Saturday, 24 December 2011

v3.1.1 for full translations

Nekeule updated two language packages, according to him the rest will come after christmas.

To have the widgets translated, nekeule is now offering rofs2 AND uda... both files are provided by him, the rest of the files is available in my "the_one_belle_v3.1.1_for_full-translations.rar" package.

As you can see its v3.1.1 and not v3.1.0.
This update is just for full translations. I had to do it, because nekeule needed more space in rofs2 for all languages.
I just rearanged files from rofs2/core, it is exactly the same version as v3.1.0.

full translations - by nekeule (N8 v3.1.1)


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  2. Thanks :) Merry Christmas

  3. Still waiting for Hebrew Lang (BTW, can I help with translations?)

    Keep up the excellent job, The One and Nekeule!

  4. still have the problem with google maps: its only working with a wifi connection, using 3g it starts for like 1sec and quits automatically
    further, I dont know how to change the path for saved pictures/videos, also you personal camera mod did not work concerning the continous auto focus, using NVT N8 CameraMod 3.1 fixed the problem (really recommendable mod, found on dailymobile)
    still, thank you very much for your work, I can see and fell strong battery improvements! this was very pleasing to me!
    p.s.: currently running 2.4.0

  5. Thanks for your work! This is great and works perfectly for me

  6. Very happy with your latest update; I was happy with 2.4.0 and this made it somewhat snappier, lol! Thanks a lot for all your hard work Daniel/The one

    - Rafael

  7. Thanks for your firmware!

    I have a problem.

    I have downloaded v3.1.1 for full translations and the hispania language. Then I have put the files in the correct folder, but I have a problem in phoenix:

    I usually delete 2 red files, but no 4. What happpens?

    Thank you very much.

    1. hi juanjetomas

      this is normal!
      -remove the lower 2 files,
      -also remove rofs3 (its not needed, my cfw just uses this file for input languages, which are integrated in the rofs2 for fulltranslations)
      -replace the rofs2 with the rofs2 you downloaded from nekeule

      a detailed how to is also linked in the description part of my blog

  8. Is it somehow possible to add the function for whatsapp in the "pulldown statusbar"??? that would be great!!!

    1. no its not possible...
      that would have been done by the developers (if nokia gives them access to the pulldown menu)

  9. Thanks for a great cfw vr 3.1.0
    I have a problem i tried installing all the versions of nokia sleeping screen thaey all install but they never show up in the screensaver menu i have QT installed or ami missing somethingh else or this is some kind of bug
    could u help


    1. you have to activate the sleeping screen srceensaver in your phone settings.

      settings -> themes -> screen saver -> sleeping screen

  10. Now that the official Belle version was officially released, do you have any plans on creating a new custom firmware? I've updated to the official one but already thinking on going back to your version.

  11. Hey The One where have you gone im waiting for official belle The One CFW plz wakeup ur CFW is great and best out there

  12. Hey The One, is there going to be a new Version of your CFW? IT IS the best out there and there's nothing comparable.
    Kudos to your work and please keep doing it.

  13. Since the official Belle has already released, do you have any plan to update your CFW using the official one?