Thursday, 24 November 2011


internal version is updated...
check the changelog (internal) for differences since v2.0.7

This version is almost final, a few details, some tests and v2.1.0 will be ready soon.

How to flash:
The latest leaked Belle doesn't need any Anna files anymore.
Just copy "those files" and "core/rofs2/uda" from my v2.x-package to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" and Phoenix will find the new Version...

Hit "options" in Phoenix before flashing to remove or replace all red marked files from the list.
If you remove the rofs3 you will have english only, if you replace the rofs3 (like you did in earlier releases), you can add the keyboard in your language.
(get the rofs3 for your language in the download section)

Final versions will have all files you need in one package, sorry for any inconvenience...


  1. Yes, Final, in German soon, cool :)

  2. I have a question about a couple of things?

    -what means exactly "CPU and GPU modded for better performance and battery life"?

    -"camera app full shutdown" means more ram & battery life at the cost that camera app is slower to start?

    Anyway, great job so far!

  3. In these releases one great thing is that all the games and apps which did not work in the prev releases does work on this... That's really a great jump :-). But some games which worked really smooth on the prev FW does not run that well. May be a CPU mod is necessary?( What about over-clock say 800~1Ghz?(^_^)
    Apart from this the music player lags a little when the music library is a huge collection... Frame skips are really noticeable here... It may be due to the kinetic scroll mod, but no where else is this experienced.
    WRT the boot-up, this is a classic... Never have i seen my phone boot up so fast! :) Widgets load up real fast too!
    So far so good :) Really Great work!!!! :)

  4. Hey The One! One guy from dailymobile says that the fm transmitter widget was missing in the v2.07 that is fixed with this version??

  5. @wate
    the widget was always there, since belle its called "play via radio" and not fm-transmitter (anna) anymore :p

    thanks for your feedback...
    but overclocking the cpu is not possible

    @Leo Acq
    the camera-app is not slowed down, its hardly noticable... the shutter/lens focus wouldn't be ready if the software starts faster anyway

  6. Thanks for your quickly answer! I will be waiting eagerly for the final version! Thanks in advance!

  7. Waiting for final bugless release.. thank you very much

  8. Hi. I'm having trouble downloading in Rapidshare. Can you upload the files from another file share sites? Thanks.

  9. please post in mediafire.....

  10. Okey, thanks, and about "CPU and GPU modded for better performance and battery life"?

  11. really exited about the final release for now :-) :-) thanks in advance! :-)

  12. When comes please the next Version or Final with another Lang. out? Thx

  13. One question? Can you put this in the cfw?

  14. @Fifaheld
    i mentioned more than once that i don't know the final release date myself...
    the notification widget from anna is buggy and only halfway working on belle, so no!

    @Leo Acq
    just slighly modded framerates, cpu-usage for ui and rendering method...

    final version will be on mediafire too, but internal version will stay on rapidshare (because i already had a premium account there, so up-/downloading is much faster for me)

  15. Yey! Thank you so much The One! Actually, I'm still using Anna. But I'm thinking of flashing my N8 with your version. Just wanna ask, if I flash my device with ver.2, can I still update to the official Belle when it is released? Thanks!

  16. I installed SysAp 2.4 by CodeRus with the tweak by himself on The One Belle v2.0.8. Got the !Reboot option. However lost my default start-up screen for belle (Black One), it has became White & blue text "NOKIA" what shall I do?
    Till now v2.0.8 is working great, except sometimes clock on HS opens when I try to drop down the menu from top. Maybe the touch responsiveness is affected in very small amount because of which this is happening.

  17. @Neal
    sysap 2.4 is developed for anna and has some bugs on belle...
    v1.10.0, with integrated sysap 3.0, is working without bugs, but "sysap 3.0" is not running on latest leaked belle.
    more details about that issue will be in the description for the next release...