Friday, 16 December 2011

v2.4.0 (final) / full translations

This is the first final version that comes without the Store preinstalled.
I started a vote and you had two and a half days for voting what store you would like to have preinstalled.

70% of all people who voted agreed with me, so my cfw will come without nokia store preinstalled (for now and for future updates).

All Store prerequisites are installed, you can install the latest version of the store by only one file (e.g. "storeinstaller_tb92_QTbundle_prd_PROD_3.20.049.sisx"), it is as easy as updating!

The changelogs (internal and summarized) are already updated, you will find all informations about the latest version in there.

The firmware itself is uploading, it will be available soon for downloading.

Edit: downloads are available now!
(fully translated rofs2 will come soon, wait for the updated files by nekeule! do not use rofs2 from older versions)

Edit II:
nekeule updated the translations, you can get all the languages by him (link is in download section).
Thanks again nekeule!

Edit III:
full translations - by nekeule (N8 v2.4.0)


  1. Do you have mediafire?

  2. Is it possible to "Update" over 2.2.0? I don't want to set up everything again?

    What procedure do you recommend fpr "minimum work"? :)

  3. How will I update to this version without deleting my applications and games?

  4. @martinderm
    let me explain this with an example:
    A friends c7 (pr1.2 original fw) was updated to Anna via Nokia Suite.
    After the update the device was unable to connect to any network!
    after a softreset the connection settings were not available anymore (closed and gave a popup "system error").
    i had to reflash his device to repair all those problems...

    so you see even official updates can break your device/cause bugs!
    Follow the "how to flash" tutorial and set up your device as it is recommended in there OR do whatever you want on your own risk;)

  5. Hi the one! I have updated now to this version and just wanna ask where I can get to download nokia store? Thanks. :)

  6. @vince
    there are severeral store versions in my tools section available for download

  7. This version is awesome. I'm using it now and will let you know if I find any bugs (hopefully none). I love the notification widget. It works now. Thank you theOne for always making us happy with your CFWs!

  8. Hi the one, this CFW works great without any bugs atm but i was wondering.... i have the same problem other ppl with t-mobile usa has wich is, super small MMS, i know this can be fixed with YaPN but the question is, can the firmware somehow help with this matter?

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  10. In your post of dailymobile you wrote this:
    "About hard resets
    You don't need to do that after you flashed your phone...
    but if you feel like you have to do a hard reset, it is easier to reflash your device again.
    Format E:\ and F:\ for best results and then reflash the CFW again, that way you won't lose all apps and mods on C:\.
    That saves alot of time i think..."

    Can you explain it better ?

    I mean, after you've flashed it is recommended to do a hard reset and reflash again ?
    It's recommended to install all your apps in C instead of E: or F:? If not, what is the recommended place to install all apps?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. @Fran
    sure, i mean you don't have to do a hard reset at all (never!).

    but if your phone becomes buggy or stop working at all, you have to do something!
    On original firmware (with original tools) hard reseting is almost your only option... but instead of hard reseting, you can do a reflash!
    that will save you some time to reinstall qt, store and all the other stuff from c:\...

    I don't know anything about USA network problems with mms... can you try to explain it a little bit more (maybe via email, so we can discuss easier)?

    thanks mate, glad you like it!

  12. Hi, which files I need to flash the v2.4.0 as complete German version?

  13. @Peng8
    you need core/uda for fulltranslation and any rofs2 by nekeule, that contains german (read his description, link is already there)

  14. Hi the one! I have a question? with this final realease have you had, the reported problems with the keyboard on GARMIN? and does skype still not working? thank you and keep up with your awesome job!!!!

  15. hello, thank you ... I'm the last original firmware Anna on my N8. what is the best Metohde Belle to flash - update or refurbish? So I can take over the old apps might.

  16. @berns
    i don't use garmin or skype, but there are apps that need to be updated by its developers.
    not all apps for anna are compatible to belle

    read the how to flash guide and follow that instructions (thats the way i recommend always).
    update instead of refurbish is possible, but not recommended by me (especially not from anna)

  17. Hi Daniel! I have a question, it is possible to increase the number of available input characters when you are writing an SMS?? Because, right now, my N8 only let me write 160 characters in an SMS when my old Nokia 1200 let me write 459 characters in an SMS. That is more than the double input characters available in my N8!! There is a method to do that?? To increase the available input characters?? Thanks in advance :D

  18. @Wate
    hi, its not possible that you were able to send sms with more than 160 characters!
    text messages are (and always were) limited to 160!

    mms can send up to 1000 characters (and some phones were switching automatically to that mode)...

    what you can do is write on, after 160 characters, the phone will send your message in two or more sms (it will show you that next to the counter (2))

  19. my N8 v2.4.0 wants a security code, I've just flashed very fresh, but also had previously set a PIN, I do not mean the sim pin code. What is the code I've tried 12 345?!

  20. As I mentioned you in a previous post, the time when a flashed to 2.1.0 Phoenix throwed an error about waiting for device 30... and so on. Do I have to worry if I'm flahsing to 2.4.0 ? I mean, is there any "additional risk" if I have this issue or is completely safe ?


  21. @anonymous (security code)
    clean flashing of your phone will reset all security settings, there is no preset for security codes in my cfw...
    it must be from earlier configuration.
    (do a clean reflash)

    flashing never comes without any risk (even original firmwares). but the timeouts are not important, you will be as safe as without them... just power off the phone manually and restart.
    if its booting up, you will be fine

  22. daniel um having problems with the ver 2.2 everyrime i put my n8 to landscape view it freezes like 15-20 sec and its the same in portrait is it possible if i flash my n8 to 2.4 is the freezing error gone?

