Monday, 12 December 2011

v2.2.1 for full translations

I updated CORE/UDA for full translations

The maps installation issue is fixed...
This update is for full translations only.

You will have to wait for the translated rofs2 by nekeule to use it, I am sure it will come soon.

Edit: nekeule already updated the translations for rofs2!
get them from download section


  1. One Question. Have you Fixed the Another Problem, German Problem??? Thx for a Answer

  2. Thanks again for sharing all your hard work and your patience.
    Maps installed without any issues. Everything OK at this moment.

  3. still have the problem with google maps: its only working with a wifi connection, using 3g it starts for like 1sec and quits automatically
    further, I dont know how to change the path for saved pictures/videos, also you personal camera mod did not work concerning the continous auto focus, using NVT N8 CameraMod 3.1 fixed the problem (really recommendable mod, found on dailymobile)
    still, thank you very much for your work, I can see and fell strong battery improvements! this was very pleasing to me!