Thursday, 29 November 2012

just got 808's 3.3.0 and trying first translation

we'll see how it goes...

and if everything works out as I hope / think then "we" will get a perfect translation this time ;)

just flashed my first set / translation to german

with new german sysap
with english log mod --> not german = want to see if I must translate it at all
with translations for the new widgets from Lovelas

I hope I didn't miss out on anything ;) we'll see

of course I screwed up the first flash.... BIG surprise  :P

of course I screwed up the ecom-2-0.spi again... like always *rolleyes*


  1. almost finished with the logs mod in 41 languages

    1. just finished the logs.rXX mod ...
      I hope the numbers in arabic, farsi (persian) and urdu are correct. I am familiar with the numbering in those languages, but not that familiar in: first word then number, left to right or right to left, the number "30" I had to delete... and so on, but I figured it out, and I am 99% sure it is correct
      so... next are the sysap mod translations

  2. Thanks for your work, waiting for the translation into Spanish 3.3.1

  3. just finished up languages 2 - 18 (7 sysap translations in 2 hours)

    2 - 18 = french, german, spanish, italian, swedish, danish, norwegian, finnish, american english, portugese, turkish, icelandic, russian, hungarian & dutch

  4. i wait here you

  5. the first translations are on their way...
    uploading the sets now...

    sorry for the rest, they will have to wait
    maybe I can make another 5 or more tonight... (I'll check the downloads, so I upload sets that have been used and do the rest some other time)