Monday, 21 November 2011


So here is the announced version!
The internal changelog is updated, so you can see where we are at the moment. The Tools section is also updated to give you the latest versions of all apps that comes with original belle, if you want to bring them back;)

This version is much better than the untouched latest leaked version, but not as powerfull as v1.10.0 (not yet)... there should be no bugs, but of course it needs to be tested more intensive (this is where you can help me now!). You will have ~220MB free space on C:\.

Also let me know if the extracted  apps (downloadable in tools section on my blog) are working for you!

How to flash:
The latest leaked Belle doesn't need any Anna files anymore.
Just copy "those files" and "core/rofs2/uda" from my v2.x-package to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" and Phoenix will find the new Version...

Hit "options" in Phoenix before flashing to remove or replace all red marked files from the list.
If you remove the rofs3 you will have english only, if you replace the rofs3 (like you did in earlier releases), you can add the keyboard in your language.
(get the rofs3 for your language in the download section)

Final versions will have all files you need in one package, sorry for any inconvenience...


  1. thanks for posting this new CFW, atm im testing it and il let you know as soon as i find some bugs on it.


  2. Thanks Dan,

    I am ready to flash will let you know the feedback..

  3. Super Arbeit, ist die Version mit Deutsch oder sollte man lieber warten bis Deutsch auch bei dir wieder verfügbar ist? Vielen herzlichen dank das du dir wieder die Arbeit und Mühe machst und sorry das ich hier Deutsch schreibe :)

  4. Great!
    i'm flashing it right now!

  5. Frage mal hinterher. Kannst du so eine Menü Anordnung machen wie bei Delight Belle? Wäre das möglich? Wo alles so schön sortiert wäre. Das wäre echt super wenn du das auch schaffen könntest.

  6. great to hear you guys help me testing, that will make progress faster and final version will hopefully come soon;)

    internal versions are always english-only, but you can still add german keyboard via rofs3.
    internal versions like this can be replaced in very short time and they are not worth the effort of beiing translated...

    about menuarrangement: i sortet it slighly different than original does. created the "misc." folder to put all the crap in there and sortet the mainmenu icons to be kind of "grouped" and make it easier to navigate...
    i was looking for a predefinded arrangement between "original" and "usuabale":)
    everybody likes it different, so i guess my way of handling it is not bad

  7. Good job! Very good firmware and using this for months.

    What exactly is 'less powerful' in this version compared to the 1.x versions? Could you please explain this? Thanks!

  8. Seems flashed with RM-596_111.020.0203_00.01_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx (Chinese Language Keyboard), the phone cannot start. If just flash with core,uda and rofs2, there is no problem at all. Hope can fix it on next version. Thanks the_one, your mod is the best in the world. :)

  9. have flashed it, seems dreadfully PAINFULLY slow so am re-flashing it. Slow as in open the Files, go and make a cup of tea, then come back before it's finished... will let you know if it speeds up with reflash.

  10. @Anonymous
    less powerfull means, this version is still in testing stage and doesn't contain as many mods as v1.10.0 (its also a little bit slower)

    @@Anonymous (2)
    some apac languages (like chinese and thai) are more complicated to integrate and need some additional files compared to "german" for example... i will take a look at it, as soon as v2.x becomes final...

    yes, i mentioned that this version is not as fast as v1.10 (at least not yet). but if its "painfully slow" there is something wrong... v2.0.5 is faster than original (untouched) belle already, so reflashing is a good idea.
    go for v2.0.7, that version will be up in a minute;)

  11. @Anonymous (2)
    what i tried to say, is that those additional files maybe are not compatible anymore... go for v1.10.0 (working chinese) or v2.0.7 (english only)

  12. that solved the slowness problem! but i notice all those pesky programs are still running after startup - log, messaging, contacts etc. Also i dont see Reboot or Shutdown in the menu when you press the button at the top. Are there some mods not enabled yet?

  13. now he tells me! lol

  14. in case i havent thanked you lately, THANK YOU. best cfw *ever*.

  15. Hi Dan,
    I am testing v2.0.5 and I am very happy to see that the font used in this version is just perfect for reading Hindi Language SMS's in my N8. I have almost tested all difficult words in the language there is no interference or any problem. Rendering is just perfect.
    I know you have loads of work on this newly leaked belle. So I can not request you port a writing keyboard for Hindi language.
    However it will just be a great feature available for millions of Indians. :)

    Thanks for working on the text in wallpaper.
    It is now just perfect for us to put all shortcuts on HS. Keep up the good work. Best Of Luck!!