Monday, 14 November 2011

Belle v111.030.0607 (RC)

Taylor (at the Daily Mobile Forum) published a new Belle version!

He gave us the original (untouched) files for v111.030.0607.
I will start modding that version this week...

As you know, there are many mods i want to integrate and alot of stuff needs to be cleaned up from the original files. So it may take a while 'till you get your hands on my next release (v2.x.x).

So this is just to inform you, that I am working on it ;)


  1. Hi The One,

    Exciting news!
    We know that v2.x is cloning!
    Cannot wait : -)

    David (DR)

  2. que ótimo, servira com certeza no n8?

  3. Could you give an estimated date for the release of this version? this is enhancing the signal? please answer, a big hello to you champion from Venezuela

  4. Danke das du dich an diese Version machst. Good Work and Thx.

  5. @andrebraga
    next version will also be for N8 only...

    i always had full signal (we have a strong network in switzerland), so i don't know...

    about the next release:
    the untouched new release performs horrible compared to the one v1.10.0... so there is alot of work to do!
    if its not better than v1.10.0, it doesn't make sense to release it...
    so i cannot give you a release date.
    (but you guys will get early internal versions to help me testing soon)

  6. that is all good ,but what about language,I mean Arabic language. I already have this version on my NOKIA N8 but still ,its in English ,if can help us to get an Arabic version we will be thankful.

  7. Hey Dan,

    The One v1.10 is working flawlessly.
    Could you look into couple of things in your next release?

    1. Log application remains open in background after I complete my call with someone. I don't know how much it affects battery-life.

    2. For FM radio frequency catching capacity is reduced somewhat than ANNA. Unable to hear radio channels with weaker (not weakest)frequencies.

    3. When we add a new home screen it comes with a black background. Afterwards if we look into gallery for "THE ONE" wallpaper, it is not there. As it is in C:.
    Is there any workaround so that newly created home screen have default THE ONE wallpaper? (In that even number screens should be blue & odd numbers should be with gray wallpaper)

    4. Regarding wallpaper if text "THE ONE" is moved a bit lower or upper side then I can put one more line of shortcuts above or below it.
    It does not look good if I put icons over THE ONE text. At the same time I don't want to put one line of my most used shortcuts on next home screen. (This is suggested just for more efficient use of home screen & I like the THE ONE wallpaper so much and people should ask me after seeing it What is "THE ONE"? So that I can appriciate your work in front of them).

    One more thing; even people who are using Android if interacts with "THE ONE CFW", the performance of Nokia N8 is directly touching there hearts.
    They can't think that N8 could be operated with this lightning speed. When I explain them your work behind this they are really appreciating it.

    Thanks Dan for such wonderful efforts.

    Regards- Neal

  8. Thanks the_One, I am happy heard about this news.

  9. @m3alshahrani
    i'll see what i can do about arabic;)
    (but first internal (test) versions will be english only as always!)

    hi my friend!
    1. that the log is open after calls, cannot be changed by me... but log is suposed to be fully closed (full shutdown in background to save ram) when you do it manually.

    2. i am not sure if i can change the power of the fm-antenna... but wrong settings could damage the the transmitter, so i better not touch it (i guess nokia knows best how much the transmitter can be tweaked, so it will stay untouched)

    3. the background will stay on c:\ (when you have many pictures, its not convinient anyway to choose it via gallery). there is a way to set it as default for new homescreens, but i though wallpapers is the first thing people change... so glad to hear somebody likes it:)

    4. i will work on the wallpapers, to have enough space under the text for hs-icons

    great to hear that even android users are impressed, to be honest i was impressed by the speed myself (wouldn't believe how fast the n8 can become if i didn't saw it myself:))

  10. Hey the one!! Your CFW rocks!!! I wasn't sure of changing from Anna to Belle but thanks to you it's worth it. My N8 is faster than ever!! Keep it that way :D

  11. Hello The One, great work with your last releases, any estimate when you think the next release will be :)

  12. hello my friend? how is making his 111.030.0607 CFW? is scheduled for release?

