Tuesday, 6 December 2011

v2.2.0 (final)

Because of the release of a few new mods, I updated my CFW to version 2.2.0.
All informations you need (also about how to flash) are in Decriptions and Changelogs.

English version is ready for download, translations will come in the next few days...
(do not mix up translations for v2.1.0 with v2.2.0, wait for new translations!)


  1. hay fecha de las traducciones???

  2. Will reflashing my phone to v.2.2.0 delete my apps and games?

  3. @Anonymous
    read the post again, you will see that there is a date for translations...

    if you use refurbish (which is always recommended), yes.

  4. Does Sysap 3.0 is integrated and bug free in this release?

  5. there are possibilities to place the menu 4 rows

  6. hello, is there coming Finnish language for that 2.20 version? :) thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks Dan,

    Great work again. Congratulations!!!
    Flashed With v2.2.0 and booted up with all icons in less than 15 seconds. Good to see !Reboot option once again.

    Please try to fix only a problem about dial pad. :)

  8. My camera went slow. :(

  9. @Anonymous
    sysap 3.0 is bugfree

    not that i know about... check the mod for anna, maybe it can be ported (i am not really interessted in that mod, so i never checked)

    the dial pad bug is rare and random, all files for dialpad are untouched, so i think its not caused by me and cannot be fixed. restarting your device is fixing it...

    any more details, what is slow? startup, capture time, interface, saving images?
    camera works as always for me (i cleaned up massmemory/memcard and used refurbish)...

  10. hi.. what is the difference between v2.1.0 and v2.2.0(final) changelog? thanks

  11. @anonymous
    the changelog is already there...

  12. camera is a little to slow. esp. when scrolling, clicking the delete icon and prcessing the image. :(

  13. Camera's startup, shutdown, capture time, processing the image, and also scrolling through the camera menu seems slow.

  14. camera works as always for me... i didn't make any changes since v2.1.0. how did you flash, do you have any additional camera/gallery app installed or changed the camera button functionality in tweaks?

  15. No. I didn't change anything. I just flashed to this version. Oh well. Atleast not a big problem. I think I'll ignore and go with it. It's only slightly slow. Can't wait for future updates. :)

  16. hey,, will you publish Hebrew rofs2?? thanks

  17. Is it possible to have links of your old cfw like v.1.6.2.( I neeed it because I can play flv players with ucplaer there).
    Thaks a lot!

    P.s: congratulation to Basel, they made it through beatin M.U.

  18. Is there any problem if I flash 2.2 over 2.1 ? Some strange thing happened when I flashed to 2.2, phoenix ended with a Waiting for response 30, 29, an so on, then it throwed an error about flash failed. But the phone started without any trouble... is that normal ?

  19. *#0000#
    Software version
    The One v2.1.0

    I flash 2.2 over 2.1

  20. this is an awesome release... I have a bug though with the charging notifications. I am not getting any. Tried to reflash twice. Has this been removed?

  21. How can I reflash without deleting my apps and games?

  22. novedades de la traduccion en español????
    o para que fecha????

  23. @Aviad Maroodi
    i am not sure if hebrew is available for translations (it needs to be done by nokia for any symbian belle device to port it), i will try to check for it

    v1.10.0 is based on the same belle version as v1.6.2, so it should have the same compatibility...
    here is the link anyway: https://rapidshare.com/files/1575037336/the_one_belle_v1.6.2.rar

    timeouts in phoenix are a well known problem, its more a pc problem than the cfw you use... if the phone boots up fine after flashing, you can ignore that problem.

    you must have used the old rofs2 or the rofs2 for translations by nekeule...
    make sure you used the correct files or wait for new translations

    i removed alot of notifications, check the changelog for details.

    You can use update instead of refurbish, but i allways recommend refurbish!

    i will work on it today, but it also depends on nekeule, after i gave him the correct files...
    as i said, next few days translations will be available

  24. the notification widget doesn't work.. it does nothing when i click on it (it's only updating)

  25. @YoavBZ
    are you using any active rompatcher patch?
    i think the widget is not compatible to c2z patch

  26. I have ROMPatcher+ installed but all the patches are disabled..