Thursday, 15 December 2011


This version is supposed to be really close to the next final version.
If we don't find any bugs, I will prepare this version for final release and full translations and it will become v2.4.0 final.

This version will come without the store (like v2.3.4). Looking at the current state of the poll, the next final also comes without it...
(btw. since i started the poll, nokia store got another update to v3.20.050:))

download and changelog pages are updated, get all infos in there...

Edit: I only packed the changed files CORE/ROFS2/UDA, as always you also need those files:
(you could also take the files from older packages)


  1. After installing version 2.3.5, Nokia Drop installs but does not work (connect) properly. This might be due to the "Ovi Notification Support Package" you added as version 2.3.4 had no issues when installing and using Nokia Drop. Perhaps is best that you do not include this component as it is either incomplete or not up to date for use with certain applications.

  2. @Anonymous
    thanks for testing, will test it myself and make sure that the next version will support nokia drops!

  3. Can you Please Test Nokia Bubbles? The One? thx..

  4. @fifaheld
    nokia bubbles is working on my device

  5. what is the different between this version and v2.2? and if i flash my phone again with this v2.3.5, will my current installed apps be deleted and need to install all again?

  6. When will you release vesion 2.4.0?

  7. Thanks for all your har work Daniel!