Sunday, 4 December 2011

How to flash

*** a new version of this "how to" for my latest cfw is available here ***

As a reaction of many requests and comments about the flashing process, I will try to explain what you need to do, to successfully flash your phone with my cfw...

I will explain the way to flash I recommend, there are other Settings you can use, if you know how it works!
You should already have phoenix installed (download is available in "Tools" section of my Blog).

Basics you need to know
There are many files in the main package, four of them are important for modding: CORE/ROFS2/ROFS3/UDA
Depending on the version of my CFW (mainly important for different languages and keyboards) you don't need all of them!
Successful flashing only needs CORE & ROFS2, UDA is highly recommended, because its the content of your C:\ drive. ROFS3 in original firmwares, contains all kind of data, its not required for my CFW, I modded those files to contain only input languages (keyboards).

Choose your Version
There are two packages you can choose from:

-contains all files you need for english only!
-ROFS3 is optional in case you need additional input languages

-contains the version for full tranlsations
-ROFS2 is available as seperate download by nekeule, this file is required
  -ROFS3 is not required, input languages are integrated in ROFS2

Copy all files from the package you choosed to
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596"
"C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596"
(depending on your Windows version)

Preparing your Phone
Backup all content, you can use Nokia Suite or the built-in file browser. For best results, do not backup apps and settings, restoring them (especially if you are on different base firmware (like Anna), this can cause bugs).
Then turn off your phone.

Optional: you can connect the phone via usb now, it will connect in mass memory mode and you can clean up systemfiles and folders manually or format mass memory/mem card via Windows. This step is recommended but optional!

Make sure the phone is turned off and not connected before you setup phoenix.

Settings for Phoenix
I recommend "Dead USB Mode" for flashing, its easy and safe to use!
This how to is for Phoenix v2011.38.003.46817, but should work similar on all Phoenix versions.

1. start Phoenix
2. go to "File" -> "Open Product" -> choose "RM-596"
3. go to "Flashing" -> "Firmware Update"
4. hit the 3 dots button next to product code and choose the firmware (if you only have my files in your "\RM-596" folder, there is only one option)
5. check "Dead phone USB flashing"
6. hit "Options" and the file list will open
    -delete those files from the list
    -for full translations or english-only also delete ROFS3 from the list
    -for additional writing languages, doubleclick ROFS3 and select the file you downloaded
      -e.g.: "RM-596_111.020.0203_00.01_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx" for german
        -filename doesn't matter, no need to rename for latest version!
7. the file list should now contain only CORE/ROFS/UDA (and optional ROFS3), click "OK" to close the file list
8. hit "Refurbish", Phoenix will give you some instructions how to connect the phone... IGONORE THEM!, just click "OK"
9. connect the (turned off) phone via USB, without pressing any button!
10. wait until the flashing process is done!

I hope this tutorial will help and answer most of the questions I got lately.
If you still have problems to flash your phone, you can send me an email or add me in msn/live messenger and I will try to help you.


  1. It's neccesary to uninstall Ovi Suite in order to flash ? I've read somewhere that Ovi suite may cause some trouble during the process

  2. Hi. I would just like to ask what if the official Belle comes out and Nokia Suite would let me update to Official Belle and me having this cfw v.2.1.0, can I mix this custom firmware to official?

  3. i have a problem everytime i choose the product code it says "neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the product, or the product cannot be identified" what was the meaning of this?

  4. thank you,now is everything clear,
    id had to folow phoenixes instructions to make it work,
    shuting down the phone with 10seconds press on the power button!
    i have 219 mb free on c: is this normal?

