Thursday, 1 November 2012

Working on the new mods in v3.2.1

have to configure a lot of stuff

thought I would get it finished by today.... + some other stuff

I was wrong

I didn't even get one done yet... which is my own...

maybe if I am real lucky I can still flash it and test it tonight
if not... .then no work till Monday or maybe Sunday evening

Edit by Daniel (the one):
for those of you who don't read the "author" tag, at the bottom of the post.
this message is from freaxs_r_us and he is talking about the translations ;)


  1. do not worry friend,take your time,we will be patient and we apreciate your great work,greetings from spain

  2. i will wait for this one thanks for the updates!

  3. thx for your update, was curieus about the time scedule. will wait till monday with the flash, like your work very much (and TheOne ofcourse)