Monday, 12 December 2011

Whats next?

Something went wrong for v2.2.0 full translations!
That version won't let you install the latest version of nokia maps.
According to users on daily mobile, "nokia_maps_installer_3.08_11wk27_b01_TB9.2_NOCS_BETA" can be installed.

I am working on a fixed version to let you install the latest version. 'till then, you can use v2.2.0 english (which is bug free) or v2.1.0 for full translations.

Sorry about that...

After if fixed v2.2 (full translations), I will start working on the next version.
Biggest change will be, the update of the Ovi Store to the latest version of Nokia Store.

To integrate the latest Store I have to create a new, clean UDA. It will take some time to built and test the new UDA, so don't expect it to be ready in just a few days...


  1. can skype be fixed?

  2. skype doesn't need to be fixed, it needs to be updated by its developer

  3. Why is it safer to use refurbish than software update in phoenix?

  4. @Anonymous
    because refurbish is a fresh installation, update is overwriting existing files, but not cleaning up old files