  23. THE ONE,

    Im From San Diego near Mexico.
    Im using your CFW since two months ago.
    I always vote for Orginals Firmwares from nokia.

    But Few days ago I vote for your CFW, I have to Pick from Desire, Xenon, 777, etc etc...

    I vote for yours...
    I like the Style like THE ORIGINLS...
    NOT TO MUCH CHANGES, Keep it close to the original thats the best.

    NOW I Flash againg with this new version...

    I install the store, The Maps, Apps, games..
    Yesterday.. and everything was perfect.

    THANKS BRO, From SD near Tijuana Mexico.

  24. Hello, after flash the v2.4.0 with rof2 German, which the notification widget is english only.
    is there a quick fix ?

  25. Hi, my phone cannot start when I flashed the 2.40_full Translations with NeKeule RM-596_111.030.0607_26.01_Chinese_TW_79u_prd.rofs2. Any suggestions??


  26. i vant make a yahoo account in email settings

  27. THE ONE,

    I notice something please let me know if is normal in your CFW.

    I notice yesterday that the AUTO ROTATION (pictures, music albums, etc etc...)
    Only rotates to the LEFT SIDE.

    I open a Picture, rotate the N8 to te lefth and is OK. but if i rotate to the right the picture stays vertical.

    I try this in Music albumn list.. and is the same. is normal???

    Or this CFW is like that..


    I format E and F memory.
    Turn Off the phone.
    FLASH with phoenix.
    Turn ON the Phone.

    Is this a clean memory?


  28. Its there a difference in free ram than 2.1.0?

  29. Hello. New Firmware released

    Nokia N8 RM-596 v111.030.0609

    New The one CFW? ;)


  30. RM-596 v111.030.0609 untouched belle is out... :)
    Sooo.... the new cfw is gona be better than ever....? :) the best thing about this FW is that, most claim this 100% "BUG FREE"!

  31. I'm now waiting for The One's version of 111.030.0609 :)

  32. Where is the 609 untouched out? Please give a link. The one need a link too, to untouched

  33. @Anonymous (orientation switch freezes)
    do you have any custom theme effects enabled, because my phone switches from/to landscape immediately.

    @Vaquero del Teclado
    thanks for the compliment!

    clean flash is exactly what you are doing, also important, use refurbish in phoenix
    (read the how to flash, thats the way i recommend)

    belle/anna/pr1.2 always was rotating to the left side only...

    sorry mate, chinese input is not working atm. use the english version, i will try to fix it if possible

    where is the untouched version of 111.030.0609?
    i just saw taylors cfw is based on that, but no original/untouched version available

    i will start working on v111.030.0609 if i get untouched files!
    otherwise i will skip that version
    (i only use untouched/original versions for my cfw)

  34. How can I refurbish via phoenix without loosing all my games and applications?

  35. Hi, there.

    Just wondering if anyone notices that all Belle versions have no "message filter" or "message report"?
    any idea how to get these two functions back?

    Thanks a lot.

  36. oh sorry, some guy on daily mobile just removed all those files and mods and said it was "like" an untouched version... Sorry for the wrong info :)

  37. Wooooweeee..... This version is the best so far! Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!

  38. no Untouched 609 no The One 2.5.0 :(

  39. Here is the "restored" fw

  40. for 111.030.0609

  41. The One! With the link above, can you now make a new version for 111.030.0609? :)

  42. Nokia Drop installation failed! I tried few times and it's canceling in the middle of the installation :(
    Something with the Ovi Notification Support Package maybe?

  43. No Problem here with Nokia Drop....2.4.0 The One Belle

  44. Do you have Ovi Notification Support Package installed? Which version?
    What about Nokia Drop's version?

  45. Nokia Store Version. Ovi Noti.... Version is 1.03 21129

  46. now excited for v.3.x.x (111.030.0609)

  47. I just installed the Ovi Notification Support Package from the Nokia Drop's page at Beta Labs (the base and the update) and now the Nokia Drop is successfully installed (and I have a 'Notification' app in the main menu) but it won't connect!

    Any suggestions anybody?

  48. hi the one, currently i'm using ur cfw. Yesterday i make a backup of private, resourse, sys folder from c:\ to e:\back\ after i made the backup, most of my apps went missing. On my homescreen, the apps shortcut also missing, it will show question mark. Pls help thanks.

  49. Hi, The One, first of all, your CFW is absolutely Awesome, I'm just using it for about a week now, but it runs smooth and without any bugs so far.

    Do you intend to create a sis-installer for the new widgets, which appeared recently?

    I tried a manual installation, but it messed some stuff up and i trust your releases, so I would be happy if you released something.

    Keep up the good work

  50. Taylor share seems to be non-mod version, and I also flashed already, 99% cleaned firmware.


    I like your firmware, and hope you can release new the_one v3.00 version. Thanks.. I am waiting Wink Wink

  51. In the "v2.3.5" post you wrote:
    "Edit: v2.3.5 will be released this evening, it will come with "Ovi Notification Support Package" preinstalled".

    Maybe Nokia Drop doesn't work to because I flashed v2.4.0 over v2.2.0 and not v2.3.5?

  52. TheOne is missing in action.

  53. @all
    hey mates,
    its christmas time and almost the end of the year.
    stressfull enough without working on cfw's:p

    just to let you know, i won't be as present on dm & my blog as i was usually, because of the holidays...

    i will still try to support you guys, and also try to answer every email/msn request you may send me (like i always did).

    i am working on "the one v3.x", i hope i can release it before christmas;)

  54. Yipee! Hail to theOne! Hope the new version will have the full widgets. Season Greetings!

  55. v3.x

    Yeah...nice, thanks the_one :) Happy holidays.

  56. Merry Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!!! :-)