Tuesday, 8 November 2011

v1.9.0 (final)

So the next public release (will be released on Daily Mobile too) is ready!

I made some significant changes since the last final version 1.8.5. which includes the new maps and a performance boost as well.
(My recommendation is to turn off the theme effects "settings->themes->general->(options)theme effects->off" and the phone becomes lightning fast!!)

So here is the download for rapidshare:

Mediafire-mirror, and changelogs will be updated soon...

Edit: page is fully updated, also full translations are available for download now (thx to nekeule)


  1. Does this release have the Weather and Maps widgets present in Nokia 701?

  2. Hi Dileep
    the newest Maps 3.08 (wk41) inclusive Maps-widget is integrated... but no weather widget