Monday, 7 November 2011


new internal release is ready...

it contains the newest maps 3.08 (wk41) and some other smaller improvements, check the changelog (internal) for details.

fyi, the newest nokia store installer (released yesterday) and newest maps (for older versions of my cfw, newest has it integrated) can be downloaded in the "tools"-section

Edit 2:
i saw this version was shared in some forums...
Its not fair to users and me, if its not mentioned that this version is not final... I look stupid when people expect a bugfree version and users are annoyed if they have to reflash again and again!!

This is a internal version for people who are interessted in helping me testing (or for people who cannot wait for the next public release).

So please only share links to my blog for internal versions, to give full details about them!!
(or at least mention that this is not a final release)


  1. Where can i find the changelog of 1.8.7? I would like to check the different between 1.8.5, thanks :)

  2. hello beautiful your cfw. I would like if you can put the menu as nokia n9. would be spectacular. sorry for the English .. thank you very much. follow adelantew

  3. Hi, I want to update my phone fw from v0.8.8.1 to v1.8.7 and I was wondering if there is a way to save all the whatsapp chats history (something with the /private folder)..

    Many thanks! love your cfw!

  4. @0cbad7a4...
    the detailed changelog for internal versions is on this blog... "changelog (internal)"

    that would be great, but i cannot port meego to symbian... that would need intensive developing on sources i don't have;)

    I am not using whatsapp... but saving the correct folder/files, should do the job. maybe you find something in the internet? or contact the whatsapp support directly?

  5. Hi, I see v1.8.7 "-CPU & GPU modded for better Performance" but in v1.9.0 "-balanced performance/battery-lifetime", if I dont care about battary life, I just want for better performace, which file should I mod/change?

  6. @the one
    I looked in the internet for some info about the whatsapp folder/files so I could save all the chats' history, but I found nothing.. Do you know where I find some info? I just really want to flash your latest cfw :)

  7. Re: YoavBZ
    WALogs folder in Mass memory by default whatsapp settings

  8. @0cbad7a4
    why don't you give v1.8.7 and v1.9.0 a try?
    see what settings suits you best... to be honest, i don't see much of a difference except for battery-life...
    also if you ask me, i will always recommend the latest version (if i like v1.8.7 better, why would i release v1.9.0?)