  13. by the way, is in Portuguese, please do? do not forget the not Brazil

  14. hello, i have a question regarding your lastest release, or maybe its just a Symbian Belle original problem, or maybe i just dont know how to fix it. So, your cfw works GREAT, only thing is, when i delete emails (example, from recieve, and then from deleted emails)my C: memory gets occupied a little, and the more i delete, the more it happens, it seems idk, some kind of temp files going to C: ? and i dont seem to be able to restore the space i lost (couple mbs, but still)

  15. Hey Buddy, nice work getting your hands on this...
    I've been a hardcore Belle fan and here are somethings i've noticed in the prev Belle versions.
    1) Messaging app gets massively laggy when dealing with over 2000Txts in inbox + another 900 odd in sent items
    2) Typing in the Messaging app becomes annoying as sometimes the letter key inputs are not displayed as soon as they are pressed...have to wait several seconds
    3) The annoying "Message Delivered" notification - the phone sometimes does not let u do anything till you get the notification message :( (i hate that)
    4) No song tag editor
    5) Music player tag reading capability is rather poor. (If there was a menu item to straight away delete or reset the library by deleting those few databases and remake the database it would have been better)
    6) over all the phone seems to get a lot laggy and buggy over three weeks time.
    btw i've got a decent number of apps installed like angry birds, maps, nimbuzz, imo, fring, fun torch, social, incredible circus, facial, fmobi, xplore etc - these are installed on mass memory but my C only has a mere 45Mbs left. (i do have MS Exchange emails synced though... can it be that?)

  16. Not that I want to be annoying or anything, but could you give an estimate on when there will be a new release. As if it will be many days, I'm going to try some other release with latest Belle while I wait and then come back to you when you release. But if it is within one or two days I don't want to do the reinstalling of all programs.

    You know how it is, always curious on the things that we currently don't have in our phones :)

  17. Hey man what heck is going on with you man
    SO you are not gonna tell us that when you will release latest CFW base on latest leaked belle

  18. @andrebraga
    all previous languages will also be available for the latest version (brazil (portuguese) inclusive)

    the email application is using lots of space for me too... i cannot change that:(

    1./2. i have around 1200 txt messages, no problems so far
    3. you can disable the delivery notification in message settings
    4. the mod to edit song tags, is not compatible to belle (and symbian belle doesn't have that feature integrated)
    5. nothing i can do there...
    6. i don't have that many apps installed, but with only the necessary (for myself) apps installed i never had a buggy phone. maybe the next belle release works better for you;)

    i will post some more infos about the progress today or tomorrow

    whats wrong with you?!
    i guess every grown up person understands, that there are more important things in life than mobile phones!
    so this is just my hobby and i decide WHAT and WHEN i share something...
    no need to be rude!
    the new leaked belle is not even available for a week, and with v1.10 the expectations (also my own ones) are very high, it needs time.
    learn to be patient!

  19. Hey the one, need a little help here, I've installed this version on my N8, Used NVT mods and disabled start up image and tone via mods, nothing else but strange thing is that my music library shows 0 songs after refreshing, when I add new song then only those added songs are shown and after refreshing they are gone too, they exist in mass memory and can be seen in file manager but music library stays empty, please help...

  20. I've Taylor's published version installed...

  21. RTR180: I had the exact problem, which drove me mad.
    The problem is migrating from old versions like Anna. Belle uses a new folder name for the default path for music player - it's now a specific folder called "Music". Music player in Belle ignores any other songs in other locations, it seems. just create a folder named Music in your mass memory or memory card and copy some songs from your current songs folder to there... then try and refresh the media library.

    I simply moved all my music collection from the previous folder to the new folder :)

    Hope this helped,

  22. Yippi-ki-yay, it worked! Thank u so much Miki for your advice, It really was a headache... n now it's gone... Singapore site updated it shows news about official belle release coming soon...

  23. hello.. there is no other way to retrieve the new player widget when you delete it to your homescreen.

    pls. add it to widget selection.

    thank you!


  24. hello.. there is no other way to retrieve the new player widget when you delete it to your homescreen.

    pls. add it to widget selection.

    thank you!