Sunday, 27 November 2011

v2.1.0 (final)

I am finally done with v2.1.0!

First of all, I release the english only version, translations will come in the next few days.

Summarized Changelog, for simple overview about all mods, will be updated tomorrow, 'till then you will find the changes in the changelog (internal).

I hope you enjoy this version, feedback or requests for future versions are always welcome ;)

How to flash:
The latest leaked Belle doesn't need any Anna files anymore.
Just copy all files from "the_one_belle_v2.1.0.rar" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596" and Phoenix will find the new Version...

Hit "options" in Phoenix before flashing to remove or replace all red marked files from the list.
If you remove the rofs3 you will have english only, if you replace the rofs3 (like you did in earlier releases), you can add the keyboard in your language.
(get the rofs3 for your language in the download section)

I suggest to format your mem card/mass memory or at least clean up all systemfiles manually, especially when you flash from a different belle version (or Anna)!

Sysap Mod by Coderus:
You may ask why there is no "!restart" option in the pwr.button menu, the answer is simple: the mod to do this is not compatible anymore!
I used sysap 3.0 by coderus to do this in v1.x.x, which is not working on the latest belle version.
If its really important to you, you can use "sysap 2.4" to add that option, but the older version is for PR1.2/Anna and doesn't work without bugs on belle.
Sysap2.4-bugs I know are:
-no silent icon in topbar
-shutdown takes longer
-screen stays white and doesn't shutdown properly (until you press any button)
I guess you see why I decided not to integrate sysap2.4...

summarized changelog is updated!

Edit II:
full translations are now available, special thanks goes to nekeule for his effort


  1. When will the Spanish language in Latin ????????

  2. YEEE!give the spanish version to us!

  3. @HECTOR/UveOne
    the release date for translations is mentioned in the post above;)
    spanish will be available of course...

  4. The One bro!its imposible put the spanish lastest version on this version???sorry for my english...

  5. @uveone
    do you mean the rofs3 is not working?

  6. tell me how you tried to flash the rofs3, because german was working without a problem..
    and i guess you are talking about the rofs3 provided by me or do you use your own language package?

  7. with YOURS !with the ROFS3 of the v1.10

  8. rofs3 the one with the version 1.10 I can put the writing in Spanish for the new version of Belle

  9. I did good but lets start flashing m: / m so if you can help to put writing in Spanish only

  10. give me more infos... how did you replace the file in phoenix, whats the status in phoenix after flashing, what is the phone doing, is it booting, is it english only? tell me exactly what you did and what the problem is or i cannot help you...

  11. you can tell me which files I can catch it?

  12. @UveOne
    sorry mate, i just told you i need those infos to help you. so answer my questions or i can't do anything for you...

    also if i get it right, the rofs3 for spanish input is working for hector.

  13. rofs3 watch the red leaves me with two other m files and not let him or anything ok

  14. the one apology friend for the first time I do not understand hehehe sorry but can you tell m exactly as I have to wear or do to put writing in Spanish

  15. ok, I did this. I ROFS2 rename to RM-596_111.030.0607_03.01_Hispania_79u_prd.rofs2.fpsx.also caught the Spanish ROFS3.and new UDA and core files.Then I flash with anna.

  16. Flashing OK.But the phone don´t bootup....

  17. @uveone
    you cannot mix belle and anna files!
    the first sentence of my short "how to":
    How to flash:
    The latest leaked Belle doesn't need any Anna files anymore.

    read it carefully please and then try again...

    same here, don't really understand your problem:)
    there are two files you have to delete from the list, doubleclick the rofs3 (which is also red) and choose the rofs3 with spanish keyboard...
    in the end you only have 4 files in the list (core/rofs2/rofs3/uda), it is not different from flashing any other firmware... what exactly is the problem?

  18. TheOne the renamed file is OK?Rofs2

  19. @uve/hector
    as you can see on the bottom of my blog, you can contact my directly via email/msn, if you need further help...

