Saturday, 19 November 2011

Progress Status (v111.030.0607)

I know you are waiting for my next release based on the latest Belle version.
So I want to tell you guys something about the progress.

I decided that the next final version will become "The One v2.1.0", it will be available in all languages and also will contain all mods "The One v1.10.0" had!

I don't want to just copy/paste some mods in the latest Belle version, I wan't to give you guys the same great experience as v1.10.0 was... so it needs alot of time (especially based on the fact, that this is just a hobby for me).

Within the next two days, I will publish v2.0.x. An internal versions, to show you where I am at the moment and to give you the opportunity to help me testing.

v2.0.x will be a first step in the direction my next final version (v2.1.0) is going. It won't contain alot of mods, its basically a cleaned up and fixed original version.

That means v1.10.0 is not obsolete, it will still be the better choice for people who are looking for a fast and fully modded phone!

I forgott something important!
I don't want to give you details about the release date for v2.1.0 (final). It will be released when I decide its ready to replace v1.10.0.


  1. Thanks Dan,
    This is the only thing because of which I have stopped using all other CFW's. That you don't just copy paste mods from here to there. You try to optimize the things.
    I really respect your efforts & know that you will bring the best out of new leaked belle. I will be waiting for your CFW only even if others have started releasing their cfw's. Best of luck man !!

  2. Hi,
    I've been using your CFW for about a month now, started with v1.8.5, and fell inlove again with my Nokia N8.. I'm serious!
    Belle is a totally new experience for me, a welcomed one indeed. your CFW seemed well-balanced and rich, so i gave it a try (first cfw ever for me), and was happy ever since.
    Now on v1.10.0, all is OK. will stick to it until the stable RC CFW from you comes out =)

    Continue with the great job mate!


  3. I'd like to thank you and I am looking forward to the release of this newer Belle CFW version, the one made by 'The One'!
    I'm also lucky that you are able to provide a complete german variant.


  4. hola...muchas gracias....por tu nuevo trabajo...felicidades....