Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This is the first internal version with the new UDA file.

This Version has 240MB free space on C:\, but it comes without the preinstalled Nokia Store.
(with nokia store installed by yourself you will have around 234MB free space left)

Depending on the result of the vote, the store may comes back in the next final version.
You can install the store by only one sis file, it is as easy as updating (all store prerequisites are preinstalled).

All changes for this version are shown in the internal changelog.

Please help me test this version. Tell me if you are able to install all your apps, if qt is working or if there are any missing components!

Edit: v2.3.5 will be released this evening, it will come with "Ovi Notification Support Package" preinstalled


  1. everything is working fine so far, i recently intalled nokia store (the last version) and is working fine, i also installed a few apps like shazam, quickoffice, camera pro, x-plore, angry birds , pes2011, among other things
    if anything comes up i will let you know, thanks again for your work!
    Greetings from Chile!

  2. Is there any way I can update to new versions without loosing my games and apps?

  3. @Sepulviditz
    thanks for testing and your feedback!

    you can use update instead of refurbish, but i recommend to do a clean installation

  4. Just flashed your latest version last night for the sole purpose of the notification widget update, but after a reboot it disappeared from the homescreen and widget selection list. Any ideas why? Also it seemed that the widget was an older version as the transparency level was off and when looking at another homescreen the widget did not stop the annoying "new message" pop-up from taking over the screen. Anyway other than that everything seems to be working great; I had version 2.2.0 working for 4 days without experiencing any major bugs :). Thank you very much for your continued efforts on Symbian; I really appreciate how easy you made it to flash Belle on my phone.


  5. @rafael
    hey mate, thanks for testing and reporting!
    as far as i know the notification widget never was transparent, unless you used a theme with transparent widgets...
    did you do a hard reset? on v.2.3.4 the widget is on c:\ and will be removed by hard resetting your phone.
    try to do a clean installation for v2.3.5, the widget is fully working (and now with anna icons)

  6. @theone
    Anytime, I specially picked your cfw because it gives me the latest symbian belle without the bloatware, lol.

    As for the notification widget, I did do a hard reset after the update; it's an old tendency I have. Anyway I'll install your latest version and keep you updated on the notification widget specifically.

    Thanks again for all the help and prompt response!


  7. hey rafael
    you are not supposed to do a hard reset AFTER flashing, you can do that before to make sure you have a clean installation.

    doing a hard reset after flashing will remove all content (apps/mods) form your c:\ drive.
    (its also notet in the description)

    thanks again for helping me test and your feedback!


  8. @Daniel

    I know I know, it was just an old habit I had that I would do to clear out the phones memory after an official update. Anyway now I don't do it anymore and for good reason, lol.

    Quick question, it seems that the last cfw 2.3.5 download only includes 3 files, but when I try to flash it it tells mes it's missing files?

    I noticed the 2.3.4 has the same files as the 2.2.0 other than the 3 core/rofs/uda; do you think I can just copy over the remaining files to the phoenix/products/RM-596 folder?

    Much thanks in advance,

  9. @rafael
    sorry mate, forgott to add those other files to the package... edited the description for v2.3.5 (but you can also take the files from v2.3.4 (only CORE/ROFS2/UDA are changed))

  10. @Daniel
    No need for apologies, your work is much appreciated. I managed to install the update by copying the files as you instructed. All is good so far, I will post any bugs or feedback as I experience it.

    Once again, thank you for your work on this amazing version of Belle!