  20. Thanks a lot "THE ONE"!!!!! :-) Awesome release!!!! :)

  21. very niceeeeee!

    do you already know when the German version will be released?

  22. thank you the one for all you do for us that we have a super nokia n8. Many of us have used all your cfw. I for example I've used since I went to belle with version 1.8. I would appreciate very much to place in the Spanish language. It is easy to call without looking at how difficult this is and the hard work you do. So thank you and recognize your talent. God bless you. I am a follower of your work and I congratulate you. excuse my English Att: @joseluisMcLeod

  23. Hi TheOne! I'm about to flash my N8 now to your Belle CFW version. I have Symbian Anna and this is my first time in flashing. Hope it works. Just wanna ask, can I still update my N8 to the official Belle if it comes out?

  24. Dear the_one,

    Thanks for good work you have done to complete the final version.
    Works fine. I enjoy using it.

    It would be interesting to know how many downloads you had (for 1.X and 2.X) and where form.

    David (DR)

  25. Hi. Could you post Symbian Applications also in mediafire? Thanks the one! :)

  26. thanks for the kind words guys!
    please be patient, translations will come soon...
    i wrote a short "how to flash" as you can see in my post. it should be enough for people who already know phoenix...

    if thats not enough and you need further help, contact my via email/msn and i try to help you

  27. Wow. I'm using ver.2.1.0 now and getting myself familiar with it after redirecting from Anna. Thanks the one! It's awesome! Please answer my question if I can still update my N8 to the official Belle if it comes out?

  28. @Vince
    glad you like it!
    keep in mind that this is a leaked version of belle. so i don't know if it will be possible to update via nokia suite, but thanks to phoenix we will be able to flash the latest version for sure!

    would like to know that myself;)
    i published so many versions on rapidshare and mediafire i would have to count all together to give you an answer... i also saw in some forums that people are reuploading or creating mirrors for my cfw, so i will never know how many people are using it:)

  29. The one, I also wanna ask where I will find the opened applications? Like in Anna, the multi task window where you see all the applications running? Thanks

  30. @Vince
    there is no such option in belle anymore... just hold the (physical) menu button and the taskmanager will open

  31. Thanks! And by the way, I tried to look for the Device and Tools information in Nokia Suite. Under the Device software Update, it says: "Your device is up to date. It has the software version The One v.2.1.0 installed" Wow! So maybe we can still update to Official belle after all. :)

  32. Dear the one,

    I would be pleased if you could release a German version soon (including QWERTZ keyboard).

    Greetings from Germany, Dusseldorf

  33. I'm loving this version. But can I have Nokia Social with it?

  34. install social from nokia store

  35. Hi the one, I'm using your Symbian Belle CFW v2.1.0 and I connected my N8 via Nokia Ovi Suite and it says that my device needs an update to version 25.007. What should I do? Do I have to update or ignore it? Thanks.

  36. @vince
    ignore that update... v25.007 is Anna!
    v2.1.0 seems to be older than v25.x for nokia suite, thats why it shows you that "update"...

  37. Hi the one,
    Could you port the writing keyboard layout for hindi language?
    I am able to read hindi sms's in this version but can't find any language pack for hindi typing...
    Thanx for this awesome release.
    Wheather app is rejecting to load, is there any fix for this?

  38. I have confirmed that UC web browser v8.0.3.99 is working on this version. Only you have to keep wi-fi on. Same for google maps.


  39. Dear The_One,
    I have been using the 2.0.1 for a couple of days. The version is very stable.
    A few issues :
    • The CFW includes OVI store. I tried to connect and failed. I downloaded the NOKIA store and it works fine.
    • The latest version of PDF and Quick office that you have in TOOLS – does not work. The previous version works fine BUT during the installation I received an error message that the version does not comply with the phone. I ignored the error massage and the installation was completed and works fine.
    • One last issue that is related to Belle – the new GPS symbol (looks like a satellite antenna) is located in the same position as the wireless car kit so, when driving and navigating I have only the GPS symbol but the car symbol is not displayed. Both system work fine (GPS and Car kit).

