Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Maps Widget Fix

Sorry guys, there is a little bug in v1.9.0!

the new Maps Widget is not loading... i will provide a fixed CFW soon.
but if you are already on v1.9.0, there is no need to reflash to fix it!

download the attached file and install it to c:\
the widget is fully working after the installation (maybe you need to restart your phone)

Maps Widget Fix

if the installation aborts for some reason, you can apply the patch manually...
Maps Widget Fix Extracted
just copy those files to the root of your C:\ drive
(you will need rompatcher (active open4all patch) and a filebrowser like xplore)


  1. thanks, the ONE!
    It worked for me.
    I really enjoy your CFW.
    Thanks again!

  2. I forgot to specify the fix worked with the extracted files, not with sis file that gave error.