  5. @Fran
    ovi/nokia suite is required, phoenix is using the drivers of that application. do not uninstall it

    we will know that, when the official update is available... flashing official belle will be possible via phoenix for sure

    reinstall/update phoenix is the most simple way to solve this

    ~220mb free space on c: is what i am providing in my latest version... more free space would only be possible by removing really important stuff (like store and its components). i think thats more than enough, original has only around 120-130mb free space

  6. is it ok if i just download theone v 2.1 i think its about 100mb+ and my current cfw is 111.0300607.360.04

  7. i ve had some problems with phoenix,and couldnt uninstall it so i done a fresh windows instalation,
    i installed only phoenix 2011 from your blog,
    noka suite i didnt install,and the flashing was sucseful,
    but phoenix said at the end flash unsucceful i turned n8 on and theone belle cfw was installed,
    so far its excelent i only had some problems with data conection.already solved

    to comment my earlier post-
    i didnt think that 200+mb free on c is a bad thing
    i thought it was to much free thats why i asked if its normal

  8. no chance i already updated phoenix but the same problem but the other CFW can detect by the phoenix but your CFW cant be detected

  9. question is the nokia suite 5.0 is the update of the phoenix? i already install it and nothing happens still same problem?

  10. Im always have this error...DP2.0
    Phoenix always looking for this file..
    RM596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.161...but i cant fine it

  11. @Anonymous 1
    sorry, don't understand your questions...

    @Anonymous 2
    about DP2.0 error, what phoenix version are you using?

    as i said in my post:
    If you still have problems to flash your phone, you can send me an email or add me in msn/live messenger and I will try to help you.

  12. @anonymus shut down the phone before connecting to phoenix

  13. Sorry...I'm using Phoenix 2010.8.4.41526 version...I cant add you,i dont know why?..thanks for the reply

  14. Will reflashing my phone to v.2.2.0 delete my apps and games?

  15. ok heres the problem everytime i flash your version im having an error like dp2 dp1 is having a problem just like my first post regarding on the error i already donloaded the 2 versions of phoenix and still the same problem but when om flasing the version from n8fqnclub i dont have any problem flashing it and everytime i upfte the hpoenix it direct me to a link like an update of nokia please help i badly need this version because its fast and i want to use thetheme effects more power

  16. @anonymous
    send me an email, solving your problem via comment is annoying...

  17. OVI-suite aks me to update to symbian anna? can i do this update???

    Hi, thx for the release. So far everything is ok. i install german language pack, works fine. Only one problem, i can´t install any app like store update or whatsapp and so on. What went wrong?

    Problem solved, backup files issued the installation failure. THX

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. @Anonymous
    about anna "update". this would be downgrading and thats not possible (at least not with that version).
    it shows that update, because i insert version informations for my cfw, v2.1.0... ovi suite thinks thats lower than v22.x (anna)
    thats solved in v2.2.0!

  22. sir in step 6 for flashing, i cant find the "option" button..
    please help me..thank you

  23. Nevermind sir, I found the "option" button.
    Its really fast. Thank you for this wonderful firmware :)

  24. how can i start changing my phone from symbian anna to belle ...i do not have that "pheonix thing"but i'd already backed up the files on my phone without the "application and settings thing" i do not know what to do next... please help.. i want to improve my phone ...

  25. hey...i have a problem...when i start to open the says..."install a nokia dongle and try to start the application again"...what can I do now???!

  26. Hi,

    Will it be possible to flash a N8 with a broken usb port? Possibly via bluetooth or wifi?


  27. @Anonymous
    (the one talking about "pheonix thing")
    as i said in the tutorialb above, if those informations are not enough for you, please contact me via email/msn

    (the one talking about "nokia dongle")
    install a nokia dongle OR cracked version of phoenix. (use one of the versions i provide via download section on my blog.

    no, sorry mate

  28. hi there Im unable to install Phoenix - during the installation it gives a error:

    Unable to execute file:
    Phoenix Service Software
    Phoenix Service Software failed; code 5.
    Access is denied.

    Any reason why I would get this error - I tried it on 3 different machines and get the same error.

  29. is there anyone who is facing problem in getting 3g on his custom firmware posted by the one i am facing this wtfh with me
    and if anyone know the solution plz post

  30. @kevin
    there are two possible reasons... you don't have administrator permissions (in windows 7 it may helps when you use "run as administrator" from context menu) or it is your antivirus, that blocks the cracked phoenix installation.

