Thursday, 10 November 2011

The mistery of Belle v111.030.0308

I got some mails about the dubious Belle version 111.030.0308, asking me why I am not using that newer release for my CFW.

The answer is simple... ther is no Belle 111.030.0308, at least not an untouched, confirmed version for everyone!

I am sure that we will hear about it, when a new version leakes!
And when that happens, I am going to update my CFW...

Just for your information, the version text can be changed very easy... so if I want to, I can tell you guys I am using Belle "111.999.9999" or I can insert a text string like "newer than everyone elses Belle" ;)

So as long as there is no confirmed new leak, I guess its save to say, that I am using the latest (leaked) base-version.

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