Friday, 4 November 2011

One Week Anniversary

So my blog started about one week ago.
There are some positive and negative news about this little anniversary...

So lets concentrate on the positive aspects first.
I only shared the link in the Daily Mobile Forum, but looking at the sources, I see that people from different forums/pages are visiting my Blog. So you guys must have spread the word about it, thanks for that!
In this first week, I had a little bit more than 2000 visits (which is alot, for posting the link on only one place, I guess)...

So here are some stats about the pageviews by country (top 4):

Germany 225
Switzerland 222
Israel 209
Argentina 161

So now a few words about the downside...
I was hoping for much more feedback, there are almost no comments and also nobody voted on the poll. The idea of this blog is to work with you guys, to make the cfw better!
So I have to ask, is the firmware perfect, so it doesn't need any feedback or is nobody interessted?

I try to concentrate on the positive and continue with my project!

So thanks for everybody who supported me by visiting my blog, giving me some feedback, new ideas, testing and bugreports or even a small donation.
A special thanks goes to "nekeule" for his work with the language packs!!


  1. Just to fix that: I love your CFW's, and i really want to help you to improve it - but for this there is the forum.
    This blog can be a place for changelogs and maybe a place for the older versions.
    No one want to comment on a blog while we have a great and fast-growing topic for this in the best mobile-related forums around.

    So pls dont think we didnt like your CFWs, but we want to explain about it in the place where we found it.

  2. Don't get me wrong! I am not trying to replace the forum by a blog.

    The Blog is meant to be a place where I can do some things that wouldn't be possible in the forum. Like the poll or releasing new internal versions in short time (to get bugreports about versions in progress)... also to make communication between testers possible (but most of them write me mails/msn)

    You see the blog is not going in the direction I want it to be... But I can organize informations/downloads/tools much better on multiple pages, than in one forum post. So I am just switching the concept;)

    Don't worry, I won't stop modding because I don't get enough comments on a blog:)