    @anonymous (about 3g connection)
    my 3g and all other connections are perfectly working. did you do a clean installation?
    for next timeplease post comments like this under the version you used, and not in "how to flash"

  31. hello "the one" i try to flash my N8 but always wenn i hit the 3dots phoenix says RM-596_APE_only_ENO_11W36_V0161fpsx is not found.wenn i extract your package it is not in it,only 7 files.the one from Delight Belle have that in the package ??. what is wrong

    1. Hi

      this file is not not needed for a successful flash.
      its not in the package because the base fw i used for my cfw, came without it...
      the creator of delight belle probably used another base or took that file form another base.

      anyway, to solve your problem you have to update your phoenix to the latest version (or reinstall it)...
      its not an issue with my cfw itself

  32. RM596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.161.fpsx

    1. the same goes for you...
      (please read my relpy one post ahead)

  33. if i am on version 111.020.. thn should i refurbih or update software???

    1. i am always recommend refurbish (especially when you are on a different base firmware)...

      but you can try update first and if there are any bugs, flash again via refurbish

  34. I just tried "updating", didn't see a difference to "Refurbish". C gets erased, which is a good thing imo. E/F stay untouched. On 2nd boot most apps from E are installed again, some app settings (savegames etc) ar lost though.

    Flashing finished with "Unable to communicate to phone" in both cases which probably is normal (I'm new to this). Just unplug and boot ;)

  35. Thanks for the Howto !
    But I have a problem when connecting the phone, phoenix doesn't seem to see it because it stays at that stage : "Waiting for USB device" until a message says the phone couldn't be reached and offers me to retry or cancel.
    Is there any solution ?
    Thanks a lot

    1. this usually happens when you are flashing for the first time, with a new phone/new phoenix/cable driver

      windows needs to recognise your phone again, which is giving the software a timeout and brings up the error message.

      just try again, if that doesn't help, its probably a issue with your installed drivers (reinstall phoenix)

  36. Hey there,

    I have an issue with flashing as well:

    After deliberately following every step until:
    "9. connect the (turned off) phone via USB, without pressing any button!"

    I get an error message:

    The flasing failed. Do you want to retry the flashing?
    HRERESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.

    --> Any idea what I can do? Missing boot rom?!? Wow....

    Thanks for looking into this,

    1. It worked for me by charging my phone via cable and turning my phone off by pressing the off button until the phone vibrated three times. I think the turning off till vibration did the trick

    2. @tutti
      does it happen after the flashing?
      sometimes the connection can get lost and that message just tells you that it coudln't comunicate to the phone after the flashing was done...

      just hit the power button until the phone vibrates three time (like Moatu said) and boot the phone. everything will be fine.

      if it happens before flashing, please read the reply one post ahead (if thats not the solution to your problem, please contact me via email/msn)

  37. Thanks for the Howto, my N8 works again, not in dutch but thats okay.
    Great power managment to, up to 4 days standby!!

    Greets and thanx

  38. With Win7 and the N808 I had to right click Phoenix and choose "Run as Administrator" otherwise phoenix could not find the CFW files, nor the 'genuine' nokia firmware files.

    1. ok, now i understand!
      i though you can not find "RM-807" in the list, when you choose the product in the beginning. not being able to find the files for the cfw is a whole other issue...

      its not a phoenix issue, its because of your pc's permission/security settings (windows 7 UAC).

  39. are this steps can apply on my Nokia X7? i mean,on that step,i only choose RM-707...?

  40. yes, the procedure is the same on all symbian phone.
    but please follow the instructions here:

    the newer tutorial is better written and easier to understand ;)
    (and also provides lots of additional information, that could be interesting if you are flashing for the first time)

  41. i found myself stuck on "Prepare Your Phone" step. My laptop not recognize the phone as "Mass memory' while the phone is turn off. Why this happened? should i just turn the phone on?

    (sorry for lot of question from me,this is my first time flashing CFW)

  42. this can be related to the security settings of your phone.
    simply do the same task with the phone running (choose mass memory usb mode) and turn the phone off when you are done...

