Friday, 23 December 2011

v3.1.0 (final)

Hi everyone

i wasn't very active via comments lately, thats because i invested the time i had in my latest release.
v3.1.0 is based on the latest belle version 111.030.0609 and comes with all the new widgets.

thanks to taylor for this new leak and il.socio for the new nokia cooker, which makes modding much more comfortable!

v3.1.0 has ~236MB free space on C:\ and ~135MB Ram at startup.

detailed informations about this version are in the changelogs (as always), download for english only version is ready!

give me some more time for the full translations, they will be available soon;)

let me know how this version works for you...
see this release as my little christmas gift for you, merry christmas!!


  1. I love you TheOne!!! I'm now downloading! :)

  2. Thanks a lot The_One, my very best christmas gift... maybe the only one... xD will "full translations by nekeule (v2.4.0)" work with this version or we should wait?

  3. One more time Thank You very much Dan... Wish you a very Happy Christmas... I like the RSS widget most....

  4. should we update software or refurbish if on 111.020...

  5. Is better this version, or only for the WIDGETS?

    Because, reinstall everything.......uuuuu...
    If is only the widgets I sjip this.
    but if is somenthing more, internal.
    I do it right away.


  6. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! The best gift for christmas ^^

    Greetings and merry christmas!!

  7. plz I need Spanish 3.1.0, Only available the 2.4.0...

  8. @Mk
    no nekeule will update his translations, do not use rofs2/uda from earlier releases

    hey Neal
    nice to hear from you, how are you doing mate?
    nice to hear you like the latest version, merry christmas to you too;)

    @Vaquero del Teclado
    the main difference are the widgets, if you don't need them, you can skip that version.
    but it's based on a newer belle version and i think i can say that i am getting more experienced with every version... so it every update i deliver is here to improve things. give it a try if you want, but if you are happy with v2.4, there is no need to update...

    please be patient and wait 'till the full translations are ready!
    if they are, i will post all the files here on my blog

  9. Thanks!
    I have finished flashing.
    all perfect!
    but I have a one problem.
    name of homescreen shortcut icons disappeared.
    please, some help.

    1. its not a problem, i removed them (like it is in the original Anna fw)

      next release will come with a patch to bring them back...

  10. Good Day Daniel,
    I think there is a problem with the way this Belle version (not related to TheOne CFW) handles the BT connections.
    I am having problems to answer a call when connect to BT and after disconnecting, the BT connection stays ON for a while.

    I did not have any issues with previous Belle versions.
    Any Ideas?

    Best Regards,
    David (DR)

    1. i only have my notebook which handles the bt connection fine and stable...

      lets hope the final nokia belle release will fix it for you!

  11. Hey Dan,

    Happy new year. I am unable to change startup animation & tone by putting startup.gif & startup.mp3 at location indicated by you.
    Is there something I am missing?

    1. there shouldn't be any problem with that...
      warning tones needs to be enabled to hear the startup sound (profile settings)

      and check the animation file if its compatible or not (you can test the functionality with the files i provided for the original startup animation in the tools section)

  12. Hi "The one", thanks for making this custom firmware. This is the most complete custom firmware I have used which doesn't bloat the release with own apps.

    I am waiting for a CFW from you with this same set of customization once official release of Symbian Belle is available on Navifarm for N8. Your firmwares are without any clutter.

    I am having some issues with this release.

    1. In this release, when I am playing music then everything else slows down. It looks like Music player is using too much resources then what it should. For example, when I play music with my Nokia BH-214 and use Gravity, the interface of Gravity slows to a crawl and if I pause music, things get back to normal.

    2. When playing music, I hear slight "tak tak" noise in music.

    These problems are generally attributed to high CPU usage for Music Player. In this release you have increased Music Player heap size to 32 MB, could that be a reason for such high CPU usage?

    Can you please check? If possible, can you please provide a sis installer so that once installed, it will set the heap size to default size.

    1. Hi Saurav

      thanks for the kind words!
      i dont have any bluetooth headsets, but on regular ones, i can listen to music, use the web broswer and all other apps without any noticable slowdown...

      is it possible that you could check if it only happens when using gravity or bluetooth headsets?
      maybe try some other apps and use regular headphones?

      anyway, the next belle release by me will come in the next weeks... so maybe you can give that a try:)