Friday, 4 November 2011

Donation Status

I announced, that I will publish the amount of my donations.
I will do that every 2-4 weeks, the blog is now one week old... so I share the first stats:

I got one generous donations by:

As I said, I am not asking for money, but every amount will be appreciated!

So David, thanks alot mate!
Your the first (and only) donator, feel free to ask me if you need anything for you mobile;)
(help, special mod request or something like that)


  1. hola,te llego mi donacion????soy ripolin2 de erds

  2. Hi ripolin2!
    Yes i got your donation, thank you very much!!

    As i wrote "I will do that every 2-4 weeks", so this is the status from "4.11.2011".

    I will publish the next "donation status" update this weekend...