    I have an idea regarding the on screen widgets/ shortcuts – any unintentional long press activates the option of rearranging / deleting the screen widgets. It would be good to have a "lock widget" option that will prevent this from happening.

    These are minor issues that do not affect the great CFW.

    David (DR)

  40. why ovi store included???????? please change it to nika store as soon as possible. the ovi is not working!!!

  41. @anonymous
    ovi store is included (and fully working for me), because it is very annoying to update without bugs... you can update the store yourself in 2min by hitting the update button.
    i hope the next version by nokia will give us the newest store integrated, otherwise i will update it myself anyway

    -i removed office v6.5.x from tools, thanks for testing... don't worry about the error message, it is just because i packed the files myself...
    i'll check the latest package again, but i need time to do this
    -i don't know how to rearange topbar icons without source code... sorry mate, i guess you have to live with that issue
    -also adding a "lock" option to homescreens would mean to develope that functionality (i can lock icons/homescreens, but in that case you couldn't rearange them... i guess you see why that is not an option:))

    @the other anonymous
    i will try to add hindi keyboard, i would appreciate your help! can you send me an email regarding this?
    (adress is at the bottom of the page)

  42. i want to flash my phone with english only version
    do i have to remove the is in red

    so does that mean rofs 3 isn't required???

  43. Hi. I would just like to ask what if the official Belle comes out and Nokia Suite would let me update to Official Belle and me having this cfw v.2.1.0, can I mix this custom firmware to official?

  44. Hello the one, I have a question plz help me with it. I did all your steps and whenever i press refurbish or options in Phoenix i get this message: "Flashing files listing retrieving failed: 0x84210010 (-2078212080) -
    Firmware: Flashing file 'c:\program files(x86)\nokia\phoenix\products\RM-596\rm596_ape_only_eno_11w36_v.0.61.fpsx' is not found"

    What am i missing here??? Thanks a lot in advance for your help :)

  45. is there some files mising,there are many more files when i downloaded anna firmware from navi firm,
    with this belle i cant flash using balkans full translations,i get a no product code error and then a mising dp1.0 and dp2.0 error

  46. @neznati:
    You don't need ANNA FW files to flash woth this version.
    1. Just download the rar package for v2.1.0 uploaded by The One and extract all files "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\rm-596" for Win7 x64 and

    "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\rm-596" for XP 32bit or Win7 32Bit.

    2. Then make sure in Phoenix "production location" in "tools/option" for "Data package 1.0" is set to "C:\Programe Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\".

    3. Then you will not get the error mentioned by you.

    4. Then go to options of flashing & remove all files that are "RED" keep only CORE, UDA & ROFS2. [ROFS3 should also be in same folder (RM-596) & should not be removed if you need full translations]

    5. click OK & hit "refurbish" after checking "Dead USB Flash".

  47. Hello,

    First of all, congratulations for this new version of The One firmware. It's so fast and smooth with less memory consumption.

    I'd like to report a few bugs in this version:

    1 - New N8 devices have 6 months of free music download on Nokia Music Store. After flashing the device, all licenses won't work and store says that can't recognize the device as "Comes With Music". Then, I cannot listen to my licensed songs or acquire licenses.

    2 - Nokia Music Player hangs sometimes during the license verification process. I have to hold power button for more than 8 sec to restart my phone.

    3 - Refreshing song library after sometimes takes too long that I have to cancel.

    4 - Musics downloaded directly from the device using the Nokia Music Store go to "\Music Store Downloads", the same when music backup is restored from PC to the device. Please, make this path searchable by the music player.

    5 - Nokia Suite always ask to rollback to Anna whenever I connect the phone.

    6 - The customized credits instead of the original Belle firmware version, build, etc under *#0000# might be causing the music licensing issues by Nokia Music Store.

    7 - Nokia Suite stopped recognizing my phone. I plug in, plug out, set every transfer mode and 'Connect Device' message stands still on the bottom left of the screen.

