mate,
    good to see you getting started on our blog ;)

    just to inform you, i made some changes to your post.
    i cleaned up the html code, there were some things not compatible to blogger and some that simply do not work on my blogs presets.
    while i was at it, i also matched some design elements (fonts, page break, etc.)... i hope thats ok for you.
    (i backed up your original post, in case you want me to restore it)

    btw. i also added a new label/category "Modder's Diary"...
    we should discuss the was we handle categories anyway. i don't like the way i did it in the past.

  2. 18.10.2012

    So, today I'm starting with the APAC 1 firmware, which includes chinese, malaysian and indonesian

    I have to test the chinese one a couple times, because it is the hardest to port, due to the keyinput methods... --> very time consuming

  3. i tried and flashed my 808 about 20 times, but I am not getting 31 chinese, 326 malay and 327 indonesian to run...
    won't boot up after flash

    I have to figure it out tomorrow morning
    very disappointing :(
    I must have overseen something ???

  4. still trying to figure out why my chinese translation is not working...

    Edit: just figured it out

  5. still dicking around with the chinese translation

    but first of all.... just letting you know that chinese, malay, and indonesian is working...

    I think the problem is that the chinese set can't be flashed on rofs3 combined with a Euro language...
    trying to combine 2 languages know on rofs2, to see if it will boot
    just tested, and chinese and german running off the rofs3 will not work... running the APAC1 set off of the rofs2 on a Euro base firmware works (APAC1 is english, chinese, malay and indonesian)
    now have to see if others will combine

  6. Just finished my last Ultimate 808 translation file set...
    which means I'm starting the translations for TheOne CFW 808 in about 5 minutes

    as soon as I finished the first translation and know what to disclude, then it is a piece of cake

    this time I will translate the rofs2 & uda, because I have been getting bugs when I translate with the rofs3
    there is plenty enough room in the rofs2 of the 808 anyway

  7. WOW Thanks hope to see those translations soon XD specially the spanish one!!! thanks for your time and effort, im willing to help you with anything, im very fluent in english-spanish spanish-english.

  8. the translation are done.I'll release them on dailymobile.I'll release them here tonight or tomorrow

  9. sorry, but my router broke yesterday,so no uploading till I get my new one

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  11. still waiting for my new router ;(

    anyway... just tested a set of the v5.5.0 with HEBREW writing files and compatible FONT... uploading it now...
    DO NOTE, that the rest of the phone is still english, until I work out the rest