  43. i just bought a new microsd for my X7, then i formated on the phone. Is it save to the next step? i mean skip for these step :

    "... Optional: you can connect the phone via usb now, it will connect in mass
    memory mode and you can clean up systemfiles and folders manually or
    format mass memory/mem card via Windows. This step is recommended but
    optional!.... "

  44. on "Settings for Phoenix" step
    i hit 3 dots bottom,suddenly my phoenix show message like this :

    'Neither DP 1.0 nor DP 2.0 was found the Product,or the Product can not be Identified"

    then i press "ok" button,then show again :

    "Product codes available in current Data-Package"

    what does it mean?

  45. I suggest to clean up the card anyway.
    It is not about personal data, it is about automatically generated system files...

    for example:
    if you store music on your card, your phone will generate a database/index for your music library.
    if you store pictures, it will create thumbnails

  46. that means you either selected the wrong product (for the X7 it is RM-707) or you placed the files in the wrong directory...

    where exactly did you store the firmware files on your pc and do you use a 64bit or 32bit version of Windows?

  47. ok, i just done clean up my mass memory by formatting via windows (not quick format)

  48. if you want to keep it clean, you can remove it from the phone until flashing is done...

    you won't need it for flashing ;)

  49. yes,i choose RM-707. I copy paste all file package from u to "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products"

    I try to add word "RM-707" to column top bar,by clicking twice,C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-707. my laptop show : windows can not find...bla..bla..
    my laptop use 32 bit version

  50. oke, i remove it now...

  51. sounds correct.

    but it is very important, that the files are already there at the startup of phoenix!

    if you started phoenix and then copied the files, you will get this message. simply try to close phoenix and try again.

    if that doesn't work go to phoenix -> tools -> options -> product locations
    and you can define the path for the firmware files yourself

  52. oke,on product location 1.0.... should i clicking "add"? coz on the column is already exist "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\

    what about the others, Data Package 2.0 (User Location) and Data Package 2.0 (admin location)??? ignore them by clicking "ok" and "apply"

  53. "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\"
    is already correct. are you sure you unpacked all files properly and restarted phoenix after copying your files there?

    you can add a custom location (e.g. your Desktop) in DP2.0 (user location) if you want to.

  54. yes,i very sure.... here's my step :

    - RM-707 The One v3.2.0 i extract on D: first

    - after all file are extracted,i cut them then paste to Prog.File\nokia\phoenix\products. Close window

    -open Phoenix (Run as administrator)

    -file,open product,choose RM-707,ok

    -flashing,firmware update,hit 3 dots bottom,,,,then show :Neither DP1.0 nor DP 2.0 was found...bla..bla... so,i move step to :

    -tools,option,product location.

    _ DP 1.0 there is C:\Program File\Nokia\Phoenix\

    _ C:\Program File\Nokia\Phoenix\Products

    _DP2.0 (user location)Blank (i'm not adding yet)
    _DP2.0 (admin location)Blank (i'm not adding yet)

    so what my next steps?

  55. what now, did you extract my files here:
    C:\Program File\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\*

    or here:

    C:\Program File\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-707\*

    the second one is the correct path

  56. i extract ur files on the first one.... my laptop refuse the second one coz it has wrong spell on "RM-707'. So i cannt write a "RM-707" after ...\phoenix\products\

    here's i attach some pict :
    on the left is the first one,, on the right is the second one...

  57. here's the clear one for the picture

  58. you have to create the rm-707 folder manually.
    products is the main folder where firmwares for all phones go...

    so for example if you have a x7, you put the files into "RM-707". if you have a Nokia 808 you put them into "RM-807"...

    simply create that folder and move the firmware files in there. that way it will work for sure!

  59. thank you thank you soo much for helping me... now i did it. i'm succesful flashing my X7.. owhh great!!!!

    btw on folder _tools,mods... what apps exactly is that? there are 4 .sis file..

  60. you are welcome!

    the sis files in tools are additional mods.
    you do not need them, but you can use them to apply some changes...

    for example "ScrollControl" lets you choose between the improved fast scrolling, or the default scrolling by nokia.

    or the "popup modifier" allows you to show or hide popup notifications for unread sms, etc.

  61. ohh i see,ok ok ok........ thanks so much...