Wednesday, 21 November 2012

808 and E7 repair status

Called the Care Center to check for the current status.

The repair of my Nokia 808 was finished today. I should get my phone back by the end of this week.
All I know so far is they replaced a circuit board... maybe the delivery note contains more details about what was fixed, I will keep you posted about it ;)

I didn't mention last time, that I sent my E7 in together with my 808.
(There was a problem with my warranty at first, so I had to send it in again)
Maybe the E7 users of my CFW remember, that the USB connector was broken and therefore the phone could not be charged anymore.

It is still in repair, but should be back fully repaired by the end of next week.

Let's see if Nokia really is able to fix the 3G bug, I am looking forward to get it back :)

23.11.2012/Friday, no post package today... I guess I have to wait for Monday :(
Edit II:
I was wrong, did not see the pickup note the mailman left in my post... my 808 is back!


  1. Actually I have 2 E7s. I have had my Silver E7 USB fixed already, and now the Blue one, is on the same path.

    Steve McManus

  2. good that you will get your 808 back..

  3. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  4. good.that you are getting your phone back. I am anxious to know if it resolves the problem.