Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Upcoming Versions

I need your help and opinion guys!

i am currently on v2.3.x.
for that version i created a new (empty) uda!

so i need your help testing that new uda, i am trying to bring any important components back. i will release an internal version, so you can help me testing...
that version will be for testing, not for everyday usage!


Another thing i need help with, is a decision.

At the moment we have ovi store preinstalled (which is outdated), there is nokia store v3.18 (final) and v3.20 (beta).
It won't take long till nokia updates the store again (v3.20 final?)...

if you update ovi store, there are many left over files and that will be the case for every update...

so because nokia is updating their store regulary, in my opinion it would be better to release my next version without nokia store!

I would install all prerequisites for the store, so installing the latest version would be as easy as updating your current version.
only one sis-file installation (e.g. "storeinstaller_tb92_QTbundle_prd_PROD_3.20.049.sisx")

i know preinstalled nokia store v3.20 would be nice at the moment, but in long terms, that versions will be outdated soon...

tell me what you think and vote for your opinion via poll!
(or tell me via comment if your answer is not in there)


  1. I like the idea of removing the Store (and possibly other Apps) alltogether. Anyone capable of installing a CFW should also be able to install the Store :)

  2. The new Nokia map update to v3.08(141), hope you can integrate to the v2.3 CFW.