  48. thank you for the info,i still have some questions,
    to my n8 i flashed anna downloaded from navifirm but only to add my croatian language,now i want to flash theone belle i downloaded theonebelle2.1for full translations,and the balkans rofs2
    but in the rar from 2.1 is no rofs3 file,its missing
    there are 8 files,and to add full translations i must replace the rofs2 with the balkans.rofs2 ???

    and another question,when flashing as you mentioned tick the deadusb box
    should my n8 be turned on while connecting or should it be turned off

    thank you very much in advance

  49. Phoenix does not recognize my N8 device.

    Can't make a 'Dead USB' flash, Phoenix suddenly stops working and creates a minidump file.

    All of a sudden, besides all side effects I already posted here, my phone won't call nobody because the keypad does not show up. I have to soft reset to make it work. I dunno what else I can do to get my phone back alive. It was working well, like a normal phone. What happened?

  50. @Neznati: Hi, as per my knowledge if you download full translations "The One V2.1.0" then you don't need to use (ROFS2 by balkans) or (ROFS3 for your language). As you mentioned you need "Croatian language" it is already incorporated in ROFS2 file with writing keypad. So just extract all files from "v2.1.0 for full translations.rar" to RM-596 folder don't worry about language it will be there once you flash.

    Before refurbish phone should be ON.
    After you hit "Refurbish" phoenix will prompt you to disconnect, shutdown & reconnect the phone. Then follow the instruction "2" below.

    For Dead USB "Yes" your phone should be put to mode flashing.
    1. In normal condition when you hold the power button for some time phone will shut down with single vibration.
    2. However don't release the power button hold it for some more seconds & you will get three more vibrations & now it is ready to get flashed. Just connect it back. Phoenix will do rest of the things & phone will boot with "The One Belle".

  51. @Ice Cube: Just reflash your phone with the instructions given to "Neznati" (read instructions carefully) I am sure there will be no problem.

  52. Hi,
    wenn ich versuche zu flashen kommt immer die Meldung das folgendes file fehlt, RM-596_111.030.0607_02.01_truetest_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx
    wo bekomm ich das file her?

  53. hey cfw users,
    I've been using this cfw for quiet some time now...
    It was going on well for quiet a while, but from the past few days, i've been encoutering a problem, rather a bug where i keep getting an error when i launch camera( i'm not using Camera Pro or any other app) and also with the dailer. When i tap on the dialer icon, nothing pops up at all... At the bottom, menu functions change but the background is retained as the wallpaper of the home screen(calls can be made through contacts).... Everything turns normal when phone is restarted, any one with the same problem?(or is it a belle native pre-release bug?)

  54. @ Anonymous: Es ist nicht zwingend zu ROFS3 haben, während auf zu blinken. Nur löschen Sie es aus Optionen oder laden Sie die ROFS3 Ihrer Sprache aus Download-Bereich.

  55. Nokia Panorama update is out and is working fine with THE ONE v2.1.0 :D
    Thanks Dan.

  56. the dp error is solved now i have the weird RM-596_111.030.0607_02.01_truetest_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx
    missing file error

  57. You need to remove all files except rofs2, core and uda in options before hitting refurbish

  58. when i hit options i getting this truetest error

  59. i tryed flashing with the leaked version and then i got a ape only error mising file

  60. Thanks for sharing The_One, this is perfect!

  61. hi,
    when i click on options i get the error the file RM-596_111.030.0607_02.01_truetest_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx is missing, what is the problem?

  62. I tried installing it through Phoenix,but it kept telling me that te APE ONLY file was missing... does anyone know how to fix it? I flashed my phone using the Anna files and worked like a charm! great mod!

  63. @Sai_hoWl3R: Yes I also experienced this dial pad problem yesterday. When i taped on the dial icon, nothing popped up.At the bottom, menu functions changed but the background is retained as the wallpaper of the home screen(calls can be made through contacts though).Everything turned normal when I received a call.